Notebook HP Pavilion 15: features and reviews. How to disassemble an HP Pavilion 15 laptop?

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Notebook HP Pavilion 15: features and reviews. How to disassemble an HP Pavilion 15 laptop?
Notebook HP Pavilion 15: features and reviews. How to disassemble an HP Pavilion 15 laptop?

HP Pavilion series notebooks are considered by users and IT experts as combining modern design, comfortable controls, support for the most popular technologies, and functionality. Among the striking examples of devices for which such characteristics are typical is the HP Pavilion 15. This laptop, according to many modern IT specialists, is universal, sufficiently productive, and easy to use. Thanks to what characteristics does it become possible for the device to meet the indicated criteria? What is the specific design and structure of the hardware components of this laptop?

HP Pavilion 15
HP Pavilion 15

Features of the model

HP Pavilion 15 is actually a series of devices, but the differences between them come down mainly to regional specifications. Therefore, it is quite acceptable to consider laptops with different indexes, one way or another, as the same device.

The HP Pavilion 15 is positioned as an inexpensive device. It is equipped with a 15-inch matte screen that supports a fairly high resolution - 1920 x 1080 pixels. under considerationThe laptop is characterized as a sufficiently productive device. Let's study the features of hardware components that directly affect the speed of the device, in more detail.


The HP Pavilion 15 is equipped with an Intel Core i5 processor running at 1.7GHz, which can be boosted up to 2.7GHz. The amount of RAM installed in the laptop is 4 GB, the type of modules is DDR3L. The device is equipped with a GeForce 840 graphics accelerator. The laptop has a Re altek ALC 290 audio card. The hard drive capacity is 500 GB. The laptop is equipped with an optical DVD-RW drive, a card reader for SD media, modern communication interfaces - Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, a wired network card, USB, HDMI ports. The HP Pavilion 15 Notebook PC comes with Windows 8.1 64-bit. Let us now study the specifics of the marked hardware components of the device in more detail.

Processor Features

As we noted above, the laptop processor - Intel Core i5 - operates at a nominal frequency of 1.7 GHz, but if necessary, this can be increased to 2.7 GHz. This mode of operation of the main microcircuit of the device has an important advantage - at lower frequencies, the chip heats up less, as a result of which the cooling system operates with a lower noise level. Specified processor performance of 2.7 GHz at full load ensures notebook compatibility with popular 3D games, graphics applications, and core Windows programs.

RAM Features

The HP Pavilion 15 has 4 GB of DDR3L RAM. It is noteworthy that the RAM is installed in the device in the form of 1 module. In total, the laptop supports up to 16 GB of RAM. It can be noted that there are SO-DIMM connectors on the motherboard of the device, which makes it possible to install RAM modules compatible with this standard. True, as some IT-specialists and users note, it is not easy to install the appropriate microcircuits due to the design of the device - to solve this problem, you need to remove the motherboard.

HP Pavilion 15 Notebook PC
HP Pavilion 15 Notebook PC


The HP Pavilion 15 Notebook PC has a plastic case. Its outer part is silvery. The lid of the laptop has a textured surface. Thanks to this, it becomes quite resistant to pollution. The inner surface of the laptop - under the lid - is black. The screen frame is made of matte plastic. The power button of the device is located at the top of the main working surface of the laptop on the left. Built-in speakers are installed directly above the keyboard. The laptop screen can tilt up to about 120 degrees. According to users, the lid of the device changes angle with a noticeable resistance, so that it can be fixed in any position within the supported tilt angles.

On the left side of the device case there are 2 USB 3.0 slots, an HDMI cable connector, SD and RJ-45 slots, a radiator grill, and a power cord connector. On the right side there is a USB 2.0 slot, a connector for connecting audio devices, andAlso an optical drive. Nearby are LEDs that detect the activity of the hard drive and signal that the laptop is powered on.

Device disassembly features

In some cases, the user may need to disassemble the HP Pavilion 15 laptop, for example, in order to install additional RAM modules or replace certain hardware components. This procedure in the case of the device in question has some features. So, for example, if you remove the bottom panel from the laptop, you can access the hard drive, Wi-Fi module, and also the optical drive. RAM chips, in particular, will not be available in this case, as well as, for example, the cooling system of the device. As we noted above, the HP Pavilion 15 motherboard may require a temporary uninstallation to replace memory modules. This procedure is very laborious and can take a long time. However, for an experienced specialist, its implementation is not a problem.

For the user, it can be significant not only how to disassemble the HP Pavilion 15, but also how compatible new hardware components installed in a laptop can be with those already installed. In particular, with regard to the keyboard of the device - in some cases, models adapted for some modifications are not suitable for other versions of the device. This may be due to different cables, as well as a different location of the attachment points.

Notebook HP Pavilion 15
Notebook HP Pavilion 15

Keyboard and touchpad

Feature of the laptop model in question - in stockkeyboards with increased button spacing. They have a size of 15 x 15 mm. The color of the keys is black, the letters are white. The keyboard is not equipped with a backlight, however, according to many users, there is usually no urgent need for it. There is a separate block NumPad. The laptop keyboard has the traditional function keys F1-F12, which can be used in combination with the Fn button. If necessary, through the HP Pavilion 15 BIOS, you can additionally configure the device's keyboard.

The touchpad installed on the laptop has a size of 110 x 66 mm. It implements an imitation of clicking on the mouse buttons. Users and IT-specialists characterize the touchpad of the laptop in question as sufficiently sensitive and comfortable to use. It can be noted that the corresponding hardware component supports multitouch mode, as well as gestures adapted to control Windows 8.


The main hardware component of the device responsible for sound reproduction is the Re altek ALC290 audio card. The laptop is equipped with two speakers, which are located in the back of the case. Users and experts characterize the sound reproduced by the laptop as sufficiently rich and loud. It can be noted that the device showed good results in terms of the function under consideration during testing using the RightMark Audio Analyzer program in version 6.3.0.


HP Pavilion 15 Notebook is equipped with a display that uses a TN type matrix with LED backlighting based on white elements. Howusers and IT-specialists note that the screen functions without failures, it is sufficiently bright - 315 cd / sq. m. The gamma index is 2.69 at maximum display brightness. The color gamut is about 81.6% of sRGB. The color temperature of the display is about 6700 K. With a decrease in the intensity of reproduction of white color, the corresponding figure increases. The color accuracy of the laptop display is about 8 in correlation with the gray scale.

HP Pavilion 15 reviews
HP Pavilion 15 reviews

Hard drive

As we noted above, the device in question is equipped with a 500 GB hard drive. It will be useful to consider how productive the hard drive installed in the HP Pavilion 15 Notebook PC is. Users and experts have used solutions such as ATTO Disk Benchmark, HD Tune Pro, and CrystalDiskMark to test the relevant performance of the device. With this set of software, you can carry out a comprehensive measurement of the performance of the hardware component in question.

So, the first utility mentioned above is designed to determine the maximum speed of the hard drive. Its use showed that the corresponding hardware component of the laptop is capable of writing and reading data at a speed slightly below 100 Mb / s. Using the CrystalDiskMark program, as noted by IT specialists, is accompanied by the same results of testing the performance of the hard drive installed in the device in question.

Work offline

Installed in an HP laptopThe Pavilion 15 battery is capable of providing a sufficiently long battery life of the device. If the device is in video playback mode, the battery life is approximately 4 hours.

HP Pavilion 15 specs
HP Pavilion 15 specs

If the laptop is used for word processing, then the corresponding figure can be about 6 hours 40 minutes. These indicators are characterized by IT specialists as quite consistent with the results of laptops in the price segment to which the device in question belongs.


Now let's examine the key performance indicators of the device in question. Modern laptops are most often tested in two ways - using synthetic tests, as well as in the process of running computer games. Regarding both methods of identifying laptop performance indicators, when using popular benchmark programs, as well as common games, the device shows results that are approximately in the middle between those produced by budget devices, as well as those that belong to the average price range. Thus, we can talk about the versatility of the HP Pavilion 15. The characteristics of the device allow it to be used as a tool for solving everyday user tasks or for gaming purposes, unless, of course, we are talking about the need to run the latest “heavy” games on a laptop.


So, what conclusions can we draw from the main features of the laptop?

Among unconditional positivesides of the device:

  • high performance processor;
  • Sufficiently capacious battery;
  • high-tech audio subsystem;
  • performance graphics chip;
  • large screen resolution;
  • support for major communication standards;
  • convenient and functional touchpad;
  • good performance in both games and apps.

Among the shortcomings of the laptop:

  • obsolete screen matrix technology - TN, which predetermines very average color gamut and small viewing angles;
  • difficulty accessing some hardware components, in particular RAM, for replacement or diagnostic purposes.
HP Pavilion 15 Notebook
HP Pavilion 15 Notebook

Thus, if the user does not plan to run modern games on the laptop that require particularly high performance from the video card, then it is quite possible to purchase an HP Pavilion 15 laptop. The characteristics of this device, as well as the actual test results, indicate that with its using it is quite possible to solve basic user tasks and run undemanding games.


What do the owners of the laptop in question say about their experience with the device? Reviews of the HP Pavilion 15 laptop, which are present on thematic online portals, can be classified into the following main categories:

  • those that reflect the opinion about the appearance, ease of control of the device;
  • concerning evaluationlaptop performance;
  • reflecting an opinion about the functionality of the device.

Let's study them in more detail.

Regarding the design and comfort of using the device, the owners of the laptop speak positively. Many are impressed, in particular, by the ease of use of the touchpad and its functionality - especially with regard to Multitouch support. Users who are accustomed to using the corresponding option in Windows are especially positive about the possibility of using this technology when working with the laptop in question. The owners of the device appreciate the design concept of the solution from HP, the ease of use of the keyboard.

how to disassemble hp pavilion 15
how to disassemble hp pavilion 15

As for the performance of the HP Pavilion 15, user reviews in this part are largely determined by the subjective perception of the speed of the laptop, as well as previous experience of device owners in the gaming industry or in the use of applications for graphics processing, computing - those that may require particularly high performance from the laptop. Users who have significant experience with devices in these areas are usually more objective in assessing the speed of the device in question. In turn, those laptop owners who are not too actively involved in the corresponding games and applications, in some cases tend to speak out too positively or, conversely, too critically about the capabilities of the device in question, since they have little idea of its place in the environment.other devices.

Another aspect of the reviews is the functionality of the laptop. As a rule, it is evaluated by users in terms of the device's support for the main communication standards, as well as the presence of modern controls in it. Regarding the first nuance, the owners of the laptop give very positive assessments. This is understandable: the device supports almost all those standards that are in demand by modern users.

Regarding the controls - the owners of the laptop rate them as quite comfortable. Particularly positive feedback is observed in relation to the touchpad - in relation to the Mulitouch function it supports, sensitivity, usability of the corresponding hardware component.

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