SimCity 4: codes and input methods

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SimCity 4: codes and input methods
SimCity 4: codes and input methods

SimCity 4 is a city-building simulator for personal computers. The game was popular among fans of economic strategies. Since it is quite difficult and time consuming to develop a city in an honest way, you can use the codes for SimCity 4, which will be discussed below.

SimCity 4 Cheats in the Game
SimCity 4 Cheats in the Game

How to enter?

In this game, cheats are familiar to most players - these are text combinations or words that must be entered from the keyboard. You need to do this not like in GTA (at any time in the game), but in a special console. You can open this panel using the key combination Ctrl+X. In later versions, the console line is opened with a longer combination - Ctrl+Alt+Shift+X. Otherwise, in all versions, the use of codes on SimCity 4 is no different from each other.

Cheat List

All available cheats are pretty standard and obvious for gamers. Among them you will find everything you need to simplify gameplay difficulties:

  • switching between 24-hour and 12-hour time formats using the stopwatch code;
  • teamwhereyoufrom allows you to change the name of the current city;
  • hellomynameis changes the name of the mayor of the city;
  • you don't deserve it unlocks all rewards in the game;
  • sizeof with a numeric value from 0 to 100 changes the magnification level;
  • weaknesspays is a SimCity 4 money code that adds 1,000 Simoleons to a player's account;
  • fightthepower and howdryiam allow you to disable the city's use of electricity and water respectively;
  • recorder activates gameplay video recording;
  • fps opens the frame per second counter on the screen.

After you have entered the desired combination, you must activate it by pressing the Enter key.

Simcity 4 game
Simcity 4 game

In addition to the listed codes, the game also has a number of hidden commands, the meaning of which is unknown. You can save the game in a separate slot and try to enter these cheats to check the result. If you get a bad effect, you can easily return to the previous state of the metropolis using a pre-made save slot.

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