Programs-amplifiers for "Android" and their description

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Programs-amplifiers for "Android" and their description
Programs-amplifiers for "Android" and their description

Many Android smartphone users are familiar with the quiet sound problem. Everything seems to be fine: a phone with a stylish design, a good camera, powerful characteristics, but its sound is outrageously quiet. What to do, how to solve this problem? Here you have to use the sound amplifier on Android. What is a sound amplifier and which one is best to choose - more on this in today's article.

What is a sound amplifier

Before moving on to the list of amplifier programs, I would like to briefly talk about what a sound amplifier is in general. Amplifier, as you might guess, is a program that allows you to increase the maximum volume of sounds on your phone, if suddenly it is not enough.

There are 2 types of sound amplifiers on Android: boosters and equalizers. The first type is the simplest and works on almost all phones. The main task of boosters- increase the power of the speaker programmatically so that all sounds coming through it are louder. Usually the sound quality deteriorates when using a booster, but it all depends on the developer and the phone.

what are audio amplifiers
what are audio amplifiers

The second type, equalizers, is already an improved version of boosters, so to speak. Equalizers allow you to fine-tune the sound quality, as well as increase the overall volume of the smartphone speaker. It is worth noting that the highest quality equalizers may require root access to work.

This completes the introduction to the amplifiers, now you can go to the programs themselves.

Equalizer Bass Booster

So, the first sound amplifier on Android, which will be discussed, is the Equalizer Bass Booster program. This application does not weigh very much, but it has quite suitable and working functionality. The interface is extremely simple and clear, even though it is in English.

Equalizer Bass Booster sound booster app for android
Equalizer Bass Booster sound booster app for android

The main space of the screen is occupied by a five-band equalizer. Each of the bands can be configured separately or disabled. A little higher are the ready-made settings for the equalizer. Below the bands are two controls - bass boost and virtualizer. The first makes the bass fatter and more powerful, and the second adds volume to the sound.

In general, there is nothing more to say about the program. It works properly, the sound amplifies and even slightly improves thanks to the equalizer. In headphones, the effect is alsowill be noticeable.

Music Volume EQ

The next Android sound enhancer program is Music Volume EQ. The application is distributed for free, it weighs little, but the functionality is very interesting and worthy. The application interface is very simple and easy to understand. The main area is occupied by a window for information, as well as a volume control-amplifier. Just below there is an EQ button that switches to the equalizer. The equalizer has 5 bands, there is an amplifier base and a virtualizer. In general, that's all the settings. It is worth adding that in the application options you can check the box so that Music Volume EQ starts automatically with the system, which will save the user from manual launches every time.

sound amplifier program for android Music Volume EQ
sound amplifier program for android Music Volume EQ

If we talk about the work of the program, then there are no complaints. The volume of the sound is amplified quite noticeably, and the quality is almost not affected. The only thing is that if the speaker on the phone is not of high quality, then it will most likely wheeze.

Speaker Booster Full Pro

Another very good sound amplifier on "Android" in Russian is simply called "Sound Amplifier", or Speaker Booster Full Pro in the original. Well, there really isn't much to talk about. This program is very easy to use and is the most common booster without an equalizer. On the main screen, the user can control the volume of the phone, as well as set the percentage of sound amplification. If you click on the settings button, you can select the percentagemaximum gain, and also soften or leave without softening the sound gain.

sound amplification software Speaker Booster Full Pro
sound amplification software Speaker Booster Full Pro

Regarding the result: the program really works, enhances the sound well, the quality loss is not too noticeable. Also, as in the previous case, it is worth remembering that on phones with a cheap speaker, wheezing will be noticeable at maximum volume.

Volume Booster GOODEV

Well, the last sound amplifier program on Android today, which you should definitely pay attention to, is Volume Booster GOODEV. As the name implies, this application is a booster without an equalizer. A distinctive feature from the previous application is that Volume Booster GOODEV does its job better.

There is only one slider available on the start screen, which is responsible for amplifying the sound on the phone. The developer recommends not exceeding the threshold of 40% gain, as this may adversely affect the device.

volume booster for android Volume Booster GOODEV
volume booster for android Volume Booster GOODEV

Also, next to the slider there is a settings button, where, in general, there is nothing interesting. The settings are about the same as the previous application. Volume Booster copes with its duties perfectly well. Sound amplification is clearly audible even at medium volume levels. The sound quality does not suffer from amplification, which is definitely a plus.

Actually, that's all. Which sound amplifier is better to choose, everyone will decide for himself, based onyour needs.

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