How to install and how to clean RAM

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How to install and how to clean RAM
How to install and how to clean RAM

If you have ever wondered what RAM is, how it works, what function it performs in a computer, how to clean RAM, how to install a RAM bar, what types there are, you will find answers to your questions in this article.

What is RAM?

Random Access Memory (RAM - Random Access Memory) is an integral volatile part of a computer that stores executable machine code during system operation. As well as the input and output data processed by the processor.

Nowadays we are used to seeing RAM as a small green bar with chips. But she didn't always look like this. Initially, these were vacuum tubes. But then Bell Labs opened a new era - transistors. It is they who have become the main component on all modern types of memory. In the future, the memory was improved by combining a transistor and a capacitor, which allowed it to become more compact and dynamic.

ram for computer
ram for computer

Dynamic and static memory

RAM is divided into two types: static and dynamic.

Static memory is a circuit that uses a parallel register as a storage cell. Memory stores temporary information and uses two operations: writing and reading. The advantage of static memory is its high speed. Among the shortcomings, only the high price compared to dynamic memory and the large size of each memory cell can be emphasized.

static memory
static memory

Dynamic memory combines a transistor and a capacitor to keep cells as small as possible. The speed of this memory is not comparable to the speed of static memory, but it is compact in size, which gives it an advantage in places where compactness is required rather than speed. The modern elemental base will make it possible to accommodate millions of pairs per square millimeter of a memory chip. Its main disadvantage is the need to regenerate the charge of the capacitor due to its rapid self-discharge.

dynamic memory
dynamic memory

Generation DDR

Also, RAM is divided according to the Double Data Rate (DDR) type. There are 5 generations of this type of memory: DDR, DDR2, DDR3, DDR4, DDR5.

Let's consider three types. DDR is the oldest type of memory. Today it is hard to find it in a computer, but you can still buy it. In order to install memory, you will need to find an outdated processor and motherboard that use this memory. DDR requires the highest amount of electricity compared to other DDRs. Workingvoltage - 2.5 Volts, if the processor is overclocked, it requires more.

DDR2 is the next version of memory. It is more common, and the chance to meet it in a computer is higher than DDR. DDR2 is faster than DDR. Consumes 1.8 volts. When overclocking the processor, more will be required - approximately like DDR without overclocking.

DDR3 is not the newest, but not the oldest kind of memory either. Currently the most common type. Works several times faster than DDR and DDR2. Consumes even less electricity. Memory requires 1.5 volts to function, and a little more when overclocking the processor.

Further versions of memory have evolved at the same pace. But DDR3 is still the most common at the moment.

Types of ddr memory
Types of ddr memory

How to install and how to clean the computer's RAM?

Before purchasing RAM, you need to make sure that the slots on your motherboard match the type of memory you want to purchase. For example, if the memory type is DDR3, then the slots on the motherboard must also be DDR3. If you buy RAM that is not suitable for your motherboard, then the module will simply not fit into the slot.

How to install the module in the computer? You need to do the following:

  1. Unscrew the bolts and remove the cover of the computer case.
  2. Next, bend the jumpers on the memory connector.
  3. You need to make sure that the memory fits under the connector. To make sure of this, it is enough to see if the cutout on the memory fits under the protrusion in the connector.
  4. Insert the module into the slot and press with twofingers for memory until the jumpers themselves click and close.
  5. Next, let's check if the memory is strong. If the memory does not move in the slot, then you did everything right.
  6. Tightening the housing cover.
  7. Turn on the computer and go to "System Properties". If the parameters of the supplied memory in the computer are indicated opposite the line "Installed RAM", then the modules are successfully installed.
  8. Ram slots
    Ram slots

Now let's look at how to clean up the RAM of a Windows computer. To accomplish this task, there are several ways. Let's analyze the simplest one.

How to clean RAM in Windows 7? The first cleaning method is by hand:

1. Open the Task Manager.

2. Go to the "Processes" tab.

3. Close suspicious, unnecessary processes that use the most memory.

Second way:

  1. In the line "Open" type msconfig. Click Ok.
  2. Go to the "Startup" tab.
  3. On unnecessary programs, uncheck the box and click "Apply".

You have disabled programs that start immediately when you turn on your computer.


From this article you learned how to clean the RAM, how to choose the right module for your connector. Now this question will not cause difficulties for the reader.

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