Red Faction: Armageddon: walkthrough, game description, system requirements

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Red Faction: Armageddon: walkthrough, game description, system requirements
Red Faction: Armageddon: walkthrough, game description, system requirements

It's been ten years since developer Volition first introduced their awesome GeoMod technology in the original Red Faction. During this period, the series has transitioned from a first-person shooter to an open-world adventure, and now, with a new version, to a third-person shooter. With each new campaign, players are introduced to new personalities and learn more about the Martian colony. Passage in Red Faction: Armageddon is attractive because it is a dynamic genre with a fast-paced plot. In addition, online battles with completely destructible locations are also available.

System Requirements

You need a powerful PC to complete Red Faction: Armageddon.

Minimum requirements:

  1. Processor 2 cores at 2 GHz.
  2. RAM 2 GB.
  3. 512 MB video card.
  4. 8 GB hard drive space.

In order to run the game at maximum quality settings, you will need:

  1. Processor 4 cores at 3 GHz.
  2. RAM from 4 GB.
  3. 10 GB hard drive.
  4. 1 GB video card.

How the story begins

Red Faction: Armageddon walkthrough begins with a small reference to the last part. Due to this latest coup, the action will take place 50 years after the events of the 2009 game in the Guerrilla series. Users are introduced to Darius Mason, Red Faction soldier and grandson of Alec Mason, partisan hero and apparently just one of a long line of people whose last name made them save Martian colonies with an electric hammer.

When playing through Red Faction: Armageddon, you will notice a lot of references to the previous parts. They are presented with short video stories about the Martian colony. Half a century is enough time to change almost everything, and in a short introductory level, players will learn how Darius was caught by the leader of the Voodoo cult during a terrorist attack. They destroy the terraformers, keeping the Martian atmosphere stable, and everyone is forced to go and live underground like the Wombles.

A little about the main character

The passage of the game Red Faction: Armageddon is directly related to the life of the main character. Darius is a bit of an odd fighter, another hero with a storyline that contains a lot of humor. He disobeys orders and tries to do things his own way. Senior comrades cannot influence him either. In the first missions, users see this clearly and understand that further undertakings of a fighter will drag them into not always good adventures.

Exciting missions
Exciting missions

Red Faction: Armageddon's walkthrough deviates slightly from the expected path from this starting point. Armageddon is probablythe most anonymous and generic title bearing the title of the Red Faction, with little or no new ideas to call generic.

Getting assignments

All quests are given by a girl named AI or a rough serving sergeant. The audio logs offer bits of backstory to explore, or very scary messages left behind by devoured colonists in agony.

There are a lot of fantastic creatures and monsters in the series. This time, the developers of the game Red Faction: Armageddon decided to focus on the monsters of alien races, and not on weapons. New hostile factions appear. Tasks are taken only from your clan. However, it is required to conduct reconnaissance sabotage in enemy territories. This leads to an increase in the level of threat, and from the first missions the hero begins to get into trouble.

Overview of locations

According to users, the most annoying thing about the game Red Faction: Armageddon is the decision to move the action underground, which, in fact, is considered the only distinguishing feature in the new part. The Guerrilla War version series was more laid back and struggled to fill its vast Martian landscapes with playthrough, but its revolutionary story at least created a situation where building destruction was logical and even interesting.

This is not the case in the tunnels. The mechanics of Red Faction: Armageddon is very different from the previous part. There are times when you need to use your armory to destroy structures or the Nano Forge device to restore and repair damaged stairs so that players canreturn to the required area. But Armageddon is just another shooter with one big location. Arrange destruction, as in the last part, will not work here.

Possibility of destruction of buildings
Possibility of destruction of buildings

By the end of the game, there are no whole rooms left to restore. The mechanics in Red Faction: Armageddon, as well as the intent of the series, show that the vehicle section leads straight into an underground riverbed through winding tunnels where there is absolutely no scenery to destroy, even for fun. Everything has been revised. Due to the change in location, going up is only possible when certain missions are completed.

Common features

Destructible playgrounds return in Red Faction: Armageddon and DLC, but this time they surprise from a completely different point of view. Fans of the previous game will notice that this time the camera is on the hero's right side, just behind his shoulder. Many will find this similar to the Gears of War series.

Red Faction: Armageddon and DLC definitely win both in change and comparison. Crushing the Aliens is pretty much Darius' only adventure. He is busy with work as he fights enemies to protect the people of Mars from an outside threat.

However, the main character himself becomes the cause of many problems in the settlement. In most cases, the only thing standing between the hero and the next checkpoint is a small army of slave creatures. Players can only encounter a few alien "types", but they have enoughvariations, not to mention the war zones themselves. Users liked many of them.

The big difference between the action in Red Faction: Armageddon 4 and the Gears of War series is the lack of cover mechanics. Darius is certainly capable of hiding behind the nearest box, and sometimes he is even forced to do so. By and large, the user is required to constantly run and shoot. There are a few tank-type enemies (an opponent with a lot of he alth and armor), but for the most part they will fall from a few well-placed headshots. You can also fight enemies with an electromagnetic hammer.

Weapons and ammunition

The hammer as a weapon in Red Faction: Armageddon is presented as a starting item, but users will quickly find that the game's arsenal offers a lot more options for fighting. The magnetic gun is the main automatic weapon. She is useful throughout the game.

The Nano Rifle is also returning to the series, smashing the environment (or aliens) to bits by simply destroying everything down to the ground. In the game, such weapons appear later. The system requirements in Red Faction: Armageddon are high because the special effects of shots and their consequences are worked out with high quality.

Dynamic battle modes
Dynamic battle modes

Remote charges have been replaced with a remote-detonating grenade launcher, and it is much more convenient to control it. There is a Singularity Cannon that allows you to essentially shoot mini black holes. This is a great way to get out of the roundabout when the enemiesbegin to outnumber. When you win the game at the very end, the user opens up new types of weapons, more powerful and faster. They can only be used on advanced difficulty.

Improvements and secrets

The walkthrough also opens another level of the game, somewhat similar to the fourth and fifth series of Resident Evil. The user transfers all the achievements of his character (improvements, weapons and everything else) to the New Game Plus mode. He can additionally purchase cheats and codes in Red Faction: Armageddon. They are more expensive than standard upgrades.

However, there are many more of them, and they provide an opportunity to get an unlimited amount of ammunition for a specific type of weapon. The action unfolds dynamically at the initial stage of the passage, but the addition of unlimited ammo increases the speed of battles. The more weapons and ammunition, the more enemies become. Users also note that if Red Faction: Armageddon crashes, then it is worth lowering the graphics quality settings. A large number of opponents heavily load the system, and this leads to internal failures.

Communal cards

Multiplayer Campaign is an online co-op mode for 1-4 players called Infestation. The system requirements in Red Faction: Armageddon remain the same as for the single mission. The mode actually has two varieties. Players either fight increasingly powerful waves of attacking aliens or defend a single structure against the same increasingly difficult waves. In this case, the user is limited to a set of viewsweapons, though the choice increases as the player gets to higher rounds (there is a maximum of 30 rounds in an Infestation match).

alien monsters
alien monsters

"Defense" matches also require players to use their Restoration Beam, a device that is used to rebuild any destroyed structure or object. In such a round, the spawn location (and the building users must defend) shifts in each level, requiring constant tactical awareness and the ability to adapt. Co-op is not available in Red Faction: Armageddon on PS3.

Contagion tournaments are made more difficult by the fact that game stats carry over between modes. Any upgrades that are purchased in each of the modes are applied to the character profile as a whole. Because of this, it doesn't matter which mode they rank up in. This will apply to all series of the game.

Codes in Red Faction: Armageddon will help make playing together more fun. Separate from Infestation is the Ruin mode, which can be downloaded for free (using a gift code) along with new in-game purchases. Players can also purchase it separately as DLC. In the Ruins, the hero is tasked with destroying everything for which you can get points. There is no real benefit to this. However, as users themselves note in their reviews, the mode is interesting in group battles. It's like a hunt and a competition where the one who gets the most points wins.

Of the weapon selection, only one item really stands out. The magnetic gun isan excellent building tool that Darius wields as a weapon. With the help of cheats in Red Faction: Armageddon, it can be obtained immediately. The first shot places a magnet, the second - an anchor that attracts the object. The first object then jerks into the second. It's simple, but it's fun when the hero throws enemies into stone walls or pushes them into each other. This trick is done with the grappling hook in Just Cause and the Half Life gravity gun.

Of course, Darius has other tools. The Nanoforge can emit a shockwave, pushing enemies back with a powerful pulse. Similarly, the shockwave effect can slowly lift opponents into the air, making them easy targets. But as effective as it is, slow motion and anti-gravity are hardly new additions to the shooter's arsenal. The Russian voice acting in Red Faction: Armageddon brightens up all this, as the hero comments on almost every action in a funny way.

There is also an energy shield, weapons like the Nano Rifle and the Guerilla Singularity Bomb. Upgrades for all types of devices can be purchased using salvaged scrap and unlocking four tiers of pretty useful upgrades.

Combat Tactics

When it comes to combat, there is very little difference between the pistols on offer. They are all divided into weapons that kill enemies, and weapons that reduce them to dust. The nanorifle practically does not differ from the listed types in practice, therefore hiding in the trenches and shooting back is not always profitable and correct. It is worth noting that the voice acting in RedFaction: Armageddon weapons and effects is at a high level.

Without finesse or nuance in the tactics required, there is little incentive to experiment with the types of equipment available. Standard rockets and bullets are quite sufficient to take out groups of enemies, so any destruction users leave in their path is literally collateral damage - just an added effect, not a core gameplay concept.

For the most part, players will be jogging and shooting like any other game in this genre. The dynamics of the game makes it possible to apply various combinations and techniques on the go. In the reviews, users say that the created battle system is addictive from the first round.

Bright special effects
Bright special effects

Review of Red Faction: Armageddon shows that hip-firing is a bad idea, as running aliens are too fast for such tricks. Therefore, a reliable aiming system is the best way to progress. There is no cover system other than the ability to crouch, but since almost everything can be blasted, this is clearly for the best.

The over-the-shoulder vantage point can be a little awkward, while not being able to see your feet means it's easy to get caught in the rubble at times. But when the game has the right mix of enemies and environment, it's easy to forgive the lack of personality.

Campaign Scale

There are many chances to delay the passage of the story due to the long history of the single player game. If anything, the campaign goes on for too long, supplementing itself with missions in whichthe hero is sent back and forth along the roads of an intersection to search for some vital machine, only to be sent back to search for the generator needed to run it. After the boss fight, the game continues to progress, lasting about an hour more. All this time, waves of terrible alien monsters will attack the user.

In total, as the users themselves say, the passage of the entire story company takes no more than 12 hours, along with all the cinematic scenes and the search for pieces of the map. If you use the full modernization of the main character using cheat codes, the game time is reduced to 5 hours. The developers tried to interest gamers more, so they opened access to rapid character development for a more dynamic game.

Multiplayer and survival mode

Multiplayer is efficient and rarely innovative. The game is waiting for two modes - one is free for everyone, and the other is locked behind a download code for buyers of mods and add-ons from the official store. Infection mode is the best. It can be played by all users, regardless of the country in which the copy of the series was purchased.

This is a four-player survival mode spread across eight maps, each with 30 waves of enemies. Weapons and upgrades earned in single player become available as you progress through the waves.

With mindless alien opponents, there is no need to fight in any tactically interesting layouts, so each series of tests is, in fact, crowdeda labyrinth with many points where users can take up defensive positions against the wall and wait until hordes of enemies appear on the horizon. It's simple and very easy compared to similar modes in other games, but with four players it's quite fun.

The Ravage mode, on the other hand, is the only competitive battle type. Virtually identical to Guerilla's Wrecking Crew, this is a timed demolition battle where gamers cause as much damage as possible in closed arenas, hoping to break the record.

This is a nice distraction, but it's a shame that Deathmatch and Capture the Flag modes like Siege and Anarchy weren't added in the new installment. They certainly won't make Armageddon any more original, but if there's one area where the project can really excel, it's these traditional multiplayer modes, where the suspense that offers unlimited territory destruction can trump even the most difficult challenge in fun.

Game dynamics

Despite such a long list of complaints from users, Armageddon may appeal to those looking for a standard shooter for a free evening. The career is dynamic and not overloaded with side tasks, and completing all the missions unlocks more fun moments to tempt the user into a second playthrough with the same weapons and upgrades. Infinite ammo options for any weapon in the game have been added to the system store, along with portable versions of the heavy duty vehicle weapons.

Strong bosses
Strong bosses

Armageddon, then, is one of those games that sticks close enough to a familiar template to provide adequate entertainment in the short term, but is unlikely to inspire any kind of long and measured arcade game. Due to the abundance of battles, the plot goes unnoticed. Many people buy the game specifically for online battles.

Halfway, users will get all the weapons, abilities and meet a strong enemy. Therefore, instead of reaching the end of the story campaign, players begin to arrange joint battles at the stages already completed.

What is the attraction

The Red Faction series has always been widely known for almost destroying the entire location. Doors, walls, vehicles and entire structures were deliberately destroyed (as the goal of many missions) or users could destroy everything just for fun.

In its new Armageddon chapter, the series retains most of its mechanics, meaning it is still possible to destroy almost anything in sight, but there is a limitation, even if the main focus of the story is on the main mission.

Innovation starts with the main character, this time users control the grandson of Alex Mason (the main character of the previous game), Darius Mason, a disillusioned miner who needs to save a human colony from an alien attack. Despite the Hollywood movie cliché, the story can develop in a compelling way throughout the game, warming up the feelings of the most impressionable players.

An exciting and linear adventure

Despite a compelling and animated storyline, while playing Red Faction: Armageddon leaves a lot to be desired due to its repetitiveness. It's easy enough to shoot and destroy alien opponents. Sometimes there is another challenge, but besides the simplicity, they are very visible, in other words, the player has a dotted path that leads to the destination. There is no free world where the hero himself would find missions for himself.

In Career Mode, you can develop your character with several abilities, from increasing the energy bar that powers most appliances to dealing damage with certain weapons. However, it takes a long time to develop these abilities, not to mention the fact that in order to get the points that serve for this evolution, it is necessary to destroy walls and other structures.

Special effects and stunts

As mentioned above, the game has a variety of arsenal to destroy the alien threat. However, the most spectacular special effects are offered to players when using an electromagnetic hammer. It can be cast throughout the campaign, except for the final part where more airborne enemies spawn, so a powerful hammer is not a good option for taking them down.

Tricks with a gun attract attention. Substituted more than 40 possible combinations in which the player can kill even a strong enemy. For this, weapons and tools available in the series are used. Additionally, it is possible to use transport. However, if necessary, weapons can be removed from vehicles and used against enemies.

Image quality

Curiously, most of the game runs at 60 frames per second. This is a pretty good indicator. However, if you run the game on the console, the picture quality is noticeably reduced. The series requires powerful components. The developers themselves did not put much emphasis on realism and elaboration of the plot, so you can often find details, upon close examination, that consist of “cubes”.

Possibility of total destruction
Possibility of total destruction

There are many dark places in the game. Users like this, as there is a surprise effect. There are many enemies hiding there. However, out of habit, this type of linear game can be very annoying at first due to the fact that the user has not yet mastered the controls.

Aliens have been worked out. However, there are not many types of them. In total, users in the game have no more than 8 types, not counting the main bosses. Units are not particularly quick-witted and mostly take a number. Therefore, in order to fight, it is always necessary to have a large supply of weapons and armor.


At the very beginning, the game series raises many questions and contradictions. This is due to the high expectations of the fans of the series from the update. The developers did not create the plot anew and introduce new elements into it. Instead, they continued the story and added several new modes for online battles. The dynamics and speed of the plot attracts. If you need to pass the evening andfight hordes of enemies, this game will be the best choice.

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