How Google works: program description, features and capabilities

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How Google works: program description, features and capabilities
How Google works: program description, features and capabilities

Google is the world's most popular search engine. It mainly operates in the English-speaking segment of the Internet. The company employs programmers from different countries who adapt the search engine to national languages. It applies the same principles and algorithms, but only with the use of national languages. Thanks to this, Google is successfully operating around the world and has a multibillion-dollar audience.

How Google works

The algorithms of the search engine are kept in the strictest confidence. However, the principles by which it ranks web pages in SERPs is available information. Moreover, the company is working on publishing these principles so that webmasters make as few mistakes as possible when preparing a site for publication on the Web.

The whole process consists in preparing pages for placement on the Internet, or rather, their content and indexing settings in the search engine.

Adding to the index looks like this: the pages that the site owner (webmaster) has marked for adding to the index are processed by the search engine with a special robot program. He checks notonly those words and phrases that are in the content, but also those that the user has added to Google Adwords. What is it and how does it work?

First, the robot reads information from a web page. It defines the semantic core of the page and records the information received during the check. It is stored on the server, and in case of changes on the web page, it is overwritten (updated). When a user enters a query into the search bar, the system gives him a list of pages whose semantic core most closely matches the entered query.

How the robot works, and what are the algorithms for evaluating content and analyzing the content of pages - this is a big secret of the company. Search engine algorithms remain secret because knowledge of these algorithms can lead to unfair competition and loss of content quality if third-party webmasters start using them to deceive the search engine.

In the early days, when Google was just starting out and the algorithms were imperfect, many developers took advantage of this. Today it is almost impossible to fill the site with meaningless or non-unique information in order to get on the first or even the second page of the search results.

google aldwords what is it and how does it work
google aldwords what is it and how does it work

Google Trends Webmaster Tools

The system has its own tool for analyzing search queries. The company provides it to its registered users - this is Google Trends. This simple tool allows you to determine how popular a particular request is and in what form.

User's request is a specially constructed sentence or phrase that he enters into the search engine. In order to check the popularity of a request, it is enough to enter it in the column. The system will provide information on how many times this query or similar ones were entered in the last month. To check how many times users requested information with a specific (fixed) phrase, it must be enclosed in quotation marks.

google analytics what is it and how does it work
google analytics what is it and how does it work

Google Metrics

In addition to tools for compiling a semantic core, the information system provides tools for analyzing and evaluating web resource attendance using Google Analytics. What it is and how it works can be found on the service website.

In order to access it, you need to register and add your site in a special field. The system will issue a metric: how many visitors were on the site for the last month, week, day; which pages were visited and how often; the quantity and quality of resources linking to the site.

google adwords what is it and how reviews work
google adwords what is it and how reviews work


Google offers various services to its users, absolutely free of charge. The user only needs to register and add the service in his personal account. Below is a list of the most popular ones.

  • "Google Drive". Offers up to 2 GB of free space on the hosting company. The place is intended for storing documents and files forpersonal or corporate use.
  • Google Doc. Office software package for viewing and editing text documents and spreadsheets.
  • GoogleMap. Earth maps obtained from the Google satellite. They make it possible to determine the location of a street or building with an accuracy of several meters. There is also a GoogleMap app that can be used as a navigator if your device has GPS support.
  • Youtube. This service allows users to share videos on the Internet and view them to others. At first, the service was paid, but now it is free.
  • "Google Translate". Translation of a web page from foreign languages into your native language. Although the translation is not quite high quality (one might say literal), but you can understand what is written. Especially if the text is not full of highly specialized terms and slang.
  • Google Pay. Smartphone payment service. How does Google Pay work? Yes, it's very simple: you first need to download the application to your smartphone and, following simple instructions, link the card to your Google account. After that, the smartphone performs the functions of a bank card - it makes it possible to quickly pay for purchases via the Internet, even if it takes place in a regular store. At the same time, user data is securely protected by encryption. Without the consent of the user, no one will be able to withdraw money from the account.
  • "Google Mail". Working with Google begins with opening an account in the system. Without connecting an email client, all other services will be unavailable.

Thisnot the whole list of services, but these are considered the most popular among users. For example, Youtube is visited by hundreds of millions of people every day. Google also has apps that also provide access to various services offered by the company.

How google analytics works
How google analytics works

Operating system

The scope of the company is not limited to providing a convenient search. The way Google operates today is vastly different from how the company operated fifteen years ago.

Today, Google is engaged in the production of electronic devices for which it has developed a special operating system - Android. It works on tablets, mobile phones and there are even versions for computers. In terms of the number of applications and games, this operating system has no equal. Moreover, it is distributed absolutely free of charge. Electronic devices running Android are much more popular than those running other operating systems.

Many Google services and applications can only run on this operating system, such as Google Pay. Also under Android, Google has developed applications that do not duplicate Google services, but provide access to them in a more convenient form.

how google pay works
how google pay works

Monetization of the site, contextual advertising

Google offers webmasters the opportunity to earn both by placing ad blocks on their website - Adsense, and by attractingpotential buyers when placing an advertising site in the Google system. Its high individual positioning in the search engine is set for a certain amount on the Adword service. Both services are interconnected. Adsense is the display of ads, while Adwords is the tool for creating and placing ads.

Google Adsense, what it is and how it works

This is a contextual advertising service. It allows you to place ad units on your site and earn money by clicking on the links in them. The main thing is that the site is located on a paid hosting, has a connected domain and has successfully passed the validation and registration in the index.

There are no requirements for site attendance, unlike Yandex, which requires attendance of at least 300 people a day to connect to a similar service.

How google analytics works
How google analytics works

Using Adwords

The service is designed for businessmen and entrepreneurs who advertise their products and services on the Internet. A potential buyer enters a query into the search bar and receives pages of online stores. Whether the seller's site gets on the first page of the issue or not depends on how the owner was able to choose the right words to compose the semantic core.

With a skillful approach, the seller will be able to attract a large number of buyers with minimal advertising costs. After all, the money will be withdrawn only if the user clicked on the link on the Google page and went to the site. A professional webmaster also uses these two servicesand Google Analytics. What it is and how this service works has been discussed in detail above.

how does google work
how does google work


Google has developed a whole system for bloggers. In order to create a personal account, the user just needs to go to the services menu (the nine-dot icon in the upper right corner on the Google homepage). In this menu, he needs to choose the design of his blog and specify the domain. They may be third-party or selected by Google.

The company provides bloggers with free third-level domains. There they can upload their own design or use one of the many templates. A simple and understandable CMS is provided, with which you can easily and quickly edit the template or add text, video and pictures to your personal page.

How the Google blog can be used

The user can add a blog to the index, connect Google Adwords. What it is and how it works, you can often read reviews about using this service on the Internet.

If the purpose of the webmaster is to promote or sell goods and services from the site, then, despite Google's assurances, the blogger service is not suitable for this. It is also not suitable for monetization, because most of these services do not work with sites located on free hosting.

Google Blog can be used rather to practice the skills of working with its services. For example, to better understand how Google Analytics works. For business, it is better to use a site on a paid hosting with a domain of the first orsecond level.

Google is more than just a search engine. This is a whole system that offers users a wide range of software products and services. Developers keep part of their technologies and developments in the information sphere under the strictest confidence. Others, such as the Android OS, are open source and can be explored and edited as you see fit.

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