Where are the secret cars in "GTA 5"?

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Where are the secret cars in "GTA 5"?
Where are the secret cars in "GTA 5"?

GTA V is the latest installment in the game series and the action game with the most variety of cars. The fleet is so diverse that in a few hours you are unlikely to ride the same car several times. As usual, the developers have arranged all vehicles by rarity. Some cars can be easily found at any traffic light, while others will have to work hard to get. Consider the secret cars in "GTA 5" in more detail.

In fact, there are several dozen cars in the game that are rarer than others or only in story missions. We'll talk about vehicles that stand in unusual places and usually do not catch your eye when simply passing through the storyline.


A long limousine, the normal version of which is quite common in the game. Namely, this specimen is painted pink and is only found in West Vinewood. The difficulty of obtaining is that you can catch it on the road only innight time.


This vehicle is a 2-seater road worker van. Traffic cones attached to the front bumper testify to the belonging of the car to the city service. You can find a car near the Water and Power station.

gta 5 secret cars
gta 5 secret cars

HVY Dump

One of the most impressive secret cars in GTA 5. A huge construction dump truck for work in quarries. It stands, as you might guess, in the Davis-Quartz quarry. Can't change appearance. Capacity - driver only.


A common rusty tractor that can be found near the lighthouse. However, for this you will have to fulfill an additional condition: complete the task "The Epsilon Program" without killing.

The Liberator

Standard big foot for each part of the series. Waiting for the player near the radio station building in the countryside. Can accommodate two people. The appearance cannot be changed, so you will have to be content with the coloring of the American flag.

where is the secret car in gta 5
where is the secret car in gta 5


A retro car used by the characters in the game for filming movies. Accordingly, it stands on the site near the local film studio. It has a large capacity - up to 6 people inclusive.

Redwood Gauntlet

This racing car will be highly competitive as it is given out as a reward for winning all stock car competitions. In the future, it can be modified in localworkshops. Features a unique coloring.


The game allows you to ride even on a large lawn mower. You need to visit the local golf course, where the secret car is located in GTA 5. It is painted green and is also quite slow, so it is only good for fun.

The models listed are not all of the unique vehicles in GTA V. Some of the cars are awarded to players only for achievements, and some of them are only available in GTA Online.

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