The Sims 3: initialization error 0x0175dcbb. What is it and what to do with it

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The Sims 3: initialization error 0x0175dcbb. What is it and what to do with it
The Sims 3: initialization error 0x0175dcbb. What is it and what to do with it

Despite the high popularity of The Sims 3, bugs that can stop the entire gameplay are quite common. This is largely caused by the user's computer itself. After all, this game has many add-ons that simply overload the device or are not even supported on it. Sometimes the message "Initialization error 0x0175dcbb" appears on the screen. What to do in this case? Let's figure it out together.

General information

The Sims series of games is widely known around the world. And the third part is in no way inferior to the previous two. Its advantages include an open world (with the exception of some jobs) and the creation of an atmosphere as close to reality as possible. The game also has about 18 add-ons that bring a lot of things to the gameplay - from small things like clothing to major changes in the environment (weather, pets or the supernatural world).

initialization error 0x0175dcbb
initialization error 0x0175dcbb

All this makes the plot "voluminous". If a pure Sims 3 game (without add-ons) can run on any computer, then with a full set of mods it will be difficult even for some powerful PCs. This factor leads to the appearance of many errors and bugs that are not always easy to solve. One of these problems is the initialization error 0x0175dcbb. We will talk about it in more detail.

Error value

Often, players may receive a message with the text "Initialization error 0x0175dcbb", which indicates a lack of the required file in the OS library or a file conflict. However, speaking of The Sims 3, there is another reason to consider - the mods used.

Fix the problem

If you encounter initialization error 0x0175dcbb, there are several solutions. Each of them must be considered and, if possible, used until a positive effect is achieved.

Easy Methods to Solve a Problem

initialization error 0x0175dcbb sims 3
initialization error 0x0175dcbb sims 3

Choose one of the following methods:

1. The easiest solution to the "Initialization Error 0x0175dcbb" problem is to run the game as an administrator. In this case, you need to disable the anti-virus program.

2. Check if the graphics card drivers are up to date. This can be helped by the "Device Manager", launched through the "Start", and the official website of the manufacturer, which has all the necessary software.

3. Possibleproblem in DirectX caused by core library corruption. In this case, uninstall and reinstall the program.

4. Consider the mods folder called packages. Before deleting, try changing the name to any other word that is not related to the files of the game. If this does not help, then delete or move the game.

As a result, in the game "Sims 3" initialization error 0x0175dcbb should be resolved. The above methods are quite effective. In most cases, they solve the problem.

What if the Sims continues to get initialization error 0x0175dcbb? Then you should use the method below. But you will have to erase installed mods and add-ons. For some, this may seem undesirable. However, this method can actually help.

Removing game add-ons

When the first option was ineffective and the screen displays "Initialization error 0x0175dcbb", you will need to remove all game mods. For this you need:

  1. Launch the Start Menu and open Programs and Features.
  2. Find all add-ons and mods for the game and remove them.
  3. Clean up residual files and registry. CCleaner and similar applications can help with this.
sims initialization error 0x0175dcbb
sims initialization error 0x0175dcbb

The described actions should help to get rid of the error. You should also consider the individual tips provided below. Although they are of a general nature and can be used in othergames that report a problem should not be ignored.

Don't forget that The Sims 3 has a lot of user-created extra content. Often they are the cause of all the problems. What worked for the creator of an additional item (like clothes or hair) can harm another player, disrupting the gameplay.

sims 3 initialization error 0x0175dcbb
sims 3 initialization error 0x0175dcbb

You should always be careful when downloading such objects. Official add-ons also have a large number of different things. Unlike amateur content, they do not carry the harm (viruses or file conflicts) that can result from the thoughtless addition of many things to the game.


This problem can appear in any other game. Therefore, it is necessary to take into account general information that can help deal with the trouble. Here they are:

  • Update drivers for your video card and other devices in a timely manner. Special programs like Driver Booster and the like can help with this.
  • Install or update Net Framework and Visual C++. When installing the game itself will offer to install such software, do not refuse it.
  • Scan your device for viruses with any antivirus program.
  • Run the game as an administrator.
  • In the antivirus program, you may need to add the game to the exceptions (or pull it out of the "Quarantine" if the antivirus has already added game files there).
  • Some games provide settings for game graphics. If possible, change them to less demanding ones so as not to overload the device.
  • If there are third-party modifications - delete. You may need to install the original version of the game, without third-party changes.
initialization error 0x0175dcbb what to do
initialization error 0x0175dcbb what to do

These precautions will help you avoid "Initialization Failed 0x0175dcbb" message in Sims 3 and many other games. Troubleshooting should start with the simplest methods. We are talking about updating and reinstalling software and the like. The above methods that affect the removal of add-ons can limit the gameplay (after all, such mods add variety to the game).

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