Are there any cheats for "Assassin Creed 2"?

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Are there any cheats for "Assassin Creed 2"?
Are there any cheats for "Assassin Creed 2"?

Popular third-person action game has already got its second dozen sequels and branches. However, this does not mean that fans of the series have forgotten the classic parts. Many gamers still love the original trilogy and go through it several times. Therefore, the question of cheats on "Assassin Creed 2" remains relevant.

assassin s creed 2 cheat codes
assassin s creed 2 cheat codes

Are there codes?

Unfortunately, in the usual form, what should be the codes for any games, you will not find them here. The developers did not introduce this option in the first part, and also did not change their principles in subsequent games in the series. This can be justified by the rather simple gameplay and low difficulty level. After all, a player of any level can go through all the stages.

However, for those who do not want to learn, who are testing various bugs and interesting ways of passing, or just having fun, there are special trainers. They replace full-fledged cheats with "Assassin Creed 2".

Image"Assassin Creed 2"
Image"Assassin Creed 2"

How to use the trainer?

Traineris a separate program that runs along with the main game. You need to download the utility. Place it in the game folder. Open the trainer first, and then the "Assassin Creed 2" itself.

Now look at the application window: it should contain a list of commands. They can be activated by pressing the indicated keys. The number of commands and features depends on the version of the trainer you downloaded. It’s really possible to find a utility on the net for both 2 options and 10. It’s best to choose a variable trainer so as not to change it in the future.

In some versions there is a separate key that enables and disables the action of all cheats and codes on Assassin's Creed 2 at once. Thus, you can set up all the necessary options once (immortality, a lot of money, infinite ammo, invisibility to enemies, and so on). Disabling any of the commands is carried out by pressing the same key again. But that's not all. It is also recommended to block the action keys so as not to trigger them accidentally during gameplay.

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