Disappears taskbar when opening browser and full screen view

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Disappears taskbar when opening browser and full screen view
Disappears taskbar when opening browser and full screen view

When using various Internet browsers, problems periodically arise with the working window of the program and its display, which, in turn, affect the work not only during Internet surfing, but also directly, on work in the Windows operating system. "".

Problems in which the taskbar disappears occur in rare cases, and they are usually associated with a system failure of the Internet browser. In turn, the most common causes of a system failure are updates that, for some reason, do not install correctly in the browser, as well as additional software that blocks the taskbar.

The material of this article will discuss the problems due to which the taskbar disappears in Window. We will also find out how to fix the problem using standard operating system tools, as well as using the settings of the browser itself.

What is the taskbar in Windows

The taskbar in all modern versions of the Windows operating system looks like a horizontal strip with a Start button, a quick launch bar and a system tray. Its main role is to view system alerts, time, date and quickly turn on / off the necessary programs. The toolbar was designed as a tool for quick user access to the "Explorer" and active applications.

Perhaps, the purpose and functionality of the "Start" button is known to everyone in the same way as similar information about the system tray. But it should be told in more detail. The so-called system tray is a notification bar, which, in turn, notifies the user about the state of the computer.

Windows 10 system tray
Windows 10 system tray

Here is a list of the basic information that the notification panel provides to a Windows user:

  • PC security information;
  • information about new updates or their absence;
  • display laptop charge level;
  • connect via Wi-Fi or LAN;
  • language used;
  • volume control on a personal computer;
  • current time;
  • running programs.

Thus, if your taskbar disappears in Windows, you need to quickly solve this problem. Otherwise, not only information about the operation of the computer, but also the programs available in this panel will be unavailable to you. By the way, before the system tray there are icons of quick launch programs, which, in theirqueue, make it easy to quickly launch applications and navigate through the programs you need.

Why does the taskbar disappear when opening a browser in Windows 7

After we figured out what the taskbar is in the Windows OS, it is necessary to understand the question of why the Windows 7 taskbar disappears. When you open the browser, this panel cannot disappear by itself - this is the first, what you should know.

settings taskbar
settings taskbar

In order for the taskbar to disappear, you must either make the appropriate settings for this, or press the F11 button when viewing pages in the browser. The F11 button, in turn, allows you to enable full-screen viewing while surfing the web, and it is this button that is used to remove the bottom panel of Windows.

Often it is in the settings that this problem lies, however, not always. There are times when the bottom toolbar of the operating system disappears due to a system failure in running programs. This problem can occur when File Explorer crashes, or when the related services that control the taskbar are crashing.

Windows Expanded Control Panel
Windows Expanded Control Panel

To solve problems of this kind, you must resort to restarting your web browser (browser). If this action does not help, you must restart the PC. If restarting the computer did not help, you should install another browser. For example, you had Chrome installed, install Firefox and then check if the taskbar disappearsnow. In case the above steps helped, then the problem was either a system failure or program conflict, or directly in the browser itself. If the suggested actions did not help you, then follow the material of this article.

How to pin the taskbar in Windows 7

Above in the material, we found out for what reasons the Windows taskbar disappeared in the event of a system crash of programs or the activated full-screen mode with the F11 key. If the above steps did not help you, then the problem lies in the settings of the bottom Windows panel. To resolve the issue of the reasons why the taskbar disappears, follow the guide below:

Taskbar context menu
Taskbar context menu
  1. Exit your web browser (browser).
  2. Right click on the taskbar.
  3. In the context menu, click on the "Properties" item.
  4. Then in the window that opens, find and click on the item "Auto-hide the panel", thereby unchecking this option.
  5. Click the "Apply" button and then confirm your action by clicking the "OK" button.
Windows 7 taskbar
Windows 7 taskbar

You can solve the problem with the disappearing taskbar in Windows 7 using the above method.

For what reason does the taskbar disappear when opening a browser in Windows 10

The reasons why the taskbar disappeared in Windows 10 may be in the same situations as in Windows 7. As noted earlier, the main reason why the taskbar may disappearthis panel, is a failure in the work of the explorer or the corresponding service, or when viewing a web resource, the F11 key was pressed, which launched a full screen view.

The other problem you don't see the bottom bar of the desktop is that it was hidden through the settings.

How to pin the taskbar in Windows 10

The taskbar in Windows 10 can be fixed in the same way as in Windows 7. To do this, use the instructions below:

windows 10 control panel
windows 10 control panel
  1. Open "Start" by pressing the corresponding button on the keyboard.
  2. Go to the Control Panel tab.
  3. Set the value to display the Small Icons window.
  4. Then go to "Taskbar and Menu Navigation".
  5. In the menu that opens in front of you, check the box next to the function "Lock the taskbar.
  6. Then uncheck the box below "Auto Hide"
  7. LMB click (left mouse button) on the Apply button and then OK.
windows 10 taskbar
windows 10 taskbar

This method is slightly different from the above method for Windows 7. Follow all the steps in the instructions, and the taskbar will return to its place. Also, do not forget that in the event of a system failure, you must restart the browser and then the PC.


In this article, the question of why the taskbar disappears in Windows 7 and 10 was discussed in detail. Alsoyou could learn about what the control panel is and what it is intended for. In the course of this topic, several simple solutions were presented to enable the taskbar.

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