"ES Explorer": a file manager and more

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"ES Explorer": a file manager and more
"ES Explorer": a file manager and more

Any owner of an Android device knows that the system's own tools for managing data on an internal drive or a removable memory card are rather scarce. Therefore, the majority is trying to simplify the work with information or even bring it closer to what is produced in the same Windows systems by installing various kinds of file managers. One of these is "ES Explorer". However, upon closer examination of the program, it turns out that there are so many possibilities in it that at first glance you can’t appreciate all this volume.

What kind of application is "ES Explorer" ("Android") in Russian?

The fact that many users initially install this software product for the sole purpose of using it as a regular file manager is normal. The fact is that the rest of the possibilities appear if you dig into the applicationdeeper.

conductor es
conductor es

In fact, "ES Explorer" is a truly unique program, which is a real combine with a huge number of tools for all occasions. First of all, it is worth noting that the application supports over 30 languages and has a friendly interface with easy navigation.

Main purpose and functions

But what is the uniqueness of this program, and how does it differ from most of its kind? The fact is that many users simply do not imagine what this application is capable of. In addition to the main purpose of managing files and folders, it is worth noting something that deserves special attention:

  • ability to work in root mode;
  • the presence of a built-in browser with a search engine, an archiver and a player;
  • convenient system for analyzing the contents of a memory card;
  • gesture control;
  • extended monitoring tools;
  • backup;
  • opportunities to create an FTP server;
  • use of "cloud" services;
  • sending information to social networks;
  • access PC files when connecting;
  • the ability to manage installed applications.

ES File Explorer: Getting Started

So, let's see what the program can actually do. "ES Explorer" ("Android") can be downloaded for free anywhere, but at least in the same Google Play market. The program is installed as usual.

es file explorer to computer
es file explorer to computer

After the first launch of the application, the user enters the main window. Here, all folders are represented as icons, although the view can be changed. Managing folders and files looks simple and even somewhat standard. Moving between windows is done using a regular swipe.

Gesture control

However, you can also use non-standard gesture controls, which many people find more convenient. Here you do not need to tap on the icon and wait until the contents of the folder or context menu open, in which you need to go to some operation. Just hold down the icon, and with the slightest movement to the side, large icons appear at the edges and in the center of the screen, corresponding to the most frequently used actions.

es explorer android free
es explorer android free

Thus, all standard operations or even sending a file over the network is done in one motion. In the middle of the screen there is a translucent circle that allows you to set up a gesture of any complexity in relation to some operation.

Monitoring Capabilities

Since the user enters the main screen when starting the program, most of what ES Explorer has to offer is simply ignored. The user, as a rule, performs the simplest operations and exits the application.

app es explorer
app es explorer

At the top are the icons of the network and the house. In fact, they are responsible for moving through the lists of tabs. You can view the list itself by pressing the "Windows" button in the lower right corner of the screen. Atselecting the home page, the user sees all the key information on the device, and can also view the contents of the drives. Many will immediately be pleased that the files are sorted by type.

es explorer android in Russian
es explorer android in Russian

Plus, there are direct links to the Cloud, news, weather, social networks, downloads, access to the "Basket", etc. In general, getting lost is quite difficult, because everything is at hand.

If, for example, you select a folder of images in documents, they can be viewed on the screen in group mode as thumbnails. Using the built-in player, you can easily play your favorite track.


When it comes to personalization, ES Explorer offers two methods: you can change each group of elements manually, or you can download a special add-on called ES Themes. There are plenty of options to change the theme, color, look, or applied effects.

Network settings and FTP

Finally, one of the most interesting sections. Of course, installing "ES Explorer" on a computer will not work (it is simply not intended for this), but, as on a PC, it is quite easy to link files to "cloud" storages. They, regardless of the service, will be displayed as separate folders. Access to the settings is carried out in the network section.

conductor es
conductor es

In addition, you can immediately organize a home network with the ability to create an FTP server or transfer data over the network to Android TV or via regular wirelessBluetooth connection. It goes without saying that remote access to any mobile device or PC is completely simple to set up. As it is already clear, there is no need to install "ES Explorer" on the computer. The main thing is that the terminal is simply connected to the network.


As you can see from all of the above, "ES Explorer" is a very extraordinary program and with an incomprehensibly huge toolkit, and such that other programs can simply envy. Naturally, it will take some time to master some of the additional features, but believe me, it's worth it.

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