The fn button on a Samsung laptop does not work, how to turn it on?

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The fn button on a Samsung laptop does not work, how to turn it on?
The fn button on a Samsung laptop does not work, how to turn it on?

The laptop keyboard is one of the most important elements of the computer, it contains various keys with which you can call up certain settings menus. As well as enabling and disabling various functions, one of these is the Fn (function) button. Using this key in combination with any other, you can reduce the screen brightness, lower or increase the sound on the laptop, turn on Wi-Fi. On many popular laptop models, this button is disabled by default. From this material, you will learn how to enable fn on a Samsung laptop, and also for what reasons, in addition to a physical malfunction, this key may not work.

The fn button on a Samsung laptop does not work

On some models of Samsung laptops, there is no access to fine-tuning your personal computer through the operating system. They can be implemented only by pressing the "hot" keys onkeyboard. In case fn does not work on a Samsung laptop, you will find yourself in a very difficult situation. Such a phenomenon can rarely be seen, because not all developers of personal computers put the most important system keys on the keyboard. This is done in order to protect the user from problems associated with the functioning of the PC when the keyboard is physically exposed to water.

samsung laptop keyboard
samsung laptop keyboard

This article will discuss in detail what to do if the fn button on a Samsung laptop does not work. We will also figure out how to enable and disable this key when the keyboard is working properly. And find out why the fn button does not work on your laptop.

Reasons why the fn key doesn't work

One of the most common fn button failure problems is a physical failure due to water contacting the keyboard. When liquid gets on the text input device, an oxide film is created on the tracks of the board with a further violation of one of the matrices. As a result, current does not flow through them, and the fn button on a Samsung laptop does not work. Often the track on which the computer function key is located fails, as it is associated with many keyboard buttons.

samsung laptop
samsung laptop

Another reason is that the fn key is disabled by default, and in order to activate it, the user needs to press a combination of buttons, most often Fn + NumLock. This reason can also include the deactivated modesystem key in the BIOS environment.

The third and last reason could be a dirty keyboard. If debris gets under the keys, blocking their pressing may occur. This happens because the rubberized nozzle on the button is not pressed inward and does not contact the device board.

These are some of the most common reasons why the fn button does not work on a Samsung laptop.

How to enable the Fn key on a Samsung laptop

First of all, it should be noted that the reasons why the key does not work can be different. The main ones have been described above. Before trying to turn on Fn, you should understand what kind of problem you have. If water has not come into contact with the keyboard, try the following instructions one by one to turn it on.

Let's start with the most basic, namely the inclusion of the "Fn" key in the BIOS environment. This guide is abstract in nature, since all laptops have different versions and manufacturers of the input and output system. But the general parameters will remain the same. Using this instruction, you can both disable fn on a Samsung laptop and enable it:

  1. Restart your computer.
  2. Go to the BIOS environment.
  3. Go to the Advanced menu.
  4. Then go to the System Configuration tab.
  5. After, in the Action Keys Mode item, you must set the value to Enabled.
  6. Press the F10 key and confirm your actions by pressing the Enter button.
  7. Restart your computer.
samsung laptop fn button
samsung laptop fn button

If the abovethe manual did not help, you should try the following method of pressing key combinations. These can be Fn + NumLock, as well as Fn + Esc, on some models there is a FnLock button. Also try reinstalling the keyboard driver.

If none of the above methods of turning on the key helped you, you should resort to third-party software.

To use the method below, you need to download the Samsung Control Center program from the official Samsung website and install it on your PC:

  1. Go to the official website of Samsung.
  2. Go to the Support section.
  3. After searching for a product, enter the model name of your laptop.
  4. Go from the search results to the link of the same name with your laptop model.
  5. After go to the "Programs" tab and select Samsung Control Center from the list.
  6. Download and install the program.
  7. Restart PC.
keyboard fn button
keyboard fn button


In this article, we examined in detail the possible causes of keyboard failure on Samsung laptops, as well as the reasons why the fn button on a Samsung laptop does not work. And also figured out how to turn it on and off in various ways. If the cause of the malfunction is physical, contact the service center.

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