Dynamic remarketing: description, features, settings

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Dynamic remarketing: description, features, settings
Dynamic remarketing: description, features, settings

Internet marketing has long captured the commercial part of the network. And the simple truth “If you are not on the Internet, you are not in business” by Bill Gates has long been understood by everyone. But with the development of SEO and other industries, more and more information appears. Although the work has acquired algorithms, it still requires a new look and ideas. This is how dynamic remarketing was born.

The concept of conventional remarketing

To understand dynamic remarketing, you need to compare it to regular remarketing. As always, such concepts are dictated to us by Google. This time we are talking about Google Analytics. This free service helps the owner of the resource to collect visit statistics on the site. It usually works in tandem with Google AdWords, a contextual and search advertising service.

Regular remarketing works in a fairly simple way. The resource owner enables the advertisers feature. After that, certain parameters and indicators begin to appear, thanks to which you can determine the audience.

So, the owner becomes aware of his age, gender and interestsvisitors. It also becomes possible to track audience behavior across individual sessions.

Working with dynamic remarketing
Working with dynamic remarketing

The concept of dynamic remarketing

With the help of a new type of remarketing, you can add thematic attributes to your ad tags. Thanks to them, it will be possible to collect information about the audience even more accurately.

This is the type of remarketing we encounter every day on the Internet. For example, you decide to buy an artificial Christmas tree for the New Year. We went to several sites, looked at several options and abandoned this case.

After a few hours you decide to read the news or articles. Now, if the site has ads, they will display the same tree options from the same online stores that you saw earlier.


Google Dynamic Remarketing has a standard look and feel. The banners are already configured by the company, so there is no way to change them. The location of pictures and buttons does not change. Although there are several templates, so the owner can diversify the ad a little.

Working with AdWords
Working with AdWords

Having stumbled upon this phenomenon a couple of times, you will notice that not all online stores use this remarketing option. Usually these are large sites that have the appropriate resources for this.

If the article has multiple banner ads, the user will see the same artificial Christmas tree they were looking for earlier, as well as other offers they were looking at. You can see banners of several stores at the same time.

Howcan customize

You can set up dynamic remarketing in two ways:

  • Google AdWords.
  • Google Merchant Center.

What is the peculiarity of each of these options? Google Merchant Center does not work everywhere, so this may be the only reason why the owner refuses to work with the service. The resource works in Russia. Its peculiarity is that it saves the user from almost all current tasks. All you need is to update the feed and install the correct codes on the site.

Dynamic remarketing statistics
Dynamic remarketing statistics

Because Google AdWords is a more versatile application, it is much more difficult to work with it in this regard. You will have to draw up tables with products on your own and upload them to the service. If there are changes, they should be immediately entered into the registry. Especially a lot of worries in the case of frequent price changes. Some may update the table a couple of times a month, some have to do this several times a day.

There are difficulties with the relevance of the data. After the table is uploaded to the service, it undergoes moderation, due to which the data is loaded later.

Working with Google AdWords

Google Merchant Center is easy to use and does not require any additional instructions. The service works like clockwork and can quickly collect the necessary data. But, as mentioned earlier, it functions only in Russia. But in Ukraine, Kazakhstan or Belarus it is not. Therefore, you have to use the option with AdWords. Dynamic remarketing requires accurate inputparameters and following the algorithm.

So, in this case, you will need a website database to set it up. From a commercial resource, you need to unload all the goods in an XML format table or directly into Excel. Next, you need to enter the parameters that Google AdWords dynamic remarketing will ask for.


  • product identifier;
  • name;
  • description;
  • link;
  • image;
  • price.

If the site often holds promotions or discounts, then you can enter another parameter "discount price". To remember this data, you can use the Google Merchant Center, which also contains them, but in English.

AdWords program
AdWords program

To create a feed, they usually use an already installed option, to which AdWords responds well. Therefore, it is worth remembering the name of the parameters:

  • id;
  • title;
  • description;
  • link;
  • image_link;
  • price.

If for some reason the service does not want to work, you can try using alternative names:

  • id;
  • Item title;
  • Item description;
  • Destination URL;
  • Image URL;
  • price.

In this case, the problem of correct operation and filling of the feed can be quickly solved. Thus, the table will receive the appropriate form. The columns will be named as described above. The table below will display products from the site.

How AdWords works

AdWords Dynamic Remarketing Worksaccording to a certain algorithm. The most basic parameter is the identification number. It helps to determine how many times visitors got to the site due to the product ID.

The rest of the indicators affect the appearance of the banner. That is, the name of the product, a link to it and an image are important. Depending on the size of the advertisement, the cost and description may be indicated.

Difficulties in setting up

When working with the Google Merchant Center, you need to remember about a certain parameter in the code. It is "ecomm". It must be used in order for additional parameters to be passed to AdWords and Analytics. That is, this command is a link between two resources.

But you can't use "ecomm" in AdWords, because it can cause a data conflict. The resource will not understand where to get the data from. In this case, another parameter is needed - "dynx". It is very important not to confuse them in order to get correct results.

Common setup mistakes

Despite the fact that the process itself is not as complicated as it seems, due to the large amount of information, it is possible not to follow all the steps. Therefore, the following errors are often encountered:

  • incorrect URL;
  • no image link;
  • recurring identifiers.

Very often, users forget about the availability of A / B tests that will help identify incorrect settings. In this case, you need to conduct an experiment for several weeks or months. For example, change the background color of the banner or turn on the backlight. AlsoYou can customize the buttons or the number of ads. All this will give a response from the audience and help to adequately evaluate the effectiveness of remarketing.

Working with myTarget
Working with myTarget

Working with myTarget

There is dynamic remarketing in myTarget. This option is much less common than the previous two. The platform works with the placement of targeted advertising. It is less popular, since it was developed by the Russian company Mail. Ru Group, and therefore it is used mainly in the Russian Federation.

First you need to set the code and the counter. To do this, you need to create a counter on the "Audience" page. You will need to enter the site on which it will be installed, as well as email and password. Now on each page of the resource after the tag "", you need to set the code of the counter and dynamic remarketing.

Next, the owner must configure the transfer of parameters. As always, the item ID is required. In the "Audience" menu, you need to select a price list and upload it to the section of the same name. After that, all errors that could occur during the setup process will be indicated. We need to check their presence and fix them if necessary.

Working with Facebook

A feature of Facebook dynamic remarketing is that the owner is not tied to the site's cookie, so ads are shown to any user who uses a computer, smartphone or tablet to log in.

Working with Facebook
Working with Facebook

"Facebook" allows you to place one or more products in the banner. You can add dynamic parameter changes to the text. In this waythe banner will show the cost of the product, name, brand, etc.

Advertising in this case is displayed in the Facebook news feed or the right column of the page, in the Instagram feed, on websites and applications of the company Audience Network.

To run dynamic remarketing on this social network, you need:

  • business account;
  • installed pixel and event tracking;
  • feed.

Now you need to create or go to the installed pixel. Here you need to copy the code to paste it into the body of the site. Next, you need to select several events in order to analyze. Usually they set up the display of viewing products and catalogs, adding products to the basket and purchasing.

Independent work

If you have never encountered AdWords and other similar resources, it will not be easy to figure it out on your own. To do this, you will need to at least take an SEO course or study online. And even after that, you will have to get an assistant programmer who will help with the technical part: create a feed, send the code and set the counter.

Working with Google Merchant Center
Working with Google Merchant Center

If you are familiar with this question, then for this you just need to carefully approach the setting. Moreover, at the first stages, you still have to go through some mistakes in order to do everything as best as possible specifically for your resource.

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