Where can I find the Cleaver in Skyrim?

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Where can I find the Cleaver in Skyrim?
Where can I find the Cleaver in Skyrim?

The favorite weapon of every lumberjack in Skyrim is, of course, the cleaver. But where can a novice lumberjack find it? We will tell you about this in the article. What can change it for the better? Be careful with this sharp weapon! And then you can handle any monster.

Cleaver and its features

Common Cleaver
Common Cleaver

The cleaver itself is a very common one-handed weapon in the vastness of Skyrim. It is very good for chopping wood, as well as enemy claws during invasions of evil monsters or animated skeletons. It can also be enchanted, but it's not often you see a warrior with only one cleaver in his hands. Both at the very beginning of his journey, and in the future, the hero can find this weapon in every bandit, and it is also found during hikes through the wells in search of ore.

Cleaver Location

Location of Cleaver
Location of Cleaver

Being in Skyrim, where can I find the cleaver? Every gamer thinks about this question. See the cutting deck? He's right next to her! But these are just ordinary cleavers,which are unremarkable. There is only one that gives an effect that occurs only once in all the domains of Skyrim. His place of appearance is Whiterun, north of the city, in the hands of a bandit he is waiting for his mighty hero, capable of revealing the full power of the cast spells. Complete with the Bow of the Hunt, it will make one of the best and unique combinations of weapons, combining the spells that are invested in them. The Pure Springs camp became his place of residence. Now you know where to find the cleaver in Skyrim.

Cleaver mods

There are a lot of weapon mods in Skyrim. And even for an ordinary cleaver there are quite a lot of them. One of them can change its texture, make it brighter, clearer and more noticeable in the dark twilight of the forests. Others completely change the model of this weapon. The cleaver becomes more formidable, executed with incredible precision and detail. Some, very rare mods, can add to this simple type of weapon the appearance of one of the Skyrim artifacts. Thus making Skyrim's Cleaver one of the standout weapons from the entire arsenal of the Great Son of the Dragon - Dovakin. Do not forget about the true power of the cleaver, which is able to crush the strongest bones. Therefore, every hero who has mastered it should be careful.

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