"Penumbra 1: Origins of Evil". Walkthrough

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"Penumbra 1: Origins of Evil". Walkthrough
"Penumbra 1: Origins of Evil". Walkthrough

Penumbra 1: The Roots of Evil is one of the first horror films to capture the true spirit of Howard Lovecraft's horror stories. You have to go on an unexplored adventure through an abandoned mine, get to know its monstrous inhabitants and face the dark horror buried underground. Will you stay alive or will fear take over your mind?

Classic: Penumbra 1: Origins of Evil review

The video game industry would probably never have experienced the rise of the indie horror genre if the world hadn't seen Frictional Games' game. An eerie adventure through mysterious corridors that go far under the frozen lands of Greenland, and you are looking for answers to what happened. Although the horror was released in 2006, the modern gamer does not lose interest in it, therefore it is advisable to review the game Penumbra 1: The Origins of Evil.

Game action is designed to alternate dynamic adventure, puzzle solving and ste alth. The visual graphics are simple. The image is a bit rough all overthere are grainy textures, blurry brown-gray backgrounds, shadows and hazy details designed to enhance the feeling of being in a nightmare.

You have to start the passage of the computer game "Penumbra 1: The Origins of Evil" for the main character - Phillip, whose father, who was considered dead 30 years ago, sent a letter asking him to come to a cold island. It turns out that all this time he was alive, moreover, he was conducting unknown research. It all looks surreal, but our desperate character goes in search and descends into an abandoned mine.

Gamers' opinions

As with all goosebumps horror, the atmosphere here is paramount. Reviews of Penumbra 1: Roots of Evil highlight the detailing of each element, tweaked to create a dark, scary setting. Sometimes your character will feel helpless, depressed, guilty. Often there is a feeling of depressing loneliness with a disturbing knowledge that you are not alone. There are no bloody scenes of fights and murders. Combat isn't well crafted, as horror is primarily about survival, solving mysteries, and if attacked, the best way is to run.

Penumbra 1: Roots of Evil has minimal system requirements as it takes up little space and is compatible with Windows XP, Vista and 7.

While the horror film received mostly positive reviews, it was criticized on a number of fronts. For example, some feel that the combat system is awkward and leaves a lot to be desired. Others emphasize thatplot elements have obvious flaws: the main character's motives are not always explained. However, despite the criticism, the game receives high marks for its disturbing and creepy atmosphere.

Prologue. Descent into darkness

After his mother's death, Philip receives a letter from his father, who was reported missing 30 years ago. The letter contains the key to the bank vault. In the locker, Philip finds a book in a foreign language and notes. So the hero goes to the shores of Greenland in search of pieces of the past.

ship deck
ship deck

Once on the deck of the ship, take a notebook from the table, where, as you progress through the game "Penumbra 1: Origins of Evil", the main tasks and notes will be displayed. Turn around and go to the table next to the bed. Open the drawer and take the flashlight. Turn around, open the chest and read the letter. Head to the narrow metal cabinet near the wall, locked with a padlock. The key in the inventory will allow you to pick up the items inside: a fluorescent lamp and a battery for a flashlight. Approach the door leading outside and click on it. Phillip will leave the ship.

The scene changes. Phillip meets with a snow storm. It is cold here, so you can not stand in one place for a long time. Follow the path straight ahead and to the left until you see three small boulders. Pick up the stone, holding it in front of you, keep walking in the only direction. You will find a metal hatch with a vent frozen in the cold. Swing and break the ice with a rock. Crouch down and twist until the cursor changes to a door icon. Phillip will go undergroundroom.

Upper spaces in the shaft

You are in a dark room, so use the lamp to light up the space in front of you. Approach the door: it is locked on the other side. This is where the first puzzles of the passage of "Penumbra 1: The Origins of Evil" begin. Look to the right and move the barrels, taking the torch. Now turn left and go into the room, picking up a hammer and a metal bar. Go to two cabinets. After moving one, break the boards and crawl along the tunnel. In the new room, move the support that prevents the door from opening. The short way back is open! Use the rod on a special device by twisting it. The hatch in the floor will open, and you have to go deep underground.

Carefully study the map and remember the location of the office. A short instruction on the screen will tell you how to hide from enemies. Turn off the lamp, crouch and stick to the left side.

Map of the first location
Map of the first location

Office space

Look around and read the war diary, click on the orange flashlight. Phillip has a vision in which he sees his father Howard. This way the game will be saved. In the top drawer of the desk you will find a small key and a note. On the right is a chest of drawers, and inside it is a battery. Take Jerky under the typewriter and find another one on the shelves, along with a torch and painkillers. The key opens a chest containing a manual for making explosives. You will need it at the next stage of the passage of Penumbra 1: The Origins of Evil. Leave the office.

Storage room

As soon as you leave the room, you will hear a dog growl. The dog patrols the location and will attack if it detects you. Hide behind the barrels and move straight ahead as quietly as possible until you slip into the hallway leading to the pantry.

Inside Phillip will find three doors. Two of them are locked and someone's voice is heard, so we open the right one. We select a lighter and study the drawn instructions. A door on the other side of the room will lead to a huge box. Remove the boulders and move it aside. Descent to the basement! Don't forget to grab some painkillers and some batteries before jumping down the hole.

Secret tunnels and spiders

Probably the place where Phillip ended up was used for storage. But what is the tunnel doing here? Head towards him, sit down and go to the crossroads. A pipe has burst here, and hot steam is blocking the way. He is deadly. Run when he calms down. The corridor on the left will lead you to a dead man, a note, and what Phillip calls an eggshell. Now go back and turn right until you reach a metal grate. Lucky! The lock is wobbly and easily broken with a hammer. Inside you can pick up a battery and a can of liquid gas. If you apply the latter to the lighter, it will work and will be able to light oil lamps in the shaft.

Follow the last circular tunnel to the left, there you will find a dead dog, a web, a torch and a ladder. Return with it to the beginning of the path, put it on the hatch, and go upstairs.

Corridors with cobwebs
Corridors with cobwebs

In the storage room, where two doors were locked, they are now open, and the floorblood trail is clearly visible. Go to the left room after picking up the key and the note.

The central door with a trail of blood on the floor will lead to a dead end and two pieces of jerked beef. Leave the location.


Go to the crossroads when the dog is not around until you hit the wooden fence. Your key will open the door. Turn around and barricade the passage with barrels and boulders. Don't get too close, because if the monster hears you on the other side, the barrier won't stop it!

Go left and follow the sign to Explosives. The first thing you should do in this location of the passage of "Penumbra 1: The Origins of Evil" is to look around. Read the notes on the piece of paper and then push the barrel of gunpowder into the hole with the rocks. But where to get the wick? We find a door locked with a combination lock. We find a combination of numbers in a note: 8 4 1 2.

In the workshop, pick up cotton thread, a torch and a pickaxe. Move two boxes to the impregnable fence and jump over. Then go left to the metal door. Inside you will find a barrel of gunpowder. Break it up and combine the contents with cotton thread. Philip made his first fuse! Before leaving the location, open the lid of the box and remove the rod from the dynamite.

Dangerous monster
Dangerous monster

Caution! The dog has invaded the territory of the corridor. Quietly move towards the barrel of explosives, combine the fuse, set it on fire and hide. After the explosion, jump behind the boulders and move into the depths of the mines until a large hall opens in front of you.


Turn right and go inside the room. Here is the control panel of huge machines. Squat down and watch the fuse box. We are faced with a task that often causes difficulty in the passage of the game "Penumbra 1: The Origins of Evil" - the generator must be started.

Turn to a deep funnel leading down and break the boxes to break all safety rules and go down. We pick up the battery and insert it on the panel with the appropriate name. We press the lever and hear something loudly clapping. We check the fuses and find that due to the antiquity of the equipment, one burned out. Leaving the location in search of a replacement.

Communication Center

Move along the corridor until you notice a door with a colored light. There is a radio here. Pick up a note and a walkie-talkie that will start making sounds. It's good that the notes have a decoding of Morse signs: 5 7 3 8! We remember the password from the fence where the dog walks.

We are looking for a door with a similar illumination and read the note, pick up a torch, two pieces of dried meat. We move the box or use the mop next to it to pick up a new fuse from the top shelf. Replacement found!

Generator puzzle

Upon our return, we fix the breakdown and carefully look at the control panel. If you've read the generator manual, Penumbra 1: Roots of Evil Part 9 is easy to complete: secondary flow, cooling system, steam valves and lubrication.

Complex decoding on the generator
Complex decoding on the generator

Return tomechanism and pull the lever - the generator started working.

Go to the barrier and enter the numbers on the code pad. Hide from the dogs or kill them, then head right until you find a door.

Spiders in the Dark

Adhering to the data of the new map, go up to the very top, where the pantry is located. Here you will find a saw, a torch and a battery. Now you have to leave the room and move to the excavations.

Drawing of the second room
Drawing of the second room

The location has a hole in the ceiling with two hooks hanging from it. Search the room for a chemical testing document and a piece of stairs. Pull on her and she will automatically stand on one of the hooks. It remains to move the box and climb into the tunnel.

Crawl forward a little and look to the left. Before you will be a large number of eggs. Don't go there, because if you get close, the spiders will immediately crawl out and attack you. True, they will start the chase anyway, so don't forget to use your pickaxe for self-defense and destroy boulders until you open a long passage leading down. Run and jump into the hole.

Step into the unknown

Look around. To your right is a first aid kit on the wall, and in the next room, on metal shelves, there are two torches. Pick them up and then return to the first storage room. Follow the narrow passage and collect 3 pieces of jerky, a battery and a key that lies in a green box. Now you can leave the location. Squat down by the ventilation grate and smash it with a pickaxe, then another one to crawl tostorage room.

Move the box, take two batteries from the shelves and examine the corridor on the left side. Deadly hot steam will prevent you from going to the end, so we return to the previous room and use the three control levers to move the crane so that the box is near the ventilation grill at the top. Move another ledge from below and jump up, blast your way through with your pickaxe and climb inside.

We are on the other side of the steam pipe. Take the gas canister and go back to the mine. Turn into the corridor and move the wooden pallet blocking the passage to the room. Phillip will leave the location through the metal door.

Go out into the corridor and start moving to the auxiliary shafts, sawing the boards on the grate. The path is open! Be careful at the crossroads as there are three dogs patrolling here. Always stick to the left edge until you find a steel door - there is an exit behind it.

Deep descent

There is a drilling rig in the room. Plug the two cables into the socket and fill the tank of the car with gasoline. Tap the last one with a hammer. Start the mechanism with the key and lever on the control panel. The earth obstacle will be destroyed, and we will be able to go to the next part of the mine.

Carefully walk along the planks above the deep pit. A door is waiting for us ahead, but as soon as you try to open it, the worm will break out. Run back! The crawling monster will open the passage. Here is a closed mysterious entrance without handles. Move along the tunnel to the right until you exit into a small room. Pull the lever and run as fast as you can because the door will close any second.

At this stage of the passage of "Penumbra 1: Origins of Evil" a new card appears.

Third card
Third card

We pick up wire cutters and a screwdriver near the closed Sector C, and then go to Shaft 13, where a crowd of spiders is waiting for Phillip. Run away from the monsters, keeping to the left side of the route. At the end we are in the dressing room. Read the note and search the lockers. Move the boulder blocking the exit to the corridor.

Head to the concentrating shop and operate the press on the panel until they all freeze at the top. We pass under them and select two packs of batteries. We raise our heads up and notice the stairs. Use the stone, send it to the conveyor and the passage will be opened. However, the blades of the ventilation shaft work and do not allow you to pass. We break the mechanism with the help of an empty barrel. We're going down. We find that for the passage it is necessary to install a motor. We return to the previous room and move it to the door. The path leads to a section where steam emerges from the floor. You have to carefully follow the sequence and run forward. We move the barrels and break the ventilation grill.

Lake Utukak

Use the wire cutters on the chain to push the trailer and break the brick wall. We collect notes and an old newspaper. We apply the latter together with a screwdriver to the locked door and take out the key. We open the room and click on the switch, carefully looking at the piece of paper with the code that appears: 1371. We get out of the location and head to Sector C. Enternumbers.

Beware of the dogs in the hallway and examine the new map.

Final location
Final location

Phillip needs to get to the lake by following the signs. We search the backpack on the spot and go down to the water. Thin ice will shatter on contact. Move carefully and jump back sharply, sticking to the snowdrifts until you get to the frozen hand. Saw it off and go back.

Chemical warehouse

Head to the top corner of the map and break away from the worm's pursuit by quickly turning the valve. Here you will need to find six bottles: five of them are placed on the shelves, and one is in the drawer. We study the instructions on the table.


We move along the corridor to another location. We open the passage with a crowbar, which was held by the hand, and carefully walk along the boards. We have to prepare explosives. We select the flask and put it on the left side of the table, set it on fire after we turn the gas valve. Now add the contents of the E and G chemicals to the vial. We select the cord for explosives and carefully carry the contents in the vessel back to the closed door. We shoot to the ground and set it on fire, do not forget to hide first. Passage open!

Descent to the bottom
Descent to the bottom

Click the only button on the oven and remove the key from below. Open the room for them and examine the room. Move on the right side and move the cabinet, noticing the shield for electricity. Use a screwdriver and wire cutters. We return to the previous room and break through the central path with a crowbar. Inside Phillip will noticea long corridor and a mysterious figure at the end of the path. Go to her…

Watch the final video. Walkthrough completed.

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