Forgot my Macbook password - what to do? Reset password on MacBook

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Forgot my Macbook password - what to do? Reset password on MacBook
Forgot my Macbook password - what to do? Reset password on MacBook

Have you ever forgotten your password on your laptop and didn't know what to do? Or did you buy a laptop from your hands, and the previous owner forgot to remove the password?

At such moments, usually many people advise you to reset your password, but how? It turns out that if it can be reset, then why do you need a password at all? This article will help to understand the problem.

Is it easy to crack a Macbook password, and what types of password bypass are there?

It's actually quite simple, but not every experienced user will be able to hack the system. Although experienced hackers can easily, give them some time to bypass the most complex cipher and get into the laptop!

Well, what if you just forgot your Macbook password? What to do, because you do not want to part with valuable information? How does a hack happen? More experienced specialists will use the command line, but only "guru-masters" can do the code. Therefore, "beginner crackers" can try the following:

  • Creating a new user. you withuse the same command line to bypass single-user mode. It is worth noting that all hacks occur using the command line, but depend on the degree of complexity.
  • "A bunch of code" is an effective way and will help you change your password, but it will take a lot of time. It is also not a fact that you will figure it out the first time, but you will have time to delve into the system settings.
  • Through "recovery mode". A simple method that anyone can master.
New Macbook
New Macbook

Using the installation disc. A great option if you want to reset your Macbook password without the fear of reinstalling the operating system. For example, you just acquired it or it got from some relative. In this option, you will need an installation disk, you can ask your friends or the same seller for it

These methods are also suitable for ordinary users, they will be useful for system administrators.

Method 1. Reset password by changing user

Forgot my Macbook password, what should I do? Use the instruction:

  • First you need to turn on the laptop and wait for a gray screen or a welcome screen.
  • Hold Command + S on your keyboard to enter single user mode.
  • Hard disk needs to be checked. To do this, type fsck -fy and for it to work, press Enter.
2 accounts on macbook
2 accounts on macbook
  • The disk will not be checked immediately, after a while look for the mount -uw / button and boldly click on itclick!
  • Now the command rm /var/db/. AppleSetupDone followed by shutdown -h now and be sure to Enter.

This method seems to deceive the operating system. She believes that she is not currently in use, which is why the password is reset. After that, go through all the registration steps again, but do not worry - your data will remain safe and sound. Just do not check the "data migration" box.

Method 2: Use code and command line

If the first option does not suit you and there are valuable files on your macbook that you are afraid to risk, then try the following:

  • How to unlock a macbook if you forgot your password? Of course, with the help of commands. Turn on the laptop and wait for the gray screen to load or the welcome prompt to exit.
  • Repeat the same steps as last time, but stop at the mount -uw / command. After pressing it, select launchctl load, then /System/Library/LaunchDaemons/ DirectoryServices.plist and the final button - Enter.
  • If you want to check all the users that are on the laptop, then press ls /Users. It will help both remove the password from the laptop and see all the available owners. A very useful command followed by pressing Enter.
  • Now the final stage. In the line "dscl. -passwd /Users/username password" you need to change the name to yours (to the name of the macbook system, it can be the name User if you did not change it), then change the password.
  • Reboot, and password reset.
Blocked MacBook
Blocked MacBook

This method is by no means a hacking option. If the user does not know what to do because he forgot the password from the macbook, then using the code will help restore the system, saving all the data.

Method 3. Change data with a simple code

The next method is much easier than the previous one. You will need to enter three times fewer characters, but the password will still be reset.

How to see passwords on macbook? It is impossible to give an unambiguous answer to this question, because the password is for that and the password: it cannot be seen and it is not easy to find. Your best bet is to fold and come up with another defensive combo.

  • As soon as you press the start button, immediately type Command + S. It is very important not to let the laptop boot.
  • The next step is to enter these characters in the line that appears: mount -uw / (file is being deleted, please wait), rm /var/db/.applesetupdone and reboot.

What is this method based on, which helps both to remove the password from the laptop and makes it possible to replace the combination with a new one? When you use such commands, you make the system think that it is not installed at all. By deleting just one file, you open access to a thousand others.

Method 4. Recovery mode

The method also affects the use of the disk pack. An ideal option to help if you forgot your password on your laptop.

After booting the laptop, go to "Recovery Mode" by clicking onkeyboard "Image" (Option). Now take the Recovery disc

MacBook closed, pictures
MacBook closed, pictures
  • In "Utilities", you need to select the "Terminal" tab and enter a word that will reset both your password and the administrator's password: resetpassword.
  • In the dialog box, enter a new password and perform a simple reboot of the system.

This method is only suitable if encryption is not enabled on the laptop. Otherwise, it will be either difficult or impossible to reset the administrator password.

Method 5. Reset by using bootstrap

Forgot my Macbook password, what should I do? The following method is relevant for those who do not have an installation disk. The initial principle is the same as in the previous methods. Type a specific key cycle as your MacBook boots up.

  • Once in the settings, switch to the single owner mode and change the contents of the hard disk. To do this, find the system drive, which is set as /.
  • The next step is to delete the file that tells the system that the download was successful.
  • After uninstalling, you get to the main page that appears after installing the operating system. You need to skip 2 points.
macbook clip art
macbook clip art
  • When you get to the page: "Do you have a Mac", click on the last button, which says that you do not need to move files yet.
  • Click "Skip" to make all welcome screens go away, andenter a new password.

How to protect your laptop from data theft?

Is it really that simple? All the methods given in the article may well be used by attackers to reset the password. How to protect yourself from hacking:

  • create new keychains;
  • use special encryption, but in no case do not forget the password, otherwise it will be almost impossible to recover it.
Blocked MacBook
Blocked MacBook

And a tip: use external drives. Then the question is: "I forgot my Macbook password, what should I do?" will be less scary.

For example, discs that can be put in an envelope and store a lot of information in them. Ordinary flash drives will do, but they are less resistant to breakage.

Of course, you do all this at your own peril and risk, but do not despair, because the experience will be gained in any case. Your task is to type the commands correctly and follow the instructions in strict order.

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