Connecting and configuring Keenetic 4G iii router manufacturer Zyxel

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Connecting and configuring Keenetic 4G iii router manufacturer Zyxel
Connecting and configuring Keenetic 4G iii router manufacturer Zyxel

The name of the presented model contains the designation 4G iii. 4G is used to refer to the fourth generation cellular standard. For the most part, this is a marketing ploy of the manufacturer. The transition from third generation 3G to fourth generation 4G is just beginning. And iii is used to indicate that the manufacturer is constantly making improvements to the hardware of its products and their software. You can call it the new (third) version of Zyxel routers. The model supports connection with the provider via Ethernet cable line, mobile network of the third generation 3G, fourth generation network according to the high-speed standard LTE - 4G/LTE. Setting up Keenetic 4G iii can be done by the user himself.

Router appearance

The new model differs from its predecessors by the presence of two Wi-Fi band antennas, which increases the coverage area of the wireless network. Their gain has been increased from 2 dB to 5 dB. They arecan be easily oriented in different planes for optimal reception.

Contents of delivery
Contents of delivery

Included in the package:

  • AC adapter, which is a small-sized rectifier;
  • USB extension cable with suction cup for possible placement of a mobile modem on the window glass, looking towards the tower of the mobile provider;
  • A short patch cord that can be used to configure the Zyxel Kenetic 4G iii when connected to a desktop or laptop.

The front panel of the product is occupied by indicators in the form of illuminated pictograms. They provide the user with information about the status of individual functional units, communication lines with the provider, power on and the correct operation of the wireless module.

Rear connector panel
Rear connector panel

The rear panel has RJ-45 configuration network connectors. To one of them, with the designation "Internet" (WAN), the provider's Ethernet cable is connected. The remaining four are used to communicate with local network subscribers who do not have devices for receiving / transmitting a Wi-Fi signal. There is also a plug socket for the AC adapter and a power button.

Side panel of the router
Side panel of the router

The button for resetting the router to factory settings RESET is located on the side panel. Next to it is a USB 2.0 connector for connecting a mobile modem.

Preparatory work

Work to be done beforeKeenetic 4G iii router settings consist in connecting it to the power supply network, connecting one of the LAN ports with a patch cord to the network card connector of a computer or laptop, connecting the provider's Ethernet cable to the Internet port. When using a USB modem, the provider cable does not need to be connected.

Connecting a USB modem
Connecting a USB modem

Configuring the network card parameters consists in setting the "Properties" of the TCP / IPv4 protocol to automatically obtain an IP address and a DNS server address. This is done in the network connections section of the "Network and Sharing Center". You can get into it from the general PC control panel after selecting the appropriate section.

Connection and setup algorithm

The step-by-step algorithm will help the user to independently connect and configure the Zyxel Keenetic 4G router iii.

  1. Start by checking the package according to the supplied instructions after unpacking the product.
  2. Determine the optimal location of the router in the room, taking into account the proximity of sockets, the length of the connecting cables and the possibility of placing the adapter on the window glass.
  3. Connect the router to AC power through the adapter.
  4. Connect the provider cable and patch cord to the Internet (WAN) and LAN connectors using the computer's network card connector.
  5. Next, proceed to pre-configure the parameters of the PC network card.
  6. After you need to log in to the Keenetic 4G settings web interface iii.
  7. Now you need to set up connections with the selected Internet provider via cable or modem.
  8. The final step is to set up the WI-FI network, taking into account the protection of its security.

Setting up an Internet connection

It is recommended to perform a hardware reset using the RESET button on the side panel of the router before starting the Keenetic 4G iii setup. In this case, the transition to the factory settings of the parameters takes place. With the help of a thin rod, it is pressed and held for a time (10-15) seconds. recessed button. After the front panel lights stop flashing, you can start working.

Keenetic 4G iii is configured in its web interface. To enter it, in the address bar of a browser opened on a PC, the IP address of the router on the local network is written. For Zyxel Keenetic, this combination is In the authorization pop-up window, enter the values admin into the login and password fields and press "Enter". On the main page, the system will immediately prompt you to change the factory password. You must agree with this and fill in the field of its new value with confirmation. The router interface is now accessible after entering the updated password.

The interface page offers two configuration options: quick and using the web configurator. To select a mode, you need to press the corresponding button.

Main interface
Main interface

Quick Setup uses the built-in NetFriend program to connect to the Internet of the selected regional provider. At a certain step, the user only has toenter data from the contract concluded with him. You may be prompted to update the firmware to the latest version of the software developer. It is recommended to agree with this.

At the last step of the quick setup, an interface page with connection parameters opens, at the bottom of which there are two tabs: to access the Internet and go to the web configurator. The last option involves setting up additional functions of the router. The choice is up to the user.

Wi-Fi network setup

At the factory settings of Keenetic 4G iii, the wireless network is already operational. The data for connecting to it are indicated on the label on the bottom of the product. Here are present: the name of the network and its password. This information becomes available to anyone who sees it. If the user is not satisfied with this, then he can change this data manually. To do this, in the web interface, click on the symbol of the wireless network, on its page use the "Access Point 2.4 GHz" tab. Here you only need to change the "Network Name" and "Network Key", leaving the factory settings unchanged.

WiFi setup
WiFi setup

Password must contain a set of numbers and Latin letters and be at least 8 characters long. This will protect the wireless network from unauthorized unauthorized access. After executing the "Apply" command, the configuration can be considered complete.


Using the recommendations in the article, you can configure the Zyxel Keenetic 4G iiion one's own. Use of the device is advisable in places where a cable connection with an Internet provider is not available. For stable operation of the local network, it is necessary to provide for the use of modems with the ability to connect external antennas to them.

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