Xbox 360 games list: best apps for single and dual gamers

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Xbox 360 games list: best apps for single and dual gamers
Xbox 360 games list: best apps for single and dual gamers

On the Xbox 360, developers have made more than two hundred games. Among them there are applications in the genre of shooters, fighting games, arcades, racing, quests and so on. In addition, the gamer can run games for two. Works on the console are not only an opportunity to have a good rest. Good applications will give pleasant emotions with their gameplay and storyline.

List of Xbox 360 games

list of xbox 360 games
list of xbox 360 games

Exclusive works are often released on the console. You can play them only on this console. In addition to them, there are other well-known applications. List of Xbox 360 games:

  • Gears of War 2. This is a console-exclusive sequel. It has both multiplayer and single player modes. The gameplay takes place in the third person. The story begins with events on the planet Sera. She was attacked by alien invaders. The main character will have to fight off various enemies using upgraded weapons.
  • GTA 5. The genre of this game is action and adventure with an open world. Character controlcarried out by a third party. In the game world, anything that comes to mind is possible. For example, here you can steal cars, participate in shootouts, buy real estate, fly helicopters. In addition, GTA 5 has a good storyline.
  • Far Cry 4. This is a first person shooter. It has a co-op mode. Thanks to this, the gamer can team up with his friends and start going through the storyline. The action takes place on the fictional island of Kyrat. It is controlled by the tyrant Pagan Ming. The player will clear roadblocks, unlock new weapons and hunt wild animals.

This list of Xbox 360 freeboot games will allow gamers to experience action-packed stories. Applications are bestsellers. They have good graphics and physics.

Apps for two

Screenshot from LEGO
Screenshot from LEGO

There are games on the console where a gamer can participate in events with his friend. There are also works for people who want to compete with each other. List of games for two on Xbox 360:

  • Mortal Kombat. This is a legendary fighting game with a realistic damage system. Playing it with a friend is a lot of fun. There are a large number of characters with their own characteristics to choose from. In addition, the application has unique finishing moves.
  • LEGO Games series. The developers have released a large number of games in the style of the Lego constructor. Together people can play Harry Potter, Star Wars, Indiana Jones. The feature of applications is destruction. All characters anddecorations are made from constructor.

These apps can be played on the same screen. Experienced gamers recommend using a TV or a large monitor. It will be more comfortable on it. Since this list of xBox 360 games contains apps in split screen format. The screen is divided into 2 parts.

Halo Series

This is a sci-fi app. The very first game was released in 2001. Immediately after the release, she received high marks from professional critics. The plot tells about the fighting of people and alien civilizations. Humanity is fighting for its survival. To do this, the gamer has a whole arsenal of futuristic weapons. The application is included in the list of games on the Xbox 360 due to its exclusivity. And some parts of "HALO" are only available on this console.

Call Of Duty Series

call of duty
call of duty

This game is one of the best in the shooter genre. Management is carried out from the first person. A series of games is dedicated to World War II, the cold confrontation between the USSR and the USA, and the fight against terrorists. Also in some parts of the battle take place in the future. In addition, the gamer can feel like a participant in the Third World War.

The series includes 10 full-fledged adventures that can be played on the console. In addition, it has a multiplayer mode. Due to the popularity of the shooter, it has an esports component. Players can fight with any melee weapon. Also, the gamer has the ability to customize machine guns and pistols.

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