How to use a VPN: how it works, how to turn it on and choosing a browser

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How to use a VPN: how it works, how to turn it on and choosing a browser
How to use a VPN: how it works, how to turn it on and choosing a browser

VPN technology has recently become popular among users of computer and mobile devices. However, many do not think about what it is for and what VPN is better to use. Aspects of these issues will be discussed below.

What is a VPN?

how to use vpn
how to use vpn

Under the abbreviation VPN is the English phrase Virtual Private Network, which literally means "private virtual network". The organization of networks, the principle of their work is not explained only by this term. By this, as a rule, they mean a network to which a limited number of users have access.

Network protection is designed in such a way that access to encrypted data transmitted and received through a kind of tunnel cannot be obtained outside the network itself. VPN is in many ways similar to anonymizers and proxy servers, which not only protect information, but also make the user's stay on the Internet completely anonymous, hiding traces of visiting various web resources.


Information from one computer or mobile device to another is transmitted through a special secure channel called a tunnel. The output traffic is encrypted, the input is decrypted using the corresponding key, which is available only to the transmitting and receiving parties. Access to the network is also limited, so only registered users can use it.

It is worth noting that when using VPN technology, the external IP address of the device connected to the web resource changes. When connected to the Internet, each of the devices receives a unique external identifier, depending on the geographical location of the provider. It is logical that in some regions access to certain sites and services may be blocked. You can bypass these restrictions with a VPN.

Why do I need a VPN?

what is the best vpn to use
what is the best vpn to use

VPN technology is used for the following purposes:

  • Data protection. Relevant for users who like to connect to third-party Wi-Fi connections and want to save their data. The same goes for any place with free Wi-Fi.
  • Anonymity. Any user action is transmitted to the provider's server, including the opening of new tabs, respectively, company employees can track the activities of clients. Activating a VPN allows you to hide your browsing history and visits, since a different IP address is used during work.
  • The ability to visit sites on the Internet without consequences. Is it possibleuse VPN to visit restricted sites? Technology unlocks the dark side of the World Wide Web.
  • Using foreign services. Access to English-speaking (and not only) services from all over the world is opened thanks to VPN technology, which is an additional advantage.

How to use VPN in browsers?

can i use vpn
can i use vpn

VPN technologies can be applied to standard internet browsers. Browsers that use VPNs are equipped with additional plugins and extensions, including specialized clients like Browsec and friGate. The Opera browser stands out from the rest, because it is built into it from the very beginning.

In order to use VPN, you need to open the security section of the browser's main menu, and to enable and disable it later, use the switch located on the left panel of the address bar. You can choose settings, in particular, your preferred region, both independently and in automatic mode.

General purpose programs

browsers using vpn
browsers using vpn

Internet access is required not only for browsers, but also for special programs installed on a mobile gadget or computer. The official sites of such applications are often blocked - for example, the resources of Kaspersky Lab and Dr. Web. Ensuring full protection of the PC is impossible without updating the components and anti-virus databases of protective programs. In this case, updates are installed only after a direct call by the program toresource, not through the browser. In a situation with blocked sites, applications that can change the IP address of a computer and mobile gadgets will help.

SafeIP program is one of the most interesting VPN programs, the functionality of which allows you to automatically and manually configure the user's addresses and region. Similar features are available for most email clients that bypass blocking using the same method.

VPN server: what is it and why is it needed

Such servers provide security for a specific network and restrict user access and data encryption. Accordingly, the level of protection of wireless connections they have is much higher. Connecting to the used VPN ports of such a server allows you not to bypass blocking of different levels on individual devices. The functionality also makes it possible to create a network based on such a connection from different parts of the world.

How to choose a server

what port is the vpn using
what port is the vpn using

To determine how to use a VPN server, you need to determine the purpose of its use. To ensure a fast and secure connection, it is advisable to choose a server located nearby. Region-specific content can only be accessed from the respective region. For example, those wondering how to use a VPN to watch the BBC should connect to the tunnels in the UK. Many VPN companies have their own video streaming servers.

Because streaming services like Netflix block VPNs, the use of special servershe althy. Studios and Netflix are trying to protect licensed content. When determining which port a VPN uses, it is worth clarifying whether it provides traffic on all servers or only on special ones. For example, NordVPN does not allow torrenting, unlike TopGuard which allows them to be used on all servers.

ProtonVPN and NordVPN have enhanced security options, such as multi-hop VPNs or access to the Tor network, which provides a high level of privacy. The tool provides access to hidden sites on the Dark Web.

The principle of operation of a multi-hop VPN is similar: it redirects all traffic not through a specific VPN server, but transfers the user from one server to another. The action of both proposals is aimed at maintaining privacy and speed. Manually configuring network settings requires the user to enter information for each VPN server.

How to choose a VPN

vpn ports used
vpn ports used

When choosing a VPN based on several basic parameters. The service must connect at least five devices and allow BitTorrent traffic to be used on its own servers.

The average monthly VPN fee is $10; if the service charges a large amount, then it must provide substantial services. When registering for a long-term registration, a discount is provided by many services.

Before buying a VPN, it is advisable to read the terms of service. Contracts usually specify what the company doeswith the transmitted information; most services not only do not track traffic, but also do not store it.

It would be useful to check the location of the VPN service. This does not mean a physical location, but a legal aspect that determines the jurisdiction of the particular country under which the company operates. Accordingly, firms located in other countries are not subject to data storage and transfer laws.

Which VPN is better to use for "Android"

which vpn is better
which vpn is better

The purpose of using VPN technology on mobile gadgets is similar to computer applications. Such programs differ only in settings - for example, the creation of an access point can be carried out both by third-party applications and by system tools.

VPN for mobile gadgets is in a sense similar to the mentioned applications for PC - for example, SafeIP - and allows you to bypass most blocking, providing full access to various information.

Some mobile applications require root rights, which can lead to the failure of the gadget's operating system. For this reason, it is advisable to choose VPN programs that do not need root access: for example, for iOS it is Cloak, for Android it is OpenVPN.

VPN startup technology is quite simple: the application is downloaded and installed on the gadget. After the VPN is activated, a port is selected to receive an IP address, a connection is made. The app confirms that you have VPN access to the internet.

VPN technologyprovides a secure and anonymous connection, providing unlimited access to the Internet and various web services. Its implementation is not as complicated as it seems at first glance, and the VPN services used have wide functionality and can be configured both automatically and manually by the user.

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