The basics of playing as a spy in "TF2"

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The basics of playing as a spy in "TF2"
The basics of playing as a spy in "TF2"

Team Fortress 2 is a multiplayer shooter game released by Valve in 2007. The first part of the game was released in 1996, and was a modification for Quake, which was popular in those years. But the real success for the series came only with the second part. Due to the dynamic and convenient gameplay, charismatic characters, variety of tactical solutions and interesting tasks on the battlefield, the game became a real hit and remained the company's main multiplayer shooter until the release of CS:GO.

Game mechanics

"TF2" is a team shooter where battles take place on different maps between blue and red. The winner is the team that, following the results of several rounds, managed to complete tasks on the battlefield. There are ten possible game modes available in the game, each with different challenges and different number of rounds to determine the winner. The player can choose from nine available classes to play: Soldier, Demoman, Heavy, Medic, Sniper, Scout, Pyro, Engineer, and Spy. The classes are differentonly a set of weapons, but also running speed, he alth and size. The ability to take one class to several players greatly increases the possible combinations of the team composition, which makes each game different from the previous one.

All TF2 classes
All TF2 classes

Spy mechanics

Spy is the most unusual class out of all nine presented. Most classes only have three weapons at their disposal, but the spy's weapon set in TF2 is the butterfly knife, revolver, invisibility watch, disguise kit, and bug. With the help of disguise, a spy can take on the form of a member of the enemy team and infiltrate their territory, invisibility watches provide him with invisibility, bugs turn off and break enemy engineers' buildings, and a stab in the back instantly kills the enemy. All this makes the spy an extremely dangerous and unpredictable enemy, who can disrupt the plans of the opposing team at any second.

Spy Arsenal in TF2
Spy Arsenal in TF2


However, despite the strength of the spy in "TF2", he is almost never present at esports competitions. Teams prefer to do without it at all, or take it as an experiment. Why is that? The fact is that the disguise ability becomes completely useless against a played team that constantly reports to each other about its location. Finding a disguised opponent is not difficult. The same thing happens with his invisibility - seeing that there are one less opponents and knowing that a spy is hiding somewhere, professionale-sportsmen cover each other, not giving him a chance to strike. Thus, although the Spy is extremely strong in regular games, he is not suitable for eSports competitions, which does not make him any less interesting class to play.

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