Blacklisted Android Apps: Review of the Best

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Blacklisted Android Apps: Review of the Best
Blacklisted Android Apps: Review of the Best

No one likes being disturbed by strangers. And in our age of mobile gadgets, this can happen anywhere: in nature, in the office, during dinner, and even in the shower. Advertising agents are constantly annoying with their offers, companies with bonuses and discounts, and collectors are generally a separate caste of ill-wishers.

In this case, special applications on Android for the black list act as a panacea. There are many of them on the Internet, but not every program adequately copes with the task. Therefore, many users ask themselves the question: “Which application on Android is better for blacklisting?”. We will just try to answer it with the help of our article.

Popular utilities to block unwanted calls

So, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the list of the best applications on Android for the black list, which includes the most popular utilities that have been distinguished by good feedback from users. All the products belowcan be found on Google Play, so there should be no problem getting acquainted.

Call Blocker Free

This is one of the most popular Android blacklist apps in Russian. The program allows you to cancel not only unwanted calls from other subscribers, but also SMS. It is also worth noting that the utility practically does not consume system resources, which is an important point when choosing software for owners of old and budget gadgets.

Call Blocker Free
Call Blocker Free

The app's settings are quite flexible. You can organize the display of call and SMS notifications and select the blocking methods: disconnection, mute, reply message (for white list) and transfer to voice mail.

The Call Blocker Free blacklist Android application has a simple and intuitive interface (slightly diluted with ads) that any user who is more or less familiar with this platform can easily master. The developer also offers a Pro version with significantly enhanced functionality. But for the average user, the possibilities of the Free solution are more than enough.

"Black List" (developer Vlad Lee)

The name of the application "Blacklist" (for "Android") speaks for itself. The utility allows you to block unwanted calls and SMS messages. Separately, it is worth noting the decent speed of the software. The program instantly intercepts calls and then acts according to the scenario selected by the user. That is, there are no “half-beeps” at the time of connection that allow you to suspect you are using such software.

Blacklist Vlad Lee
Blacklist Vlad Lee

The program allows you to flexibly configure the blocking of unwanted calls. You can create a specific schedule that cancels calls and short messages in a certain period of time. This will come in handy if, for example, you are going to sleep on a weekday and do not want someone to disturb you before lunch.

The Blacklist app for Android also offers an advanced and customizable notification system for both white and unwanted contacts. In addition, there are hotkeys plus export and import of lists.

Black List (AntTek Mobile)

Another utility with a telling name for blocking calls and SMS from unwanted subscribers. The application can filter calls and messages by various parameters: prefix, postfix, prefixes, phrases, etc.

Blacklist AntTek Mobile
Blacklist AntTek Mobile

Call blocking is also flexibly insisted. You can simply mute the sound, end the connection, or send the caller to a voice box. The paid Pro version of the product has the ability to work with MMS content. But given that the latter is rarely used due to the popularity of social messengers, buying a license is not practical.

The advantages of the program include a minimum consumption of system resources, which is in the hands of the owners of budget gadgets. The design of the interface acts as a fly in the ointment here. The local menu branches and tools are heavily piled on top of each other and sometimes confusing.

Mr. Number blockcalls & spam

This is a completely free application to block unwanted incoming calls and SMS. One of the notable features of the utility is the work with Google accounts. The social network allows you to share "problem" numbers not only with friends, but also with other members.

Mr. Number-block calls & spam
Mr. Number-block calls & spam

To publish unwanted numbers, just use the Protect Friends function through the program interface. By the way, users have complaints about the latter due to the lack of Russian-language localization. Despite the intuitive controls, some experience problems even with the initial software setup.

Still, the program deserves to be installed. It has very convenient filters (especially for spam SMS), a wide range of call blocking modes, it is possible to obtain additional information about subscribers (companies, organizations), as well as responsive technical support. In addition, despite the free distribution license, the application has almost no ads, which is rare for products of this kind.

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