How a QR code works: program, purpose, principle of operation and application

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How a QR code works: program, purpose, principle of operation and application
How a QR code works: program, purpose, principle of operation and application

Many users, when they see an inscription asking them to scan a QR code on their phone, start frantically trying to find it, without even understanding what it is. This article will tell you what it is, what it is for and how a QR code works, where it is used and whether you can create it yourself.

What is a QR code: description, purpose

Varieties of codes
Varieties of codes

QR stands for Quick Response. This is a picture that contains some information, most often unobtrusive advertising. The way a QR code works is very simple. Having scanned it from his device, the user will automatically go to the link embedded in it. In addition to links, the code may contain a phone number, e-mail address, coordinates or company names. A QR code may not always be visible, however, in fact, it can be found almost everywhere: on food packages, business cards, websites or ads.

To understand how a QR code works, you need to understand the principle of its development. This is an analoguethe barcode familiar to everyone, which is used by the world giants of the industry. In Japan, more than 95% of goods are produced with this pattern. It may not be in the usual square shape. Higher level options have bizarre shapes. Today there are more than 40 versions of the product.

Among mobile system users, the code has found universal acceptance. If a recognition program is installed in the gadget, the subscriber easily enters text information, follows links, sends messages. It is necessary to know how the QR code works for those who are involved in trade. It stores information about products, promotions, discounts. On the packaging, it contains information about the composition of the product and its manufacturer.

How to read a QR code: algorithm

The algorithm of the scanner
The algorithm of the scanner

The peculiarity of this code is that only mobile devices can read it using the utility built into the camera. If it is not in the device, then a mobile application comes to replace it, which can be downloaded from the Play Market or AppStore. An example is the two easiest to use programs QR Droid Code Scanner for Android or iMatrix for iPhone.

A special program is downloaded and installed on the phone. There are different types of free software. Select an application that is suitable for a specific version of the device. After starting the program, the smartphone camera is brought to the code. A link appears in which the images are encrypted. If the program is already installed in the machine, autoscan will workcode.

How a QR Scanner Works: Proper Use of the Cipher

Where are barcodes used?
Where are barcodes used?

In order to read the QR code, you need to launch the camera or a previously downloaded QR code scanner on your phone. Next, you need to point the camera at the code so that it is in the area highlighted on the screen. After that, wait a few seconds while the utility reads the code and displays the information hidden in it on the phone screen. In addition, mobile applications can read already photographed codes. The main thing is that they are clearly visible. Regardless of the chosen program, the principle of operation is the same. This moment does not depend on the gadget with which the reading takes place.

How to create a QR code yourself

If a user wants to create their own QR code, they can use one of the online encryptors that will turn a link or any other text into an image in seconds. Typically, such sites have special windows in which the user needs to enter information about the code, for example, its size and the type of information that will be contained in it. The smallest picture is 21 x 21 while the largest is 370 x 370.

Suitable software is available on the Internet. You can generate code by providing a link to the source of information. The program will automatically create a picture that you need to save for further use. A text, a link to a website, a business card, an SMS message can be encoded. For text, there are restrictions in the form of 2953 bytes or Cyrillic letters, ifencoding is done in Windows - up to 1251 letters, in UTF-8 up to 1450 letters.

Where to use the QR code

QR code is required for promotional purposes
QR code is required for promotional purposes

The easiest way to use a QR code is to print it on an A4 sheet. If the user has a site that he wants to advertise, then you need to put the code on the sheet in the photo editor, then print it and hang it on the street. The code can be processed so that it is not just on the sheet, but harmoniously fits into the environment. To advertise a cafe, for example, you can put a code on a cup of coffee and add a beautiful inscription. This increases the likelihood that the image will pay attention. In the modern world, the QR code is used quite often. There is even a company that creates code prints on clothes.

Knowing how a QR code works, you can use it on social networks, blogs, on avatars. The code helps protect against spambots. To advertise a company with the help of it, they publish a link to their website, indicating the coordinates. In the New Year, they send greetings to friends in the form of ready-made postcards using MMS, e-mail.

Android program: how it works

The code will help you find out the cost and composition of the goods
The code will help you find out the cost and composition of the goods

It is important to know how a QR code scanner works in order to use it correctly on different devices. For many users, the advantage is the use of a cipher on a smartphone. Before installing the program, it is recommended to read the rules in order to understand how to work with a QR code on Android. For software developed a largenumber of applications.

Quick Mark is distinguished by the ability to recognize and distinguish between barcodes of several formats. For full-fledged work, the purchase of the program is required. You can scan product codes and their prices using Barcode Scanner. The principle is the same: put the image in focus and get the information on the screen. The software is free, has no ads, which makes it popular.

Rules for using the QR code scanning app on Android:

  • Open Play Store.
  • Find QR code.
  • Select QR Code Reader.
  • Install.
  • Open the program.
  • Point the camera.
  • Confirm.

Some smartphones already have this feature built in. When used, an icon appears on the screen, which you need to click once and get encrypted data. Any user who has a camera on their smartphone can use the code. With its help, they follow links, read about the product, its cost and characteristics.

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