In the task manager, the disk is 100% loaded: what to do, the solution

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In the task manager, the disk is 100% loaded: what to do, the solution
In the task manager, the disk is 100% loaded: what to do, the solution

The latest modifications of the Windows OS seem to be optimized to work on a suitable computer hardware, however, quite often one can observe problems associated with an unreasonably high percentage of hard disk access. "Task Manager" gives out 100 percent of the device load for a reason, and a huge number of system services and user applications can access the hard drive itself at the same time. With programs that the user installed on his own, problems are usually not observed. They just need to be completed. But after all, even after that, in the boot column of the “Task Manager” disk, Windows displays 100 percent or 99 anyway. Far from everyone knows what to do with this, especially since some system processes cannot be completed, not only because of a lack of rights, but also because the emergency closure of someservices may cause the entire computer device to become unstable. But some actions can still be taken.

In the "Task Manager" disk is 100 percent used. What does this mean and why?

To begin with, let's briefly dwell on the reasons for this phenomenon. In the simplest sense, a disk usage value of 100 percent or a little lower indicates precisely that some services, applications are currently accessing it, or active processes are working with the data stored on it. Apparently, this is understandable. But here are the main reasons for excessive disk loading (in the "Task Manager" 100 percent is constantly displayed, and the value does not decrease even after some time) the following are distinguished:

  • looping search and indexing services;
  • SuperFetch service active;
  • download files to disk (both system updates, software updates, and user-downloaded information);
  • enabled background system diagnostics;
  • Print service hanging;
  • presence of not completely running startup items (when you turn on the computer);
  • syncing with cloud storages;
  • fragmented or failed hard drive;
  • increased viral activity.

In the "Task Manager" the disk is 100 percent loaded: stop searching and indexing

According to most experts, the main culprit of what is happening is precisely the looped search, as well as the accompanying component inas an indexing service designed to speed up searches. These active components must be disposed of first.

Stop the search service
Stop the search service

First, you need to stop the search itself by launching the command console as an administrator and typing net stop “Windows Search” (with quotes, as shown in the example).

Disabling the Indexing Service
Disabling the Indexing Service

After that, you need to call the services control section (services.msc command in the "Run" menu), find the Windows Search component there, double-click to edit the parameters, click the stop process button, set the startup type to disabled, and then save changes.

Note: indexing in the services section should only be disabled if deactivating search does not work.

Should I disable the SuperFetch service?

Disk load (100%) in the "Task Manager" can be determined by another service characteristic of all the latest operating systems, called SuperFetch (the former Prefetcher system component). In general, this service is considered to improve system performance, but on older PCs and laptops, it can just lead to excessive hard disk access.

Disabling the SuperFetch service
Disabling the SuperFetch service

It can be disabled in the same way as indexing, using the services section described above.

What to do with system and app updates?

When you see disk usage (100%) in Windows 10 Task Manager,you can be sure that at the moment they can download updates to the system itself. Previously, all Update Center services could be disabled quite simply, but after installing the latest updates, this became impossible. In other words, even if you deactivate all services in the corresponding partition, updates will still be installed.

Pause updates for Windows and other Microsoft products
Pause updates for Windows and other Microsoft products

Alternatively, in the update settings through the options menu, you can change the period of activity or postpone their installation for 35 days. It also does not hurt to uncheck the box for searching and installing updates for other programs from Microsoft (for example, the same "Office"). If you have installed apps from the Store, sign in with your Microsoft account and turn off automatic updates.

How to remove excessive load from the System process?

Very often you can observe that in the "Task Manager" the disk is loaded at 100 percent due to the access to it by processes located in the System section.

Setting access rights to system kernel processes
Setting access rights to system kernel processes

In this case, you will need to expand the list of processes, find the ntoskrnl.exe kernel component in it, go to the file location via RMB, add access rights to yourself, marking “ALL APP PACKAGES” as a group.

Disable system diagnostic tracking and virtual memory

If the above methods do not work, and for the disk 100 percent in the "Task Manager" as a permanentvalues are still “hanging”, but the above services are inactive? It may very well be that background diagnostics is currently running. To deactivate it, again use the command line in the administrator start mode and execute two commands in turn (without punctuation marks at the end of each of them):

  • sc config "DiagTrack" start=disabled;
  • sc stop "DiagTrack".

If this still doesn't work, run the Performance Troubleshooter in the Shell by typing msdt.exe /id PerformanceDiagnostic.

Also, check the status of virtual memory (paging file). First, make sure its size is set to automatic system selection.

Swap file size management
Swap file size management

You can also set the parameters that are in the recommended block. In general, try to "play" a little with the set values, but set them at the level of the amount of RAM or higher, as some "wise guys" advise doing. In this case, the system will slow down even more.

Print service and startup items

As an additional measure, it may be advised to disable the print service (Spooler) using the services section (for example, if you do not need a printer at all).

Disabling Print Service Components
Disabling Print Service Components

If this doesn't work, disable all printing-related items in Windows Programs and Features. But if you need to use the printer, you can reboot the system, and thenre-enable the service.

It also doesn't hurt to disable unused startup items that start with the system. In the tenth and eighth modifications, this can be done directly in the "Task Manager", and versions 7 and below - in the system configuration (msconfig). Pay special attention to any kind of software updaters or additional components like Flash Player.

Appropriateness of synchronization with cloud services

If you synchronize data on your hard drive with cloud services directly at system startup, and at the same time special programs are installed for the storages themselves, it is better to disable synchronization in them, because on relatively weak machines with low bandwidth Internet channel, these processes can cause very serious loads (and not only on the hard drive, but also on the CPU or RAM).

Defragment and check disk

Another reason for this phenomenon - "throwing" the system in search of some desired fragment on the disk. If you haven't defragmented for a long time, take the time to optimize your disk. This will significantly reduce the time spent on searching, and at the same time remove the load on the disk itself.

It is also recommended to check the disk itself, but it is better to use the command line (chkdsk /x/f/r) instead of the standard tool. When you try to check the system partition, you may be prompted to perform it at the next restart. You should agree with this and reboot the system.

Actions with torrents

But the loversWhen using torrent clients, they often forget that after the download is completed, the distribution of the downloaded content is still active. In this case, it is highly recommended to close the program by exiting through the menu of the icon hidden in the system tray. If there is a need for distribution, as an option, set a limit on the return in the application itself.


Finally, do not forget that some viruses can also provoke the appearance of excessive loads associated with constant access to the hard drive. Perform an in-depth scan of all disks and partitions using any popular portable tool (Dr. Web CureIt, KVRT, AdwCleaner, AVZ, etc.).

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