Optimization of Dark Souls 3: tips

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Optimization of Dark Souls 3: tips
Optimization of Dark Souls 3: tips

The third part of the popular RPG series was developed in parallel on both PC and console. This made it possible to avoid problems with poor optimization and management on computers, as was the case in the first and second parts. However, the players were not completely without flaws and difficulties. In this article, we will look at options for optimizing Dark Souls 3 to make the gameplay as comfortable as possible.

Game optimization
Game optimization

Crashes from the game

Regardless of the power of the computer or proper optimization from the developers, any game can crash due to various errors. At the time of release, Dark Souls 3 brought many surprises to fans. For example, when opening the first fire at the beginning of the location, the game could crash to the desktop. Thus, after death on the first boss, you will not return to the initial fire, but will be forced to start the game again. Even though a little time passes between these moments, it still annoys the players.

This problem occurs on earlier versions of the game, as well as onGeForce 7 series graphics cards. To eliminate crashes, you need to go into the graphics settings and reduce the lighting parameter to a minimum, reach the second fire, save on it, and then return all parameters to the maximum again. Dark Souls 3's optimization has been improved in new versions on PC, so these crashes rarely happen.

Low Framerate

In this situation, everything is quite simple. Although the system requirements for Dark Souls 3 are quite democratic, the game can slow down on many computers. To fix this, you need to lower all game graphics settings to the minimum and reload the action.

If this operation did not help, then you can refer to the video card driver settings. Both Nvidia and AMD can switch between modes for best quality or high performance. If you select the latter, you will significantly increase the amount of FPS in the game, but anti-aliasing, vertical synchronization and other parameters will be completely disabled at the driver level.

Dark optimization
Dark optimization

Joystick problems

This situation may occur if there is no driver for the controller. If we are talking about a licensed game from Steam and a DualShock gamepad, then they will be determined without additional software. If you use a proprietary gamepad from Microsoft, then it is supported by the operating system by default - there should be no problems.

If you do not have such a controller, then you should not worry. In Dark Souls 3, the optimization of keyboard controls is done perfectly. Move the camera with the mouse andyou can move around on WASD just as well as in other action games on personal computers.

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