How to install Excel on a computer: standard and non-trivial methods

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How to install Excel on a computer: standard and non-trivial methods
How to install Excel on a computer: standard and non-trivial methods

Practically all those people who work with electronic documentation, most often to perform everyday tasks from the entire office suite offered by Microsoft, use only two main programs - Word and Excel. However, not everyone realizes that when installing a package, you can install not everything, but only the most necessary applications. To learn how to install Excel on your computer, read this article.

Suggested solutions contain information about both the most common and rather unusual methods of installing the required editor. And some of them, respectively, can be used not only in the case of Excel, but also when installing any other office components.

What is this?

What is Excel? The program is a universal spreadsheet editor, initially focused not so much on working with tables, but on performingall kinds of mathematical operations and automated calculations.

Excel Spreadsheet Editor
Excel Spreadsheet Editor

It is not surprising that it is recognized as the most powerful tool of this type, and it was on its basis that similar developments were created at one time. However, it is possible to describe the capabilities of Excel indefinitely, so let's immediately begin to consider issues related to how to install Excel on a computer using the simplest methods for this. And as a first solution, consider the most standard technique.

How to install Excel on a computer using the full office suite?

Since this spreadsheet editor is included in all well-known Microsoft office suites, it is quite obvious that you can use any of the available distributions to install it. When you run the installer, all the main components that are included in the package will be installed, depending on the version and year of release.

But all "Offices" are paid software, and by our standards are very expensive. In this situation, we can offer the simplest (albeit somewhat illegal) solution, which consists in activating the package without the need for an official purchase by using half-legal utilities like KMSpico or KMSAuto Net.

But let's see how to install Excel on your computer if you simply don't need other components of the entire package. In this case, during the installation process, one of the stages will prompt you to select the preferred type of installation.

Custom installation of "Office" components
Custom installation of "Office" components

Here you need to specify not a full, but a custom installation, and then mark only the required editor. In addition, you can expand the installation distribution directory, find the folder with the Excel installer there and run the necessary file, after which only Excel will be installed.

Office 365 apps
Office 365 apps

For businesses, we can recommend using the latest Office 365 cloud package, upon activation of which you will need to specify which programs you need access to. At the same time, you can first use the trial period, but then you will have to pay for the use of cloud services (subscribe). It looks rather uncomfortable.

Where can I find free Excel?

But the most interesting thing is that relatively recently Microsoft abandoned some of its ambitions and began to distribute Excel for free!

free downloads of excel
free downloads of excel

To download the installation distribution, you just need to go to the official site for supporting office products, and then download the desired version of the editor. Installing Excel from the downloaded installer file when running it as an administrator will not differ from the actions performed when installing other programs in absolutely nothing.

Note: you can also download all other freeware programs and assemble them into a full-fledged "Office" without the need for an official purchase.

Alternative solutions

If you look closely, today you can find many free Excel analogues included in the free packages of or WPS Office.

Spreadsheet editor Calc
Spreadsheet editor Calc

They are not only fully compatible with all known versions of Excel, but in some ways they are easier to use, not to mention the presence of some additional tools that are superior in their capabilities to the brainchild of Microsoft (and some of them in the original not at all).

Non-standard technique

Finally, if you don't like any of the options presented above, you can offer another interesting and rather non-standard solution that will allow you not only to install the required editor on your own computer, but also to combine the use of a stationary version of Windows with a mobile Android platform.

The point is that you first need to install either an Android emulator (for example, the BlueStacks app) or a full-fledged Android x 86 OS, which, however, only works on some laptop models, and then install the original spreadsheet editor from Play Store storage. However, you can do it even easier, since the operating system itself, version 5 and higher, initially has a complete analogue of Excel in the form of the Spreadsheet application, which is no worse than the original Microsoft software product.

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