How to restore contacts in WhatsApp: features and methods

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How to restore contacts in WhatsApp: features and methods
How to restore contacts in WhatsApp: features and methods

WhatsApp is often a convenient place to store important information. These are not only correspondence, messages, but also video, audio, and contacts. The messenger provides a search that helps you quickly find the information you need in the program. All this data is stored on the device, and if it is lost, when resetting the settings, the information is lost. At such moments, the question arises of how to restore contacts in WhatsApp and is it possible to do this?

Data storage features

All contacts in "Vatsap" are directly related to information from the phone owner's notebook. If you add a new user to the messenger account, it will also be displayed in the contacts of the smartphone. If you delete a user, then he will be deleted from WhatsApp. In this case, how to restore contacts in WhatsApp? To the hugedisappointing users, it is impossible to restore the contact list in the messenger. Neither technical support nor regular feature sets can do this.

How to restore contacts in WhatsApp
How to restore contacts in WhatsApp


The only way to get your contacts back is to restore the phone book on your smartphone. This is easy to do if the device creates backups and stores them in the cloud storage. If this feature is not disabled, then you can simply restore the backup. After rebooting the device, all contacts that appear will be displayed not only in the phone book, but also in WhatsApp.

Despite the ease of use, not all devices are able to automatically transfer information to the cloud storage. Even those who are able to do this cannot save the history of correspondence, contacts that have not been saved in the phone.

Restore via Google

And how to restore contacts in WhatsApp, which method to use? If the mobile device was associated with a Google account and all data from the phone book was saved there, then you can quickly and easily return all contacts. It will be automatically added to your device when you open an account.

All contacts moved to phone will be displayed in WhatsApp. If suddenly some contacts are not displayed, then you just need to update the list in the messenger.

Deleted contact on WhatsApp how to recover
Deleted contact on WhatsApp how to recover

Other methods

Looking for an answer to the question of how toWhatsApp restore contacts by other methods, you can try only one thing - manually restoring the list. You can ask people you know to call or send a message, then sign and save the number in your device's phone book. No other options for restoring contacts in the messenger are provided by the developers.

Deleted contact

And if you deleted a contact in WhatsApp, how to restore it, what methods to use? Situations are different. Sometimes you have to face the problem of deleting the desired contact, which was in the form of an unsigned chat. In this case, it will be possible to return the information if this chat was displayed in the backup. There is no other way to recover.

To avoid such situations and not to have to look for how to restore contacts in WhatsApp on Android, it is recommended to copy all the necessary data, including contacts. All "newcomers" can be added to the phone book from the chat. The program itself asks questions about what to do with this new contact, and you just have to decide whether to save it or not.

Contact in WhatsApp how to restore
Contact in WhatsApp how to restore

Lost Contacts

In WhatsApp, all contacts are automatically recognized from the address book of the mobile device. The application automatically recognizes contacts that contain "Whatsapp", and based on this information generates a list of contacts in the messenger.

If it is necessary to return lost contacts, they are restored from a copy of the list, if one was made. There is no other way to return the address book, and WhatsApp cannot restore it to you.

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