Heavy Rain: player reviews, reviews, story and walkthrough

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Heavy Rain: player reviews, reviews, story and walkthrough
Heavy Rain: player reviews, reviews, story and walkthrough

What do they say about the game that was the predecessor of the unique development of Detroit: Become Human from Quantic Dream? Why is the PS4 game Heavy Rain, which received extremely positive reviews, continues to be one of David Cage's best creations? Why in 2010 people bought all the CDs from stores? Today you will learn about it.

History of Creation

The creation of the game took place in 2006, in which the announcement of this project was also released. Screenwriter and director David Cage stated in an interview that it was filmed by recording the actions of real people, actors. It was one of the first large-scale games in which not only a group of computer specialists took part, but also people, based on whose movements Heavy Rain was created.

heavy rain reviews
heavy rain reviews

In 2007, the official trailer and poster are released. The picture showed an origami bird with blood on one end. Also this year, virtual players were introduced. David Cage is verywas proud that in the project you can play for 4 characters, and the users themselves wrote reviews about the game Heavy Rain as one of the best developments of the Quantic Dream team, both in terms of plot and graphic design.

In 2009 there are 2 more new people who also became available to players. The PlayStation4 demo released in 2010 included only 2 episodes, but impressed many viewers with its atmosphere and storyline. In the same year, the official game was released.

Heavy Rain, plot review. Part 1: loss of children

After starting the player and getting to know the controls by collecting the main character, you are thrown into a cutscene in which the following happens: Ethan Mars, while in a large store, loses his son. The boy leaves the hypermarket at the opposite end of the road. The father runs out looking for Jason and after he finds him, runs towards him, but the child is hit by a car. Architect Ethan falls into a coma for 6 months.

After coming out of the coma, he continues to blame himself for Jason's death, which leads to a divorce from his wife, and another son, Sean, begins to move away from his father. In addition, Ethan suffers from amnesia: his memory lapses can last for hours. One day he receives a very unusual letter with a story about a married couple who could not find their children who were lost after going to church. Ethan did not attach much importance to this letter and decides to take a walk with Sean on the next weekend, but after a memory failure, he falls and loses consciousness. When the main character woke up, his son was no longer around.

game heavy rain reviews
game heavy rain reviews

Part2: "Master Origami"

After contacting the police, Ethan learns about a mysterious maniac who kidnaps boys between the ages of 8 and 13. Moreover, the killer does not mock them, the children die in the water. They have an origami figurine in their hands, and an orchid on their chest. There is no particular connection between the boys, but if you look closely, they are all from the morally poor strata of society and are not particularly needed by parents. 2 new characters appear here: FBI agent Norman Jayden and Lieutenant Carter Blake. The FBI agent believes the killer is remorseful for his crime when he places an orchid on the children's chests. Also, the maniac acts in the rainy season, which means they have no more than 3 days to save Sean.

Ethan receives a letter with the coordinates where to go. It turns out to be a storage cell that contains a gun, a mobile phone, and 5 origami figures. After turning on the phone, the main character sees his son in a pit closed with bars. It turns out that each figure has a test. And for passing it, the man receives a card with a code where you can find Sean.

It is worth noting that the tests are very dangerous and abnormal, up to cutting off limbs. Along the way, Ethan meets Madison Paige and they begin to investigate together.

Madison and Ethan
Madison and Ethan

Part 3: Suspicions and found the killer

At the same time, police agents go out for two people they suspected of drowning the boys, but the options turn out to be wrong. On the way to the department, they meet the architect's ex-wife and learn from her that Ethanmight be crazy. Once he told her that he sees drowned children everywhere. This leads Blake to believe that the "Origami Master" is Sean's father, and after talking to his psychologist, the lieutenant is convinced of his suspicions as Norman continues to investigate.

When the player jumps to the 4 characters of Scott Shelby, who is a private detective, he will know everything. It turns out that as a child, Scott played with his brother at a construction site, but he accidentally fell into a pipe with water and could not get out. The drunk dad of the boys did not even listen to his son's pleas for help. Scott's brother choked, and his father was deprived of parental rights.

Scott Shelby
Scott Shelby

Scott moved into a foster family and from now on wanted to understand what parents are ready for for their sons. Being a private detective and an "Origami Master" at the same time, he threw off the burden of all sorts of suspicions.

Part 4: final scene

It all depends on the choice of the player and the speed of his actions. In the game, you can be 5 people at once. A person must correctly prioritize, and be sure to save all the heroes to the end, otherwise a good ending will not work. There are 17 of them, among which Ethan either saves Sean, or the boy dies. Either the killer is found or not. The man can be caught by the police after completing half of the game! All of these Heavy Rain storylines can be made by the gamer. From the best ending to the scary and incomprehensible.


Heavy Rain, which received very positive reviews, is an interactivea movie in which you simultaneously decide the fate of the characters and watch the development of the plot. In total, there are four characters for which you will play, but the fifth is the "Master of Origami", he will eventually turn out to be a private detective:

  • Ethan Mars. The main character, on which the whole plot is twisted. Ethan is an architect who falls into a coma after losing his son. The man suffers from amnesia and often loses consciousness. He loves Sean very much, so he is ready to pass all the tests of a maniac, even cut off part of his little finger. Ethan eventually begins to think he is the "Origami Master" when he finds the figurine in his hand.
  • Madison Paige. In appearance, she is an ordinary journalist who makes reports with spicy photos for the newspaper. It turns out that the girl is a former war correspondent and her hobby is investigating murders. She, having met Ethan by chance, begins to help the architect in the search for his son. Madison very often sacrifices herself to save Sean, in some endings (when the character is saved), the girl becomes the wife of the protagonist.
Madison Page
Madison Page
  • Norman Jayden. FBI agent. He was the only one who didn't believe that Ethan was the "Master of Origami". The players left the largest number of reviews about this Heavy Rain character. Norman is a rather strange hero, because he is very dependent on failure and sometimes afraid of them. He has special URS glasses with which he can virtually search for clues, view tasks or dossiers.
  • Scott Shelby. A private detective who was hired by one of the families. He is a former policeman, is good at martial arts, although due to his extra weight he has become clumsy. As a child, Scott's brother fell into a hole (pipe) with water and could not get out. Scotty called his father for help, but he was drunk and did not want to listen to anything. After the death of his brother, the grown-up boy with a psychological trauma wanted to see how much their children were dear to fathers, which is why he became the "Master of Origami". Very cleverly tricks the cops, eliminating evidence.

Heavy Rain walkthrough

The game has a unique control system. It all depends on the level of pressing the buttons or the number of clicks. The left side of the joystick is used primarily for turning cameras, while the right side is needed for combat scenes or any action events. With the L2 button, the player can see and listen to the thoughts of the person they are playing as. Sometimes they are blurry or run very fast across the screen, so it is difficult to figure out the right solution. The character's future depends on the choice.

heavy rain ps4 reviews
heavy rain ps4 reviews

Many players could not cope with the controls for a long time, so they left not the best reviews about Heavy Rain. During a fight, you can help your character by pressing the correct key combinations that appear in a chaotic manner. They are not too complicated, it is important to orient yourself in time. In addition to pressing, controller shaking and tilting are possible. All controls can be learned as the game progresses through story introduction scenes.

What are they saying about the product?

Very positive feedback aboutHeavy Rain on PS3. On various gaming sites and magazines, it was ranked 1 in 2010. Even the creator was surprised by the highest ratings. CHIP magazine commented on the product: "This game is really unique! It all depends on the choice of the viewer and who knows, maybe this is a new branch in the gaming world."

heavy rain ps3 reviews
heavy rain ps3 reviews

Pros and cons

From the positive we can distinguish:

  • a gripping story that goes well with an intriguing atmosphere;
  • it is the player's actions that determine the end of the story, so decisions must be made quickly and focused;
  • interesting characters;
  • quality drawing with better textures.


  • sometimes the animation freezes and becomes "wooden";
  • The game is not suitable for all users.

The developers themselves were amazed at the work done. In 2010, the product was bought more than 3 million times! The programming, which lasted 5 years, gave a mind-blowing result, providing excellent profits for the creators. That's why Heavy Rain reviews continue to add to the global collection!

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