Music Recognition Software: A Review of the Best Services

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Music Recognition Software: A Review of the Best Services
Music Recognition Software: A Review of the Best Services

Surely everyone is familiar with the situation when you hear a familiar melody somewhere, but you just can't remember the name of the track. Not all users have an excellent memory for musical compositions and performers, but modern technologies will come to the rescue in this case as well.

On the Internet, you can find special programs for identifying music that will tell you the name of the track, its author, and other information. True, not every utility of such a plan adequately copes with the task.

Some melody recognition programs determine the composition in a matter of seconds, while others cannot even cope with Kalinka-Malinka, so the choice of such software must be approached with all care, otherwise you will have to rely only for your memory.

The best track recognition services

So, we present to your attention the best programs for music recognition, which are very popular and have a lot of positive reviews. Consider the possibilities and features of eachapplications.


"Shazam" can safely be called the most popular program for identifying music on your phone and computer. Feedback on the work of the utility is entirely positive. Social services Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and others are intelligently integrated into the Shazam interface, which greatly facilitates the exchange of musical compositions with like-minded people.

Shazam program
Shazam program

There are no questions about the operation of the music recognition program. The utility quickly determines not only the title of the song, but also all the key information, if any, in the database of the service: artist, song release date, album, etc.

In addition, if the track is popular enough, then in addition to the basic data, lyrics, videos and other related content may appear on the screen. All this is neatly and conveniently located on the main screen of the utility.


The voice assistant "Alisa" is the brainchild of the Yandex search engine. It has a lot of interesting and extensive features, including acting as a program for identifying music on a computer or mobile device.

assistant alice
assistant alice

To start the track detection function, just say the phrase: “Alice, what is this song”, then turn on the song. The assistant works quite fast and in a few seconds it will present a rather detailed result: the name of the melody, artist, year of release, album, and in some cases the lyrics of the song with clips.

As a base for the search "Alice" uses the service"Yandex. Music", so there are no problems with Russian-language compositions, even if the latter are little known. At the same time, sometimes there are difficulties with rare foreign tracks, so lovers of only foreign music are better off using another music recognition program.


Quite a popular utility all over the world, which "breathes" in the back of "Shazam", lagging behind him just a step. Some users even consider SoundHound to be the best music recognition program on Android, and the Shazam service is just a hyped brand.

soundhound program
soundhound program

After launching the utility and activating the recording, it will determine the name of the track and artist in just a couple of seconds, but on the condition that the file has an indicator of at least 320 bitrate. If the composition has a lot of extraneous noise, low quality, or you yourself sing a melody, then the identification process is noticeably delayed.

After identifying the song, the utility will give a link to download it in Google Play and display all available information about the track on the working panel: title, artist, release year, album, etc.

The application has a very interesting feature - tracking the lyrics in real time. The program is good in many ways: efficient, convenient, understandable and completely free. But, alas, advertising banners are frequent guests here, so you either have to put up with them or buy a paid subscription.


This is a lesser known, but almost as effective as the previous utilities, a program fortrack recognition. The software is not cluttered with functionality and is not demanding on system resources, so it works without problems even on old mobile gadgets.

BeatFind program
BeatFind program

The program will recognize songs in seconds if you offer it a quality track. After identification, the utility provides a link to the original song to the popular services Spotify, Deezer and YouTube.

I must say about the excellent visual component of the program. The animated beats on the main screen are mesmerizing with their beauty, plus they do not just work in time with the equalizer, but act as a kind of strobe light, drawing attention to the action on the screen, to the illumination of the keys and camera flashes.


Another little-known but interesting music recognition service. The utility is not so well versed in Russian-language and indie songs, but it has a pleasant, convenient and intuitive interface.

MusicID program
MusicID program

Here you do not need to wander through the menu branches, just press one button, and the result will not be long in coming. It is worth mentioning the absence of advertising, which for some users is a critical point.

After identifying the track, the program will give a link to the original in Amazon, and will also display all the available information on the composition on the main screen: title, author, year of release, album name, etc. In addition, the service will offer similar songs for listening with a link to YouTube. Russian language, alas, is not supported, butdue to the simplicity of the interface, it is not needed here - even the most inexperienced users will figure it out.

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