How to turn off autorun programs: step by step instructions

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How to turn off autorun programs: step by step instructions
How to turn off autorun programs: step by step instructions

Most users of modern computers on which Windows systems are used as a control environment know that it is very often possible to observe among active processes the appearance of many background applications and services that start with the OS directly when you turn on your PC or laptop. Sometimes the user does not need all the automatically launched services and applications, and some of them are even capable of causing such heavy loads on resources that it becomes simply impossible to work. That is why they need to be deactivated. But how to turn off autorun programs in Windows (both installed by the user and system applets)? Let's try to figure out the possible actions, and as solutions we will consider several basic ways to deactivate everything unnecessary or unused in order to improve the performance of your own computer.

How to disable autorun programs in Windows 7 and below through startup management?

Let's startfrom the simplest method. It can be offered as the main solution to most users who are not particularly versed in system settings. Most of the processes that start with Windows are included in a special startup list. Thus, some of them can be deactivated in this particular OS settings management section. In Windows 7 and earlier systems, you can get to the autostart options by executing the msconfig shortcut in the Run console, which opens the configuration window.

Startup partition in Windows 7
Startup partition in Windows 7

Here you need to move to the startup tab and simply uncheck those components for which automatic start together with the main elements of Windows is not needed. Immediately pay attention to the fact that you will not be able to deactivate the installed standard antivirus (and this is not necessary). In addition, the ctfmon service will be present in the list here, and it is not recommended to disable it at all. It is responsible for switching the language, displaying the language bar, keyboard layout and the icon of the currently active language in the system tray. After deactivating the selected modules, you will be prompted to restart (this is a prerequisite).

How to turn off autorun programs in Windows 10 and 8?

The above method, in theory, could be used in systems of a higher rank, but it does not work in them only because the configuration is redirected to the most common "Task Manager" (taskmgr). Why is that? Yes, only because the autoload sectionthey were moved there. Actually, how to turn off autorun programs in the eighth and tenth versions of Windows is already clear.

Startup partition in Windows 10
Startup partition in Windows 10

The actions are completely similar to those described above, with the only difference that they are performed in the "Task Manager", and the ctfmon service is hidden from the user's eyes.

Disable services

Now we need to give a little explanation to all those users who are trying to stop some system processes, believing that in this way they can get rid of the load on the processor and RAM. First, not all system services can be terminated just like that (the system may issue a failure notification). And secondly, some system applets, even after completion, can start up again on their own. Even when you go to view them on the services tab, nothing can be done. How to turn off autorun of system processes in this situation? To do this, you can go directly to the services section (services.msc).

Stopping unnecessary services
Stopping unnecessary services

Here you need to find the components you do not need, double-click to edit the parameters of their launch and operation, click the stop process button, then set the disabled startup type in the drop-down list, save the changes and, to be sure, restart the computer.

Note: you need to be extremely careful in choosing the services to disable, as deactivating some of them can lead to unstable Windows operation or even its complete failure. In recent builds of Windows10, among other things, even a complete deactivation of all components responsible for updating the system has no effect, and updates are installed automatically, so you don’t even have to try to disable them.

Disabling system components

Few ordinary users know about another technique that allows you to deactivate unnecessary system processes and services. Speaking about how to turn off the autostart of a service, one should not forget that even in the section described above, it is not always possible to perform such actions. In order to get rid of unused processes or active system processes, you need to use the Programs and Features section, then go to turn Windows features on and off, and then remove the active marks in the list presented. Which of these can be turned off?

Disable unused Windows features
Disable unused Windows features

For example, if you don't have a printer, you can completely disable print services. If you do not use or do not plan to install virtual machines, feel free to disable the Hyper-V module. If you prefer to use third-party browsers to work with the Internet, disable Internet Explorer services, etc.

Actions in installed programs

Unfortunately, it is far from always possible to disable some user-installed applications using the methods described above, since quite often they bring their own modules (for example, those responsible for searching and updating the software components themselves) not to the startup section,and, say, in the same "Task Scheduler" or hide them altogether. How to disable autorun of such modules?

Disabling Autostart in uTorrent
Disabling Autostart in uTorrent

By and large, in order not to delve into the "Scheduler" settings (some may seem like a complicated procedure), the easiest way is to find the corresponding section of the settings of the application itself and disable the launch of the program at startup with the system exactly there (usually such an item is located in general settings).

Using optimizer programs

Finally, understanding how to turn off autorun of any process in the system, we can offer another simple and at the same time universal solution that involves the use of special optimizer programs, most of which have autoload control sections.

Startup management in Advanced SystemCare Pro
Startup management in Advanced SystemCare Pro

For example, you can use popular utilities like Advanced SystemCare or Windows Manager to perform simple actions to deactivate unnecessary components.

Startup management in CCleaner
Startup management in CCleaner

A more powerful program is the CCleaner application, in which you can disable not only hidden processes from the Windows autostart section, but also quickly disable context menu items or deactivate unused modules for which a scheduled response time is set (for this, the application provides a corresponding tab, and the actions performed look simpler than similar procedures in the "Scheduler"Windows).

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