How to check internet speed

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How to check internet speed
How to check internet speed

Many netizens are confused about this. Any provider, when advertising their tariffs, uses the wording “Internet speed up to … megabits per second”, for example, up to 100. People think they use 100 megabits of Internet. In fact, the operating speed is generally lower than stated. Consider in this publication how to recognize it.

Indicators to measure

As a result of checking the speed of the Internet, the user receives data. Here are the main ones:

  1. Incoming speed. This is the main indicator, as well as what is called the speed of the Internet. Specifies how fast data is downloaded from the network. With a high incoming speed, the pages of sites open instantly, downloading movies does not take much time. Online games and live streaming of webinars do not slow down.
  2. Outgoing speed. Providers rarely specify this parameter. Shows how fast the user's files are uploaded to the Internet. With a high outgoing speed, you can quickly backup data to cloud storage. Uploading videos to Youtube does not take much time. This indicator is important whenfor communication in "Skype" is used HD or Full-HD-camera. If the upload speed is slow, the other party will receive stuttered video and sound.
  3. Ping. This is the total time it takes for user data to reach the server and receive a response from it. The indicator is important for resource-intensive online games.
Basic parameters: incoming, outgoing speed and ping
Basic parameters: incoming, outgoing speed and ping

Preparing for testing

It should be remembered: no service will tell you what the speed of the Internet is, absolutely exactly - only approximately. Therefore, it makes sense to test with different programs, and then calculate the average value.

To get the most accurate results, you need to:

  1. Turn off the Internet on all devices, leave only on the one that will be checked.
  2. If this is a computer, then it is better to turn off the router and connect via cable.
  3. Close unnecessary tabs, disable programs that work with the Internet, leave only the browser, antivirus.
  4. Disable all extensions like ad blocker etc.


Testing on
Testing on

Very popular online speed test service. Go to the site, you must click on the Go button. The check will give the results of incoming and outgoing speeds, ping. Before testing, you can choose a server. It happens that as a result, the service gives out incorrect data, an overestimated speed of the Internet, which is even more than declared. This happens if you have chosen a nearby server or one withwhich you have a common provider. In this situation, it is better to take a server from another region.

If you have Windows 10, then you can download the application in the store and check the speed offline. The advantage of the program is that it saves history, test results.


This is Yandex's own service. On the Yandex. Internet meter”, click “Measure” to start the test. The program will show the incoming and outgoing speeds. There are no problems with the most popular browsers, but when checking in Microsoft Edge, the service does not show the speed of the outgoing connection.

This is a site with a lot of services. On the main page, you should find the "Tests" tab, then - "Internet connection speed". You need to specify the units of measure. It is most convenient to choose megabits. The "Test" button starts the test.


Torrent client allows you to find out the maximum incoming speed. Procedure:

  1. Find a torrent file to download. It must be distributed by at least a thousand siders. Let there be fewer leechers.
  2. If there are other downloads in the torrent client, temporarily disable them and put the selected file on download.
  3. Wait until after a few minutes the speed reaches the limit. This number will be the maximum incoming speed.
Measuring the incoming speed with a torrent client
Measuring the incoming speed with a torrent client

Distinctive feature: here the speed is shown in MB/sec. To get Mbps, you need to multiply the number of megabytes by 8.

The fact that the actual speed of the Internet is lower than declared by the provider, as a rule, does not play a special role. This does not interfere with working and having fun online, because the differences are small. When there is a difference of several times, you need to check the hardware of your PC, its software, or call the provider if there are no problems with the computer and router.

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