Where are the clothing stores in GTA-4?

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Where are the clothing stores in GTA-4?
Where are the clothing stores in GTA-4?

In the fourth part of the legendary series of games, the developers have taken the path of improving realism. This manifested itself in everything from leisure activities to the physical behavior of cars. For example, clothing stores in GTA-4 have become thematic, as well as divided into price categories. We can say that they are guided by real boutiques, which are located in the city of New York (in the game, the location is called Liberty City). Consider all types of shops present in the game.

Russian Shop

The first boutique available to the player is called the Russian Shop. It opens near the residence of the protagonist, which is quite logical - Niko starts his journey precisely from the Russian region. The sign of the clothing store in "GTA-4" reads - "New in the latest fashion", and below the information is already in English.

Here you can buy cheap and nondescript street clothes, but save on the outfit. Yet this place focuses on the poor and migrants. The Russian Shop is also the only place where glasses and hats are sold. The boutique can be found in several places. Russian Shop is one of three chains of clothing stores in GTA-4.

gta 4 where are the clothes shops
gta 4 where are the clothes shops

Interesting fact: players found files mentioning the Binco store, which was in GTA San Andreas. It was supposed to replace the Russian Shop in the original version and in the view of the developers. However, for some unknown reason, it was replaced by a Russian institution.


The next store will only open after completing the Blow Your Cover story quest. The boutique is located in the northern part of the map. Modo is aimed at the middle class of the population. Here you will not find frankly scary and cheap things. However, you will have to pay much more for the entire set of wardrobe items (from head to toe) than in the Russian Shop.

A polite and tidy salesman named Mike will meet you at the checkout. Curiously, on the first visit to the store, the consultant concludes from Niko's appearance that he previously dressed only in Binco. This place can be robbed, like all other clothing stores in GTA-4, where Niko can interact with the sellers. For a robbery, you will immediately receive the 1st wanted level (1 star).

in GTA 4 clothing stores
in GTA 4 clothing stores

If you want to buy more casual or sportswear for Niko,then head to Modo. Moreover, by the time the store opens, according to the plot, there will be enough funds in the pocket of the protagonist.


The third major chain of stores is called Perseus. The boutique is located on Amethyst Street in two copies at once. Expensive cars parked near the sidewalks, nicely dressed passers-by, high-rise buildings and bustle in the city center - this is the description of the place where the clothing store in GTA-4 called Perseus is located. From this we can conclude that this institution sells only the most expensive and elite clothes. Here you will find many formal suits, tailcoats and so on. At one point in the story, you have to buy a costume for the main character. This will happen around the time you get a luxury apartment. Both elements match perfectly!

clothing stores
clothing stores

The same rules apply inside each store. Since this is a game, the process of trying on and buying is somewhat simplified. You do not need to take things and go to the fitting room - you can put the item on yourself right at the rack or hanger. You don't have to go to the checkout to pay. The purchase is made through the menu with the fitting of clothes.

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