Life is Strange: player reviews, game description, installation features, plot description

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Life is Strange: player reviews, game description, installation features, plot description
Life is Strange: player reviews, game description, installation features, plot description

The game Life is Strange is an application for computers and consoles. The work belongs to the genre of adventure interactive cinema. The developers paid a lot of attention to the development of the plot of the game. Because of this, she received a lot of positive ratings. Reviews about Life is Strange contain different comments. Some people liked the graphics and some liked the story. She also has negative ratings.

App description

main character
main character

This is an episodic app that combines the genre of adventure and interactive movie. The character is controlled from a third person. The story of the first part of the game is divided into 5 full episodes. The surrounding world is linear locations. The gamer has the opportunity to interact with a large number of characters. The main character almost always comments on the actions the player takes.

The character can talkwith almost every person in the work. The dialogue is based on the individual choice of the gamer. There are several answers to the questions posed. A feature of the game is the ability to turn back time. However, this feature only allows you to rewind a few minutes. Thanks to this, the gamer can choose another action if he made a mistake in making a decision.

This application also has elements of a quest adventure. To do this, the developers have implemented various puzzles. They are tied to the special paranormal abilities of the main character. With their help, various objects or new places are opened.

How to install the game

The application installation process may seem complicated to some gamers. However, almost everyone can start playing Life is Strange. For this you need:

  • Download the Steam program on the official website.
  • Purchase the app. If the price seems high, then the gamer can wait for discounts. The administration of the site very often conducts them. In addition, the first episode of the game is available for free.
  • Wait for full automatic installation.

After that, the gamer can launch the application via a shortcut on the desktop. It can also be opened in Steam by selecting the appropriate section. You can only run it on Windows 7. The video card must be at least 1 gigabyte. The system requirements also require 4 GB of RAM. The processor can be used from Intel or AMD at 3 GHz. In case the game "lags", the developersIt is recommended to set the minimum settings. However, if you do this, the graphics level will decrease.

Storyline of the first part

Life of Strand game
Life of Strand game

The whole story begins in 2013. Girl Max Caulfield returns to her homeland, to the city of Adcadia Bay. She was absent from it for five years. She is accepted into the prestigious Blackwell School. In it, the girl met her old friend Chloe. The father of a friend died in an accident a few days before the arrival of the main character.

At the very beginning, Maxine discovers that she can travel to the past. She decides to save Chloe's father, as a friend is in a very serious condition. After saving Chloe's father, very strange events begin to occur in the city. They affect both heroines. As a result, the girls are accused of the disappearance of one of the city's students.

Storyline of the second part of the game

The app is already in 2016. The main character is Sean Diaz. He lives with his father and younger brother Daniel. The mother left this family a long time ago. A tragic situation occurs in which the father of two sons dies. The brothers manage to escape.

However, the guys are left alone. They no longer have shelter and food. They are on the street. As a result, the guys decide to move to Mexico and find peace there, make new friends. Throughout the story, they will face a lot of adventures. Thanks to this, they will survive both good and bad events. In addition, the brothers will pass the necessary tests,that will make them complete individuals.

Steam Reviews

Screenshot from the game
Screenshot from the game

Users find this piece to have uneven storytelling. However, it can touch even a very serious person. Reviews about Life is Strange say that many people liked the application. Since its target audience is teenagers. That is why special music was chosen in the work. It includes romantic guitar ballads and unobtrusive pop songs.

Users of the Steam site believe that this is one of the most touching and interesting works that came out in 2015. Also, reviews about the game Life is Strange emphasize the many advantages of the application. These include the ability to influence the development of the game plot, detective storytelling, references to world culture.

However, some people believe that the story told in places is like a children's fairy tale. In addition, many do not like the constant quoting of famous literary masters of the world. For example, Stephen King, David Lynch, Scott Bakula and others. Places of reference are superfluous. For most gamers, they do not cause irritation. However, because of this, there are negative reviews for Life is Strange 1. Since not every player knows about some artists.

Other opinions on Steam

Most gamers don't like that the developers didn't optimize this interactive app well. Because of this, bugs and lags often appear in it. Reviews about Life is Strange say that the creators managed to create not stupid, butapplication at the base level. Almost everyone is able to understand it, regardless of age. The story being told teaches more than just friendship. The story opens the veil on some of life's complexities. The developers wanted to say that it is impossible to change the past, no matter how much a person wants it. The creators say that everyone has the right to make mistakes in their lives.

Reviews about Life is Strange emphasize that the app has some narrative issues. Also, the main characters talk about the expected events and actions of other characters. Because of this, the game is perceived as a children's story. In addition, the presentation and staging of the application lose to richer projects. Despite all this, reviews of Life is Strange emphasize that this is a game with a lot of emotional charge. Because of him, gamers turn a blind eye to most of the shortcomings and problems of the work.

Reviews of various episodes of Life is Strange

Screenshot from the first part of the game
Screenshot from the first part of the game

At the very beginning of the first part of the game, the gamer gets acquainted with the mechanics, gameplay and plot. Reviews for Life is Strange Episode 1 are mostly positive. Since the developers have made a really interesting game. At the very beginning, the gamer starts playing for the girl Max, who discovered supernatural abilities in herself. Gamers were surprised that almost every event has its own consequences. In addition, most players like the replayability of this episode. It can be completed several times and unlock new plot twists.

Next episodes narrationbecomes very strange. There are many paranormal events going on. In some places the game becomes more difficult. Also, the storyline is perceived very naively. Sometimes it's hard to empathize with the main characters.

Reviews about Life is Strange 2

Screenshot from the second part
Screenshot from the second part

The developers took into account all the mistakes of the previous part of the game. They removed the infantile story. The new part of the application tells about political events, fights and survival in extreme conditions. As a result, reviews of Life is Strange 2 have more positive feedback from the audience.

The narrative reflects the problems of school bullying. Teenagers develop addictions, depression, and suicidal tendencies as a result of bullying. This problem is widespread almost all over the world. However, in the second season, the games paid too little attention to these problems. Because of this, some gamers are unhappy with the storytelling. Since these problems are not disclosed from all sides.

Gamers liked that the creators showed the theme of migration. In the story, a small Mexican family went to Seattle. Because of this, the Diaz family is uncomfortable. Many people look at the characters as if they were aliens. In addition, the storyline showed very contrasting events. Reviews for Life is Strange 2 say that in some places the developers have created unrealistic situations. For example, a police officer accidentally shooting an unarmed person.

Reviews for different episodes

life is strange episode 1 reviews
life is strange episode 1 reviews

In the very first part of the app, the story is about twobrothers. The first is Sean, an ordinary teenager. The second is Daniel, who is only interested in video games. Reviews about Life is Strange 2 Episode 1 say that the developers managed to naturally portray the two brothers and their inner world. The game touches on the theme of love relationships, friendship and family. The gamer can only control Sean.

Most of the critics didn't like that the political life of the country got into the app. The game pays a lot of attention to racism. The brothers are treated badly because they are of Mexican ethnicity. Sometimes the plot can seem too naive and childish. Despite this, the game touched on a lot of serious topics. For example, what is trust, care or responsibility for others. The first episode has an interesting story. However, the plot is very linear. Whatever action the player chooses, it will still result in one event.

Reviews about Life is Strange 2 Episode 2 say that the novel no longer evokes strong emotions. Since all the mechanics become familiar. However, the gameplay in the second episode became more vigorous and non-linear. In some places, players perceive riddles and puzzles as a chore. The application captivates with its plot and well-developed characters. The game freezes in some places. However, this happens very rarely.

In the second episode, the efforts of the developers are noticeable. They have done everything so that gamers do not get bored through this application. For this, a bug was fixed when the decisions made did not affect the narrative. Now everything that a person does can be reflected in the plot. Therebybecomes very interesting to play. The ending makes gamers wait for a new part. Because they want to know how events will develop further.

Before the Storm reviews

Life is Strange: Before the Storm
Life is Strange: Before the Storm

Gamers think that this part of the application is not the best plot in the series. However, reviews of Life is Strange Before the Storm say that the story has interesting and unexpected twists. In addition, there are no unnecessary dialogues, which makes the gameplay very dynamic. The developers removed the mystical component. Because of this, the application has become, on the contrary, better.

The characters that appeared in this game are very well developed. The gamer will not be able to guess their character and behavior. Because of this, the players have a lot of pleasant feelings. The main characters are one of the strongest points of this application. The developers spent a lot of time on them. As a result, they are difficult to perceive unambiguously. This application has two endings. Gamers note that the ending is one of the best in the industry. Since almost everyone can have such a choice.


Life is Strange games are very interesting and exciting adventures. In them, a person can influence all events that will occur in the application. Thanks to this, games are liked by a multi-million audience. They are interesting for both adult and young gamers.

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