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For an ordinary user, the process of setting up a router seems something scary and impossible. Very rarely, but it happens that the parameters go astray, and then you have to try to restore them manually. In order to log in to the system, must be entered into the address bar of the browser to configure the router.

Causes of router settings failure

Many people mistakenly believe that if the settings are off, then the problem is in the router. However, if the router is working properly, all the icons are on, and there is no suspicious smell of burnt plastic, then you should not look for the cause of the breakdown in it. As a rule, failures occur due to violations in the settings of the network card and computer. what is this ip what is this ip

Most of the misunderstandings in the operation of computer equipment are the fault of "advanced" users who believe that they understand a little about what they are doing. And then a matter of chance, idle curiosity or a desire to do "how best" can reset the settings to factory settings. Even a simple randompressing the reset button on the device may result in data loss. It is better to find it and remember the location in order to avoid repeated incidents in the future.

Enter settings

So, if the settings have already been reset or a new router has been purchased, then you need to configure them again yourself. There is nothing difficult in this, and after reading this article, even the slowest beginner will be able to figure it out.

The first thing to do is to check the connection. The network Internet cable must be connected to the router, like all computers. When this check is done, you need to go to the web browser on your computer. The browser can be any of the available, "Opera", "Chrome" and others.

In the address bar of the browser, enter "" without quotes and press the "Enter" key. The web page should display login and password boxes.

As a rule, the IP address for entering (router settings) is standard. Sometimes there are exceptions, it depends on the model of the router. The manufacturer must indicate an alternative login address on the back of the device or in the instructions.

If everything went according to plan and the data entry window was displayed, then you need to enter them. Usually login, 12345 or admin is used for login (192.168.routers). The password can also be similar standard words accepted for such combinations. It can turn out to be either password or 12345, and admin/admin is often found among login/password combinations.

Setting a new password for the router

After entering the router settings, setting a password is the first necessary action. It is done in the "Settings" or "Change password" tab.

When setting a new password for a private or public network, it is recommended to keep security in mind and use the most complex code possible. It is best to use a set of letters and numbers of at least twelve characters. login login

In order not to forget the password, it is best to come up with a short phrase that will be easy to remember. Often, when visiting a house during a friendly visit, guests ask for a Wi-Fi password. This should be remembered when coming up with an unusual set of words to enter.

Standard setup methods at

Prescribing settings in modern routers is a rare necessity, usually it happens automatically and does not cause any problems for new users. Also, almost every router has a quick setup option, which is always convenient to use. In this tab, you only need to select the name of the network and set a password, select the type of connection. For most, this will be a dynamic IP, which is abbreviated as DHCP. There may be other options, they are found out by calling the operator of the Internet company.

When the information from the provider is received,for reliability, you can restart the device or computer, then all the information received will be updated. However, before exiting, do not forget to save the settings in the browser by clicking on the "Save" button. This will save you the hassle of re-filling in information.

What does mean?

A set of numbers with dots seems strange and incomprehensible to ordinary users. In fact, an IP address is written in this form - a unique network address of a node on the network using the TCP / IP protocol. router settings router settings

Each network with Internet access has its own or dynamic IP address provided by the ISP. But there are several IP addresses that cannot be used for these purposes, but are intended for intranet, local use. In another way, such networks are called private. The address list for internal use is either predefined by the administrator or set by default.

Frequent Problems

Sometimes you can't set up a router. This may be prevented by various circumstances, but the most common of them: the login page in the browser is not displayed or after all the settings, Wi-Fi is still not distributed.

Setting up a router, setting a password
Setting up a router, setting a password

If you can't log in, rebooting the router helps in 99% of cases. This seems like a completely optional condition and useless action, but a simple reboot can often help.

The same must be done if there is no distributionWi-Fi signal, you need to find the reset button on the equipment, turn off the device for a couple of minutes, and then turn it on again. When rebooting, it is recommended to disconnect and reconnect all cables to avoid bad connections.

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