Supplement for "GTA 4": description, content, advantages and disadvantages

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Supplement for "GTA 4": description, content, advantages and disadvantages
Supplement for "GTA 4": description, content, advantages and disadvantages

In 2008, the game Grand Theft Auto 4 was born. In 24 hours of sales, the company managed to distribute 3 million copies of the application among gamers. Due to such popularity, the developers decided to release an add-on for GTA 4. It's called Episodes from Liberty City. It contains 2 separate storylines. Most of the world's critics rated the story positively.

Supplement Description

Episodes from Liberty City are two new storylines. The first is called The Lost and Damned. The second is The Ballad of Gay Tony. After playing them, a person will understand that GTA 4 is not finished yet. When the protagonist Niko Belik was solving his problems, the other characters were doing business. The add-on talks about other people from the GTA universe.

Description of The Lost and Damned

gta 4 with all the addons
gta 4 with all the addons

This part continues the storyline of the game. The main character is Johnny Klebitz. He is in a group of bikers. As you progress through the character will become the leader of the gang. This addition to "GTA 4" will beinteresting for gamers who love riding motorcycles. The fact is that most tasks are performed on this vehicle.

At the very beginning of this addition to "GTA 4" the main character will have a small group. It will include Johnny and 2 of his friends. With them the player will complete missions. The team will help in shootouts and chases.

The functionality in The Lost and Damned has remained the same as in the main storyline. For the gamer, all functions on the phone will be available. However, the design here is slightly changed. The developers have worked out the graphics in more detail. Some players think that it resembles Far Cry 3.

Features of The Lost and Damned

addition gta 4
addition gta 4

Addition "Liberty City" for "GTA 4" was released in 2010. For 24 months, the creators managed to work out the story well. Biker Part Features:

  • The more a person completes tasks with the team, the better partners become. They have a new arsenal, skills, techniques.

  • Simple missions. Almost anyone can play the game. For this, it is not necessary to use cheats for the GTA 4 add-on. As a rule, missions are completed on the first try.

  • In-game internet not working. Because of this, the main character cannot invite girls on dates. In addition, various messages do not come to the character's mailbox.

In this addition to "GTA 4" you can not turn on the police mode. The on-board computer will refuse the player thisprofessions. In addition to the storyline, a person can participate in secondary missions. For example, he has the ability to rob a gang of competitors or destroy an enemy group's store. Jobs are paid a small amount. If the player has already launched GTA 4, then some missions will be familiar to him.

Description of The Ballad of Gay Tony

Gameplay additions to GTA 4
Gameplay additions to GTA 4

Most gamers find this expansion to be much more interesting than the previous one. The main character is Luis Lopez. The story begins with a bank robbery. The already well-known character Niko Belik participates in it. Luis Lopez is taken hostage. Because of this, he needs to come to the city with drugs and firearms.

As you progress, the main character will have some best friends. They will help to destroy drug addicts and robbers. With the help of a mobile phone, a gamer will be able to call his partners and go on missions.

In some tasks the player will participate in real races. To do this, he will be provided with a sports car. It can use nitrogen acceleration. Also, various modifications of your car are available for the gamer. You can change both the appearance and the engine of the car.

This add-on has a special club. In it, the player can drink, dance or work. In addition to the main missions, the game has additional tasks. They are performed with partners. There is a cash reward for passing. If the gamer loses, then the mission will have to be redone.

When a person is halfway through this supplement,it opens up the possibility of extreme skydiving. Starting points are located throughout the game world. The jump is the mission. The player needs to land on the roof of a truck, a police car, a certain brand of car, and so on. The plot often intersects with the events of the original GTA 4 narrative. If the user has played before, then he will be 2 times more interesting.

Cheat codes for addition "GTA 4"

Screenshot from the Liberty City expansion
Screenshot from the Liberty City expansion

To open access to cheats, a person needs to enter the Cheat menu. After that, the cheats will work on "GTA 4" with all the additions. List of available combinations:

  • Get a motorcycle - 6255550200.
  • Armored vehicle - 2725558265.
  • Replenish he alth - 3625550100.
  • Remove wanted stars - 2675550100.
  • Character weapon - 4865550150.

These are the main cheats that a person can use in the game. They are a lot of fun to play with at first. However, gradually the gamer gets used to them. As a result, the interest fades, as the player no longer feels the risk.

Advantages and disadvantages of add-ons

Driving a car in addition to GTA 4
Driving a car in addition to GTA 4

The big minus of the game is 1 save location in the whole city. If the gamer is on the edge of the map, then he will have to get by car to his house. You need this to save all progress. However, you can use a taxi.

At the start, the gamer will have the whole city open. In the original version, some areas becomeavailable as you progress. The pluses of additions include a modified musical accompaniment. Also, the developers have reworked radio stations. The developers have added 3 new frequencies to the list.

The advantages and disadvantages of add-ons are the same in every game. The advantages of The Ballad of Gay Tony include extreme sports and car tuning. A person can skydive and drive improved cars. If you play without cheats, then the gamer will invest a lot of money in upgrading their vehicles.

Their system requirements are suitable for most computers from 2018-2019. To run at maximum settings, you need Intel i3, 2 GB of RAM and a video card with 512 MB.

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