Best paid antivirus: product name and user reviews

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Best paid antivirus: product name and user reviews
Best paid antivirus: product name and user reviews

As you know, computer security and information protection in our time are priorities for all users of desktop computers, laptops and mobile devices without exception. Most experts recommend using paid rather than free antiviruses. But which paid antivirus is the best? What software product should be preferred in order to be sure of providing the highest quality level of protection for a computer or mobile system? Let's try to figure it out by looking at some of the most popular software products of our time, which occupy the top lines in all world rankings.

Why is it recommended to use paid antiviruses?

First of all, a few words about why it is recommended to use paid antiviruses. It is no secret that free software is, in a sense, truncated and does not fully possess allsets of tools that provide the maximum level of protection for both user computers and terminals in the local network. Of course, here you can object to the fact that ordinary users have enough use of free applications. But what if we are talking about protecting the information of a medium or large enterprise? A higher level of protection is needed here. In addition, if you pay attention to some free antiviruses (in particular, this concerns the freely distributed Avast antivirus), they are often able to miss dangerous threats or even give false positives, for example, when installing other official software.

10 best paid antiviruses

As for paid programs that provide reliable and high-quality protection for any computers and networks, the list can be conditionally presented as follows:

  • Bitdefender;
  • programs from Norton;
  • Kaspersky Lab software products;
  • antivirus from ESET;
  • AVG antivirus;
  • Avast products;
  • F-Secure;
  • Avira Pro version;
  • Canimaan;
  • Intego Mac Internet Security.

Of course, not all paid software products are presented here, but only their main part. Nevertheless, it is these paid antiviruses for Windows that are the best in all ratings (the last two are more focused on Mac systems). Next, we will briefly dwell on each of them.


I think this software package needs no introduction, although many ordinary users about itexistence may not be known.

Bitdefender Antivirus
Bitdefender Antivirus

Many experts call it the best paid antivirus, which is due to the fact that its software engine is used in many other applications in this area. So, for example, on its basis, the notorious "Windows Defender" was created, which is included in all systems of the latest generations. The uniqueness of this software product is not even that it provides maximum protection at all levels, but that it provides for the use of a two-way firewall. In addition, the special function of quick system recovery looks very unusual in case of critical failures and all kinds of errors when Windows tools are powerless. The estimated cost of a subscription for a year is about 30 USD.

Programs from Norton

Of course, when talking about the ranking of the best paid antiviruses, one cannot ignore Symantec software products, such as deluxe protection tools.

Antivirus Norton Internet Security Deluxe
Antivirus Norton Internet Security Deluxe

If anyone does not know, it was this company that once stood at the origins of the creation of the most powerful means of protection, when many eminent and well-known brands today did not even exist. By and large, these tools are very similar to Bitdefender antivirus, as they have a built-in system recovery function in case of failure. But the main advantage is the presence in them of unsurpassed anti-spyware modules that protect the userfrom both spies and bots. When installing on only one terminal, you will have to pay about 1800 rubles.

Kaspersky Lab software products

The programs of this developer are recognized leaders in providing comprehensive protection for computers. Until recently, absolutely all Kaspersky Lab applications were exclusively paid.

Antivirus "Kaspersky Lab"
Antivirus "Kaspersky Lab"

Today, many experts tend to believe that the Kaspersky Lab tools are the best paid antivirus. Yes, of course, the protection here is beyond praise, and the cost of the license is 1800 rubles. However, the only and main disadvantage can only be called the fact that almost all software products of this line are not intended for use on weak computer configurations, since their load on system resources is very high. However, if we turn to history, this has always been the case (since the very first developments).

Antivirus from ESET

Antivirus programs from ESET in the form of versions of Internet Security, Smart Security and pure antivirus NOD32 are very popular both with ordinary users and when using them in office corporate networks.

Antivirus from ESET
Antivirus from ESET

No claims for protection. The set of tools is quite impressive. True, it can sometimes be quite difficult for a novice user to figure out some of the settings, since they are hidden very much.deep. The load on system resources is surprisingly completely insignificant. But all these applications are shareware, and you can renew the license even for a certain period, using license keys freely posted on the Internet or converting logins and passwords into license codes.

If anyone does not know, there is also an unofficial add-on TNOD User Password Finder, developed by a group of enthusiasts and which is an automated activator that checks and renews the license every time the computer system is started without user intervention. That is why many experts consider ESET the best paid antivirus of our time, although they pay attention to the fact that the price of $40 is somewhat overpriced.

AVG Antivirus

Before us is another fairly popular software product. And many users call it the best paid antivirus for Windows 10 and the modifications below are completely not unreasonable.

Antivirus AVG
Antivirus AVG

Noting the highest quality of work and security of both the operating system and user programs or files, we can separately note the presence of a built-in firewall that works without loading resources and clearly fulfills its role, not to mention the maximum possible protection against spam (including from all kinds of advertising viruses, which are becoming more and more on the Internet day by day). The cost of this package is about 1440 rubles.

Avast Products

Talking about how paidthe antivirus is better, the Avast Premiere version should also be considered separately.

Antivirus Avast Premiere
Antivirus Avast Premiere

Unlike free development, no one has any complaints about it. If we consider the strengths of this software product, a very unusual function can be singled out separately. The fact is that this application is able to update not only its own anti-virus databases, but also clearly monitor the release of updates for all programs installed on the computer. How necessary is such a module? Its expediency, however, remains a big question, because we are still talking about ensuring security, but the fact remains. The price of this antivirus is very conditional and is approximately 1250 rubles, and for modifications of Internet Security and Pro -700 and 900 rubles, respectively.


Among the best paid antiviruses for Windows 7 and above, it is worth highlighting a software product called F-Secure Antivirus, which is constantly in the top ten in almost all world antivirus software ratings.

F-Secure Protection
F-Secure Protection

The most important distinguishing features of this software product, most experts call unsurpassed performance and the absence of any conflicts with applications installed on the computer. Of course, for about the same price as the products of Kaspersky Lab or Bitdefender, the user gets a little less functionality, but the antivirus has a very simple and pleasant interface, and all the important settings thatcalled, are right in plain sight.

Avira Pro version

Before us is another software product that can also be included with confidence in the list of the best paid antiviruses of our time. The toolbox looks very interesting.

Antivirus Avira Pro
Antivirus Avira Pro

Not to mention the standard features, many experts in the field of cyber security note the presence of a real-time intelligent protection module, an automated system for protecting bank payments, and even restricting access to a webcam in case of unauthorized intervention of intruders into a computer or laptop. Actually, the price of $ 24 fully corresponds to the tool kit included in the package.


Now let's look at another package that can also be called the best paid antivirus in its field. Apparently, most users are not familiar with it, since it is designed to be used exclusively in "apple" operating systems. As for its functionality, this antivirus is comparable in its capabilities and technical characteristics to the Bitdefender package and gives quite high results in the test results.

Intego Mac Internet Security

Finally, we have another best paid antivirus, also designed for use on Apple computer devices.

Antivirus Intego Mac Internet Security
Antivirus Intego Mac Internet Security

Based on the ratings, it is clear that this package showed the highest results in terms of repelling virus attacks, however, inwork, judging by the feedback from users and specialists, turned out to be very resource-intensive. According to some reports, the overall performance degradation of the system and applications installed in its environment with the active state of the protection module reached about 16%. Nevertheless, the situation is somewhat similar to what is observed with Kaspersky Lab software applets, which need to be installed only in powerful computer configurations.

The best paid antiviruses for Android

As for the best protective tools recommended for use on mobile devices running on Android, it is quite difficult to single out one software product. By and large, almost all of the above packages have analogues in the form of mobile versions. To verify this, you can simply go to the Google Play store and search for antivirus applications. In general, many people tacitly recommend using antiviruses that do not load the system, like the full version of AVG worth 590 rubles, Dr. Web with a price of about 2,600 rubles, an Internet protector from Kapersky Lab worth 400 rubles, Norton Mobile Security with a price of 900 rubles, Avira mobile antivirus (400 rubles), etc. In general, as it is already clear, there is something choose. All prices are for an annual subscription.

When choosing an antivirus, of course, you need to focus on the power of your mobile device, and on what functions you want to get. But after all, for most users, the presence of many additional modules, such as ensuring the protection of banking operations, usually does notare required, which is why they prefer free apps that contain a minimum of functions, including a phone lock for those cases when you could simply lose your gadget.

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