VirtualBox + Extension Pack: how to install and use

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VirtualBox + Extension Pack: how to install and use
VirtualBox + Extension Pack: how to install and use

Virtualization is modern and practical. How much a virtual machine is better than a physical one for economic, technical or other reasons is a matter of the task being solved and the preferences of specialists. One thing is certain - this allows you to have on one physical computer a palette of opportunities for experimentation and development of the main idea. The Extension Pack extends the core functionality of VirtualBox with popular devices, remote desktop access, and more.

Task, virtuality and problem

Virtual machines are commonplace. As a rule, installation and use are not difficult. For example, how to install the Extension Pack in VirtualBox?

Installing VirtualBox
Installing VirtualBox

The official link to the product description offers to download the keys, add the repository to the list of available resources and complete the installation.

After installing VirtualBox, extensions are installed automatically. Two commands - and you can use the pluginVirtualBox Extension Pack. How to install and use a set of desired systems based on this product is a more complicated question.

Installed extension
Installed extension

A completely similar situation on Windows and Mac platforms. The standard installer does not require special knowledge. They are determined by the task being solved.

The choice of 32 or 64 bit is a matter of the recent past, but VirtualBox 64 bit has long been the standard. How to install is not a problem, how to use is a problem of problems.

In the line of virtual machines, VirtualBox is considered easy to use and stable in operation. But this is an opinion, not an axiom. For example, virtuality from Proxmox VE is not much better (worse). It is noticeably different and may be more convenient in some applications.

Solution of "virtual problems"

Having your own server or working computer with a set of virtual machines is a great decision of principle. Private practice (specific task) dictates its own terms.

virtual problems
virtual problems

Windows has significant potential as a work environment. The Linux family positions itself on the server spectrum of tasks. Macintosh initially went in a special way, and therefore in the administrative (system-applied) aspect of information processing problems they did not particularly distinguish themselves.

Priority choice - Windows/Linux as the base system - the topic of the task and the specialist's competencies. VirtualBox + Extension Pack is installed on the base system. How to install the necessary is discussed in the process.

Whenthe topic of the problem being solved is complex, relevant, associated with the processing of large amounts of information, it is difficult to immediately determine what will be needed today and what will be needed tomorrow. Turning on/off the virtual machine is not a problem. Choice Difficulty:

  • main system in the bowels of which the project (task) will be created;
  • Additional virtuality.

Virtual machines "can" join networks and participate in other networks, including physical ones. Can access the Internet and provide external hosting. A physical computer is no longer "inferior" to VirtualBox + Extension Pack: how to install the desired virtuality and determine its appropriate functionality is a pre-task for the task being solved.

Fundamentality with dynamics

Regardless of the main application, the computer usually serves the owner. The owner writes novels - needs an office suite, develops programs - needs a programming language compiler and editor, makes web resources - needs a LAMP kit. If the owner is doing topography, special software is needed…

So it was yesterday…
So it was yesterday…

In all cases, a working computer (server) must have the fundamental functionality that its owner needs. That was yesterday.

Today, something else is relevant. Clouds and virtual services offered on the market are interesting, in demand and practical. Having a set of auxiliary virtual machines on your own computer is convenient, modern and much more comfortable.

Fundamental solution: VirtualBox + Extension Pack! Howinstalling and configuring a virtual environment efficiently and comfortably is a topical issue today.

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