Top games of 2005 release

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Top games of 2005 release
Top games of 2005 release

The article presents several games released in 2005 that have become cult, they can be advised to the gamer now or at least they sold well at the time of release. The top games of 2005 included projects released for personal computers.

1. Call of Duty 2

The second part was a continuation of the first CoD, which was released in 2003. The first-person shooter continues the story of the events of World War II. Based on the stories of three soldiers - from the Soviet, American and British armies. As the story progresses, missions move between combat battles and sides, which allows you to view operations and battles from different angles and positions. The player will take part in the battle for Stalingrad, in operations in North Africa, become a member of the legendary landing in Normandy for an American soldier. In general, most parts of the Call of Duty series can be included in the top PC games from 2000 to 2005. Definitely recommended even in 2019.

2. Battlefield 2

The eternal competitor of the CoD shooter, their struggle in the genre continues to this day, but on the field of multiplayer battles. In the top games of 2005This project didn't just happen. Already at that time, the Battlefield series offered the player huge spaces for combat. Large maps, vehicles, many types of weapons and classes. Unfortunately, the game is good only in online battles, since there is no sane story campaign here. On this point, the shooter loses CoD.

3. NFS Mos Wanted

The next top 10 PC game of 2005 is the legendary racing series. After the extremely successful races through the city at night in two parts, the developers decided to slightly deviate from the concept and combine it with forgotten mechanics. As a result, the night turned into day, powerful supercars were added to the fleet, and it became extremely restless on the streets of the city - the police now interfere with driving. It was because of the chases with the cops that this race became extremely popular, which is why it got into all the lists and ratings as an exemplary project.

NFS Most Wanted
NFS Most Wanted

4. Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory

This top 10 PC game of 2005 is a third-person ste alth action game. This game continues the successful developments of the original part - a variety of missions, the variability of their passage, as well as the plot. According to the story, secret agent Sam Fisher must intervene in the conflict between the United States and North Korea in order to prevent a war.

Chaos Theory has added more silent kills, more hiding places. Before leaving for a mission, you have to plan actions. If played on a high difficulty level, then this part of Spilnter Cell will be able to puzzle even the masters of the ste alth genre.

Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory
Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory

5. Sid Meier's Civilization IV

Let's move away from dynamic action games and continue the top games of 2005 with turn-based strategy. In the global "Civilization" of those years, literally everything is good: the balance of the parties, the mechanics of development, the variability of policy making, and so on. The game is notable for the fact that eras change in it, which greatly affects the general state of affairs on the map, technology, culture, and so on. Civilization IV allows you to create a model of absolutely any state, religion, form of government.

The player can choose a peaceful path and start trading/friendship with neighboring states. This will allow you to focus on the development of technology, not wars. On the other hand, no one bothers to build a bloody state and attack all opponents, but this path can lead to failure, because the game does not forgive thoughtless actions. Ultimately, your country may be left without allies, and subsequently be absorbed by enemies.

Also worth noting is the excellent multiplayer, which also contributed to the game getting into the top 10 in 2005.

Strategy "Civilization 4"
Strategy "Civilization 4"

6. Fahrenheit

The founder of the genre of interactive cinema. The game will take part in the life of Lucas Kane, who was involved in very strange events. The plot begins in the toilet of the diner, and the main character comes to his senses with a bloody knife in his hand. The character does not remember anything, and what is happening around does not give answers, but only throws up unnecessary questions.

Gameplay is constantly changing. You have to play for several characters in parallel and look at the story from different angles. Ultimately, the storylines of all the characters will intertwine.


The FEAR horror shooter differs from the rest not only in its atmosphere and interesting mystical history, but also in its wonderful shooting physics and objects. Although the action mostly takes place in closed office spaces, even watching the gunfights is very interesting. Slowing down time only enhances the effect - office supplies are swirling around, grenades exploding, tables overturning, and so on. Even for the effects and atmosphere, the game deserves to be in the top PC games in 2005.

FEAR game
FEAR game

8. SWAT 4

This first-person shooter is similar to the previous game in appearance and shooting mechanics. However, the subject matter here is radically different. In SWAT 4, the player takes on the role of a commando. Together with the detachment, your character will have to complete missions of varying difficulty. There are 16 tasks in the single player campaign - from the capture of an ordinary diner to terrorist attacks. Either strictly follow the instructions of the chief, or command your squad yourself. But remember that any wrong action will lead to fatal consequences.


9. Resident Evil 4

This action does not have the best fate on personal computers because of the "crooked" control - when walking and shooting, the mouse is not used. Despite this technical performance, the game is addictive with its creepy atmosphere, a continuation of the story of Resident Evil fromprevious parts. In the role of undercover agent Leon Kennedy, the player investigates the case of a biological weapon that has turned the Earth into a home for zombies.

10. GTA San Andreas

And the last representative of the top games of 2005 on PC. This game needs no introduction. Until now, San Andreas is considered one of the best parts of the series, as well as a great game in general. 3 big cities, interesting and atmospheric history, many side activities are waiting for you if you decide to visit the state of San Andreas!

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