How to download applications on "Samsung Smart TV": installation and setup

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How to download applications on "Samsung Smart TV": installation and setup
How to download applications on "Samsung Smart TV": installation and setup

One of the great features of a smart TV, unlike a standard TV, is that the user can install new applications and software, thereby increasing the functionality of the TV. And since most smart TVs run on the Android platform, today there are more apps available for them than ever before. Sophisticated new SmartTVs can even perform functions that are not inherent in them, such as performing various calculations, transferring files and streaming content. However, how to download applications on "Samsung Smart TV"?

Channel list

Reliable Internet
Reliable Internet

Before you can download applications on "Samsung Smart TV" on Philips, Panasonic, Sharp and LG, you will need to check the activity of the Internet connection. Expensive models can produce it via WLAN. Most TVs can be connected to the network via cable.local network or wifi. Depending on the type of software, an Internet connection will be required not only for installation, but also for use, since they all work online.

General installation algorithm:

  1. Enter the TV application area.
  2. Access it using the following buttons on the remote control. For Philips and Samsung TV brands - "Smart" or "Smart Hub". If the corresponding button on the remote does not exist, it can be accessed via the menu. Before downloading applications on "Samsung Smart TV", click on the "Home" icon. This will open applications that you can download.
  3. Edit the TV program list.
  4. To create a channel list on a Samsung TV, the default tabs are "custom channel 1, 2, 3 and 4", which, unfortunately, cannot be renamed. Add your favorite apps to these lists.
  5. After selecting a station, press the >>Tools<< button on the remote control.
  6. In the menu that appears, select >>Change own channels<<.
  7. The available lists will open to which you can add the station. Use the cursor buttons on the remote control to select the desired list, and then press the "Enter" button and confirm the selection with the >> Return<<.

SmartTV channel manager

Channel List
Channel List

You can easily manage your channels by using the Samsung TV channel manager to create orediting individual lists. It is installed before downloading applications on Samsung Smart TV. Manager installation order:

  1. Press the menu button on the remote control. Use the cursor keys to move to the "Channel" entry and the right cursor key to move to the submenu.
  2. Choose >>Channel manager<<.
  3. The list of stations from which the displayed channel starts will open.
  4. To add a station from the general channel list to the favorites list, use the navigation buttons to move the cursor to the top satellite dish icon and find the desired station.
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  6. If the cursor is on the correct channel, open the pop-up menu >>ToolsEdit own channels<<. A similar menu appears and you can assign a sender to several sections or, conversely, delete it by unchecking it.
  7. Before downloading applications on "Samsung Smart TV", sort the stations in the program list using the Samsung TV channel manager. If you have created your own channel lists, they are sorted by number. Digital and analog channels are processed separately. Digital channels are always ahead of analog channels and cannot be changed.
  8. Go to the menu to >> Channel Manager<<. The dispatcher moves to the station in the list.
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  10. Button >>Tools<>Channel No. RevisionSort<<.
  11. In the list, change the position of the selected station using the cursor Unfortunately,the user sees not his individual list, but the general analog or digital one.

Change the name of stations

Changing the name of stations
Changing the name of stations

In some cases it may be necessary to rename station names if they are not properly specified by your cable provider. In this case, you can use the Smart TV channel manager to edit the analog channel names.

Procedure for renaming channels:

  1. Go to the menu to >> Channel manager<<.
  2. Move the cursor to the station to be changed.
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  4. Press >>ToolsChange station name<<.
  5. Use the cursor keys to enter a new name up to five characters long.
  6. The change is saved using the "Return" key.
  7. The above steps apply to various Samsung models.

Install apps from browser

Installing applications from the browser
Installing applications from the browser

There is a quick and easy way to install apps on any SmartTV hosted on Android devices directly from a web browser. This method works if there is official support for Android TV. To do this, find the desired application in any web browser of the device. If the user is logged into their Google account, they will be able to submit apps from the browser. Which is very convenient.

Procedure for downloading the app on Samsung Smart TV:

  1. Use another device such as a computer, access the webbrowser.
  2. Go to the Google Play Store and find the app you want using the search bar at the top of the page.
  3. Click on it to open the app info page.
  4. If this application is not installed on the current device, a green button labeled "Install" will appear. Clicking on it, the user will be prompted to sign in to a Google account.
  5. A drop-down menu window will appear in which you can see the names of all personal Android devices.
  6. Select Smart TV from the drop-down menu and click "Install".
  7. You will be notified that the app will be installed.
  8. Press "OK".
  9. Turn on the smart TV and make sure it is connected to the internet. After a minute or two, the software will be installed and ready to use.

Download using flash drive

Booting using a flash drive
Booting using a flash drive

If the above method does not work, and the user sees a message that the application is not compatible with the selected device, you can try another method and download Samsung Smart TV applications for free using the USB port. If your TV has a full size USB port, you can install files from a standard flash drive, but if you only have a micro port you will need an adapter or hard drive.

General instructions:

  1. Find the.apk file for the application to be installed. You need to be very careful and only use.apk files from trusted sources.
  2. Download the.apk file to a computer and copy it to a flash drive.
  3. Connect the flash drive to the TV.
  4. A notification will open that will allow you to open the flash drive to view content on Android TV.
  5. Make sure the file manager app is installed and open the folder on the flash drive to view the files.
  6. Find the.apk file and select it.
  7. Click on "Install".
  8. After the installation process is complete, you can use the Sideload Launcher to launch the new software.

Software update

Most Samsung Smart devices have automatic updates enabled by default. As long as the TV is turned on and connected to the internet, ITV Hub updates will automatically be sent to it as they become available. To do this, you need to check whether automatic updating is enabled.

If the user chooses not to enable automatic updates, they can update manually.

Manually update ITV Hub on Samsung Smart TVs 2014 and later:

  1. Turn on the TV.
  2. Go to Samsung Smart Hub.
  3. Go to application area.
  4. Press and hold the select button in the ITV Hub app, a sub-menu will open.
  5. Select "Update apps".
  6. Select "Update", the process will take a few minutes.

Popular Video Game Content

Popular video game content
Popular video game content

Modern TVs display many features to keep their viewers interestedusers - connect to the network, play movies, record content. According to users, the best apps for Samsung Smart TV are Skype, Angry Birds, RTVE, Wuaki and Red Karaoke.

User Favorites:

  1. "Rostelecom" application for "Samsung Smart TV", which can be downloaded from the profile site. This popular software allows viewers to watch TV shows and movies in the most comfortable way. The program has been published both for the device of the brand under study and for LG, and its installation is available to users with any background.
  2. YouTube video platform is present in all the latest releases of Smart TV, but if not, you can download the YouTube app for Samsung Smart TV through the Google Play Store and install the extension manually, after which the user can enjoy all the content of this popular platform. It is viewed as a guest without logging into a YouTube account or as an authorized user. Another added benefit is that 4K TVs allow you to enjoy all the 4K content that is housed in a dedicated section of it. YouTube TV lets you watch live sports, top TV shows, and record unlimited storage on all screens, including smartphones and tablets, using Chromecast on your TV and web browser. To install YouTube TV, update the firmware of the device and launch YouTube TV in the "Recommended Apps" section of the Samsung Smart TV.
  3. You can download the application"Karaoke" for "Samsung Smart TV" via browser or Google Play Store. The extension has unsurpassed functionality, ideal for large-screen TVs. HD karaoke videos, with the catalog, features and convenience that streaming on TVs allows. Instant access to thousands of karaoke songs on your TV via the Internet. HD video with scrolling text on original conceptual video backgrounds. Songs are available in all popular genres such as rock, pop, country and hip hop. Great replacement for bulky karaoke and CDG equipment.

Channel Applications

Netflix video streaming is a great example of how an app can work seamlessly across platforms and devices. When you switch from TV to phone to web browser and back, it remembers your preferences and saves space in all your favorite shows.

While watching on your phone makes Netflix portable, these videos don't look good on a small screen. Smart TV versions of the app let you enjoy your favorite movies and shows on a much larger screen.

Netflix is available on both Apple TV and Android TV. The cheapest plan is around $8/month but doesn't allow you to watch 4K movies and full-definition shows. This requires upgrading to a premium plan for approximately $14 per month.

Zabava manages TV and video content, choosing the best mode for the best viewing experience for the user. The application is installed on devices manufactured after 2012. A simple registration is required to join.and pay a monthly subscription. The viewer chooses the package independently from 200 channels. And you can also download the "Smotreshka" application for "Samsung Smart TV" from the profile site, after paying for the service package.

Samsung is the first TV manufacturer to have direct access to iTunes content through this new iTunes Movies and TV app. This makes iTunes content available outside of Apple's own ecosystem.


Precautionary measures
Precautionary measures

If a user is going to download apps to their smart TV, and especially install apps from gray sources, then steps should be taken to protect the device from malicious code and hackers. One of the best ways to do this is to install a VPN on your Android device. A VPN encrypts all traffic it sends and receives over the Internet, making it very difficult and virtually impossible for outside observers to intercept or view sensitive information.

In addition to these security benefits, Smart TV users will love the ability to bypass regional locks to access content. If you need, for example, to watch Netflix and access it from other countries, a VPN can help with this. In other words, the user will have access to much more content on the smart TV.

ExpressVPN is a hugely popular VPN thanks to its combination of fast connections, easy to use softwareensuring and a high level of security. It has all the features you need, including AES 256-bit encryption, a strict no-logging policy, DNS leak protection, an automatic kill switch, IP verification, and full support for Android TV devices.

Its server network is extensive and has more than 1500 addresses in 94 countries. Ultra-fast and stable connection speed provides an exceptional streaming experience. What's more, the sleek, lightweight app can be installed on a variety of devices including Windows, Mac OS, Linus, iOS, select game consoles, and of course Android and Android TV.

New IPTV technologies have increased the potential of modern televisions, leading to the emergence of Smart TV, which allows viewers to get the news and watch their favorite programs in real time. Many people have started to use the radio as an entertainment center thanks to the dozens of games and applications available.

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