How to connect Apple Pay: instructions

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How to connect Apple Pay: instructions
How to connect Apple Pay: instructions

This review describes how to connect Apple Pay on various modifications of iPhone smartphones. This technology was first supported on models 6, 6 Plus, Se, as well as on later modifications of mobile devices from this manufacturer.

This will allow the smartphone owner to properly configure the mobile device's shell software and start using it to make purchases.

How to connect Apple Pay on iPhone
How to connect Apple Pay on iPhone

Requirements for a payment card. Features

First, let's figure out which cards can be connected to Apple Pay. It's really not all that simple. Not every bank has an agreement with Apple. Therefore, at the first stage, you need to find out if the financial institution that currently serves you has support for the payment system.

This can be done both at the nearest branch and via the Internet on the official website of Apple. In the latter case, you need to go to the page of the payment system, which contains a list of financial institutions with a concludedthe relevant agreement. If the bank is not on this list, then you need to contact the services of another organization that already has such an agreement.

It is best to use international cards for making payments. Those related to Visa or Master Card systems. In this case, the standard Wallet application will suffice. But with the Mir system card, certain problems arise. So far, Apple does not allow them to be used as part of the payment system. This issue was planned to be resolved in 2018, but so far there is no official information on it. Therefore, the owners of such cards will not be able to take advantage of the obvious benefits and appreciate the convenience of using Apple Pay.

Mobile device recommendations

Before you connect Apple Pay on your smartphone, let's find out the requirements that are put forward for it in this case. The mobile device must support NFC technology. Without it, it will be impossible to connect contactlessly to the terminal of a trade organization and make a payment. Without fail, a special microcircuit must be installed in the smartphone, which forms a data set and encodes it. After that, this information is sent via NFC to the store's checkout. This data is then converted and processed. Upon completion of this operation, funds are credited to the account of the outlet.

Also, the Wallet program must be installed on the smartphone. Cards are added to it. In addition, with the help of this software, payments are confirmed andthe source code is sent to the encoding chip.

Another important requirement that developers in this case put forward to a mobile device is the installation of all available updates. Due to which the maximum level of security during transactions will be ensured.

The first smartphones to support Apple Pay were 6, Se and 6 Plus. All later models of mobile devices also received it.

How to connect a card to Apple Pay
How to connect a card to Apple Pay

Preparing your smartphone

The next step in the Apple Pay connection process is to reconfigure the mobile device with which you plan to make purchases in the future. In most cases, Wallet is already installed on the iPhone. If it is not present on the device, it must be force-installed from Apple Pay. To do this, just connect your smartphone to the Internet, go to the application store, use the search bar to find this program, download it. After that, the installation will take place automatically.

Connection to the card payment system

Now let's figure out how to connect the card to Apple Pay. As noted earlier, this can only be done if an international payment system is used. It is mandatory to establish an Internet connection in any way possible. Next, open the Wallet program interface and go to the card tab. Then select "Add". This will open a window with a set of input fields. Each of them must be completed andprovide up-to-date information regarding the added card. After that, we click on the "Next" button and the data is sent via the Internet to the server of the banking organization. In the future, they will have to be checked by the relevant specialists.

How to connect a Sberbank card to Apple Pay
How to connect a Sberbank card to Apple Pay


At the final stage of the process of connecting Apple Pay on iPhone, the previously entered information must be verified by the bank. At the same time, bank specialists will analyze the correctness and relevance of the data provided. In most cases, this happens without the participation of the owner of the mobile device and quite quickly.

But if questions arise, the bank's specialists are forced to contact the owner of the payment card and clarify the information of interest. And in extreme cases, you may need to visit the nearest branch of a financial institution to personally confirm the data provided.

The end result of this step is to add the card to the Wallet interface. Once this has happened, you can pay for the purchase of goods using the Apple Pay system.

What cards can be connected to Apple Pay
What cards can be connected to Apple Pay

Use in shop

Thus, you can connect a card from Sberbank or another financial institution to Apple Pay. Now you can use your mobile device to pay for a particular purchase. Before choosing a product, you need to check the availability of an NFC-enabled terminal at the store's checkout. In some cases, at the entrance to the outlet they hang outcorresponding logos. If they are not available, you can check with the seller for information.

If payment is possible, it remains to choose the product of interest and go with it to the checkout. The store employee “breaks through” it, you bring the smartphone to the terminal. After the prompt appears, you need to confirm the transaction. To do this, either press your finger against the TouchID scanner, or point the lens of the FaceID identification system. The confirmation method is set in the smartphone security settings. After that, almost instantly, the funds will be credited to the store's account, and it will be possible to pick up purchases after printing the receipt.

Apple Pay on smartphone
Apple Pay on smartphone


This article explains how to connect Apple Pay on iPhone. The requirements for the technical characteristics of the mobile device are also indicated. In addition, examples of restrictions on payment cards are given. This information will allow you to correctly and quickly use the system on Apple smartphones.

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