The head tag: creating, configuring and assigning

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The head tag: creating, configuring and assigning
The head tag: creating, configuring and assigning

Every HTML document on the web is made up of different elements. Many of them are quite common and are found on almost every site. For example, page content is usually divided into paragraphs, with headings, images, and links. But, although these elements are common, their presence in the code is optional. There is no technical need for them on a web page. However, it is rare to find a site without these tags.

Tag Assignment

There are elements that must be present in the code. There is technically only one tag that must be present at the top of all HTML documents, the -tag. It allows the browser to understand where the page starts and ends. The entire content of the HTML page is placed between the opening and closing tags. Before it is only doctype. Most of the other technically important elements are inside the tag, which is located inside and is located inat the very beginning of the code. He and the tag are his descendants.

where is the head tag
where is the head tag

What's in

An element is a container for other elements. It contains general information (metadata) about the document, including its title, script references, and style sheets. Metadata provides technical information about a document, such as title, description, keywords. In the same place where the tag is located, where the content of the site is placed. Metadata is hidden from visitors, but is used by SEOs to promote the page. They and the heading tags (

are very useful as they convey information to the web browser as well as search engines about this page.

The order of most of the elements in it doesn't really matter. This is a matter of preference, so they can be written in a way that is convenient for the layout designer. Metadata is essential for search engine optimization, as it makes it easier for bots that index sites to find them and display them on the search page in a certain order. The display order depends on the algorithms of their work, which include, among other things, correct technical information about the page.

What elements can be present in

The following elements can appear inside this tag: (this element is required for an HTML document),,,,,.

In the tag you can:

  1. Include external files such as CSS, JavaScript, etc.
  2. Insert links to plugins carousel, pickdate etc.
  3. Add links to libraries like jquery, Angularjs, vuejs, etc.
  4. Integrate frameworks like bootstrap.
  5. Insert meta tags that describe how the site will look in the browser.
  6. The required tag is placed here, which contains the title of the page.
  7. head tag assignment
    head tag assignment

Most of the metadata is not displayed in the browser. Only normally appears in the browser's title bar. This can be useful for the functionality of the page, and the information can be easily checked through the "Inspector".

Syntax and attributes

Tag - paired. What does it mean? The information in it is written between the opening and closing tags as. What should most HTML documents have? This is a tag in. The only exception is if the document is

';document.body.append(div_video);} function video_close(){document.getElementById('video-youtube-open').remove();}

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