Cloud antivirus: review of the best free antiviruses

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Cloud antivirus: review of the best free antiviruses
Cloud antivirus: review of the best free antiviruses

Choosing the best cloud-based antivirus is not easy. This is because each user has their own set of characteristics that must be present in a particular software. Further in the article, ten best utilities of this type will be analyzed.

Tentative list

It is worth noting that the cloud-based antiviruses listed below offer a fairly large set of features and are of a fairly high level of quality. The material will feature:

  • Bitdefender QuickScan;
  • Comodo Cloud Antivirus;
  • ESET Online Scanner;
  • Kaspersky Security Scan;
  • Norton Security Scan;
  • Panda Cloud Cleaner;
  • Trend Micro HouseCall;
  • Avira Internet Security.

It is worth noting that none of the utilities listed above is a full-fledged anti-virus program. As the name suggests, they are all completely free and are great for performing the scanning procedure.personal computer and system security checks.

It is also important to keep in mind that all remote antiviruses are not able to replace full-fledged antiviruses that can reliably protect your computer from various malicious software. The best option would be to use a combination of each type of utility.

ESET Online Scanner

ESET Online Scanner Logo
ESET Online Scanner Logo

At the moment, this program, which is available as a separate application for the Microsoft Windows operating system, is one of the best utilities for online scanning of your computer. The principle of operation of ESET cloud antivirus is to thoroughly scan such device elements as:

  • RAM;
  • applications and programs that are automatically loaded when the operating system starts;
  • local drives;
  • scan user archives.

The following functions are available to the user:

  • automatically scan your device for threats;
  • remove detected dangerous programs and files;
  • archive scanning;
  • spyware tracking technology.

Full scan procedure usually takes a little less than half an hour. After the scan is completed, the cloud antivirus will give the user the names and paths of all detected potential threats and dangerous files.

Summarizing the information, it can be noted that this program perfectly performs the function of additional scanningsystem, but nevertheless, it must be combined with a full-fledged antivirus.

Avira antivirus

Avira Internet Security logo
Avira Internet Security logo

Here it is worth making a clarification that Avira Internet Security Suite is specifically considered. This software is quite popular not only because of the large number of functions that allow you to protect your computer from various malicious files and programs. It is also quite relevant due to the support of cloud scanning technology known as Protection Cloud.

The advantages of this cloud-based antivirus include:

  • high quality scanner that allows you to detect any potential threat that has entered your computer;
  • the program has a firewall that protects the device from phishing;
  • user can use password manager;
  • an additional, extremely useful and relevant feature today is the presence of a VPN client.

However, it should be borne in mind that the Avira Antivirus interface is extremely inconvenient and constantly imposes various additional software on the device owner.

Bitdefender QuickScan

Bitdefender QuickScan Logo
Bitdefender QuickScan Logo

A program that can be safely called "Real cloud antivirus". But its main disadvantage is the limited list of browsers with which it can interact. Their list looks like this:

  • Internet Explorer;
  • Mozilla Firefox;
  • Google Chrome.

This is extremely inconvenient for many users. The downside is also the extremely small amount of functions performed. So the program can only:

  • notify the user about the infection of the operating system;
  • also gives only the name of a file or program that can harm your computer. The user needs to search for the location of the pest on their own.

The following positive qualities can be endured:

  • high quality malware detection;
  • phishing protection;
  • very simple and user-friendly interface;
  • the program consumes little computer resources and works very fast.

Among the negatives:

  • too few antivirus protection options;
  • you can expand the possibilities only by purchasing a paid subscription for three months.

Trend Micro HouseCall

This cloud-based antivirus is also an application that you need to install on your computer. All additional materials are loaded automatically after starting the utility. The operating interface is very simple, clear and user-friendly. Among the advantages and available functions, one can note such features as:

  • complete information about the malicious object. When such a device is detected, the program gives the device owner the full name, location, and also the type and severity level;
  • the user can delete the detected pest without leaving the program;
  • there is an opportunity to choose any of the three (quick, custom or full) levels of scanning the operating system.

As a disadvantage, it is worth noting the rather long period of the full verification procedure. So one of the tests showed that the utility completely checks the system in more than seven hours. Which is a very unsatisfactory indicator.

Quick system scan takes approximately 10 minutes.

Summarizing all the information, it can be noted that this program is quite innovative. But due to such important disadvantages as the length of the full scan, it is not the best choice.

Panda Cloud Cleaner

Panda Cloud Cleaner Logo
Panda Cloud Cleaner Logo

Cloud antivirus "Panda" is quite effective software among other representatives of this category. It is also installed on the computer as a separate application for the Windows operating system. One of the functions of the program is to automatically download the latest signatures before each start of the scanning procedure. Features and benefits include:

  • the ability to perform a quick or custom system check;
  • at the end of the procedure, the user receives the most accurate information about all malicious files and other objects;
  • user can also select a specific section and see all the information about detected pests;
  • user can remove detected threats without leaving theantivirus;
  • in quick scan mode, the program completes the procedure in about ten minutes;
  • full check is done faster than many of the programs of this type listed above and presented below - a little more than half an hour.

Thus, this utility is quite a useful addition to any basic antivirus.

Norton Security Scan

Norton Security Scan Logo
Norton Security Scan Logo

The next program in the selection of cloud-based antiviruses for Windows 7 and newer versions of this operating system. It is also a utility that needs to be downloaded and installed. All updates are downloaded automatically every time you start. Among the functions performed are:

  • check your computer for malware and files;
  • Suspicious Cookie detection;
  • detection of applications that can harm the device;
  • hovering over the detected pest with the mouse, the user will be able to get detailed information;
  • The program automatically scans the system immediately after installation.

As a minus, it can be noted that the user cannot configure the system check mode. Also, when you try to fix many of the problems found, namely when you click on the Fix now button, you will be redirected to a site with an offer to purchase additional products.

Kaspersky Security Scan

Kaspersky Security Scan Logo
Kaspersky Security Scan Logo

Kaspersky cloud antivirus is enougha controversial program, as there have been many recent reports that it is itself a virus. However, as a system scanning utility, it is fairly straightforward and easy to manage. The program works on an independent mode, which users cannot change. This happens twice a week.

Also, the owner of the device can perform a quick scan, which runs in two minutes and a full scan. It takes a little less than an hour. As a result, the user will receive:

  • list of malware and infected files;
  • degree of system protection and availability of installed programs to perform this function;
  • presence of other system security issues.

As negative points, one can also note the rather long time for a full scan and the traffic limit on the free version.

Comodo Cloud Antivirus

Comodo Cloud Antivirus Logo
Comodo Cloud Antivirus Logo

Comodo Cloud Antivirus is a standalone program that must be installed on a computer running Windows. It is worth noting that the program interface is almost a full-fledged anti-virus utility. The user is offered options and actions such as:

  • the ability to conduct a quick, selective or full scan;
  • sandbox mode;
  • cloud scan;
  • "firewall";
  • "game" mode. Allows you to disable everythingprogram notifications.

A full system scan takes about an hour.

Positive things to note:

  • a large set of free features that are present in paid antiviruses;
  • versatility.

As a negative side, you can specify a too cautious "firewall" that reacts to a large number of files; forcing additional products.

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