Which is better, "Kaspersky" or "Doctor Web": similarities and differences, pros and cons of application

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Which is better, "Kaspersky" or "Doctor Web": similarities and differences, pros and cons of application
Which is better, "Kaspersky" or "Doctor Web": similarities and differences, pros and cons of application

Since the advent of the first Windows operating systems, issues related to protecting computers and networks from all kinds of virus threats have become very acute, since most of the known viruses (both then and today) are mainly designed to defeat exactly the operating systems developed by Microsoft Corporation. But what exactly to choose for security? Next, we will consider two main and competing Russian antiviruses and try to find out which is better - Doctor Web or Kaspersky. Both developers have made themselves known in the security software market for a long time and are rightfully considered one of the leading companies in the world. However, the opinions of users and specialists in matters of preference or inclination to install any one software product are clearly divided. Let's try to compare some of them, taking into account such reviews.

Which is better - Kaspersky or Doctor Web? What to build on when comparing?

To begin with, each user must learn that bothdevelopers produce a lot of anti-virus software products designed for completely different situations. Among all that can be found, the most popular are standard antiviruses that are installed directly into operating systems on local computers, servers or network terminals, portable programs designed to neutralize threats on already infected computers, and special disk utilities that have their own boot loaders instead of launching the OS in order to destroy threats for cases when Windows does not boot just because of a virus impact.

Let's take a brief look at all three types of applications, and also consider the acquisition of licensed software, the complexity of installation and use, the load on system resources and the quality of security as comparative characteristics.

Comparison of Kaspersky and Doctor Web: cost and installation issues

As for free regular software products, both developers practically don't have them.

Free kaspersky antivirus
Free kaspersky antivirus

The only exception is the latest modification of the free "Kaspersky Anti-Virus" (and then it must be activated in a timely manner). Doctor Web does not have this at all. The first round is for Kaspersky. All portable programs and disk applications are really free. But if you buy legal versions of official antiviruses, in fact it turns out that Doctor Web's software products cost home users and corporate users alike.users are almost twice cheaper than similar developments of Kaspersky Lab. You can't argue here.

But which antivirus is better from standard tools - Kaspersky or Doctor Web? Neither specialists nor users have a common opinion regarding the installation of this type of software.

Installing Doctor Web anti-virus
Installing Doctor Web anti-virus

Some people think that installing Doctor Web is easier than installing Kaspersky, others are of the opposite opinion. However, if you approach with an open mind, opinions about the complexity of the installation look clearly far-fetched. Only server versions can be an exception, when antivirus settings are required either on each network terminal or directly on the central server. These questions should be left to system administrators, since the average user absolutely does not need such knowledge.

which is better kaspersky or doctor web
which is better kaspersky or doctor web

But Doctor Web can easily be installed to put things in order in an already infected system, and problems are often observed with Kapersky in this regard.

Some differences in functionality

If we consider the standard security tools of Kaspersky or Doctor Web in terms of their functionality, a special difference can be seen only in details, since the standard sets of both developers are almost the same.

Connecting devices to Kapersky antivirus
Connecting devices to Kapersky antivirus

But what looks somewhat unusual at Kaspersky,it is the ability to connect any other device with a similar product to the installed antivirus and manage the protection system through a personal account located on the My Kaspersky portal. This is a clear plus. As for cross-platform use, both antiviruses are in equal positions here (their versions can be found for almost all known operating systems installed on both stationary PCs and mobile devices).

Reaction to viruses and suspicious threats

Now let's see which is better - Kaspersky or Doctor Web, when it comes to detecting threats and neutralizing them. Behind the scenes, it is commonly believed that Kaspersky's virus databases are the most complete. But this is debatable. But in terms of verification, some people think that Doctor Web clearly loses because it checks absolutely all files downloaded from the Internet, even if they do not pose a direct or perceived threat, which takes more time. In addition, the parameters set for scanning a computer in the background, which are used in both programs by default, also cause legitimate indignation of users when the scan starts at the most inopportune moment, due to which programs begin to freeze, and system resources are fully used exclusively by antiviruses.. However, only those users who do not know how to set up a scheduled scan so that it occurs when the computer is idle can say this.

Load on system resources

As for resource consumption,the conclusion about which is better - "Kaspersky" or "Doctor Web", many make an unambiguous.

kaspersky or doctor web
kaspersky or doctor web

For some reason, it is generally accepted that Kaspersky slows down the system incredibly, although the latest modifications (according to the developer's statements) are no different. Apparently, this is due to a well-established stereotype that has existed since the release of the first anti-virus products, when it was impossible to work even on powerful computers with the installed standard anti-virus from Kaspersky Lab.

Portable and Disk Utilities

Naturally, among the antiviruses of "Kaspersky" and "Doctor Web" there are special curing programs that do not require installation on the hard drive of a computer or laptop (KVRT and Dr. Web CureIt!, respectively). Both utilities are almost equal in their capabilities, however, often the dissatisfaction of users who scan their system with a portable application from Doctor Web is caused by the fact that it identifies many well-known optimizers or uninstallers as potentially unwanted software.

comparison of kaspersky and doctor web
comparison of kaspersky and doctor web

At the same time, it is believed that there is no way to disable treatment or removal for especially critical cases, and at the end of the scan, the installed applications refuse to work at all. In addition, Doctor Web does not respond to such activators as, for example, KMSAuto Net. On the one hand, this is good for the average user, on the other hand, this is the most illegal activation of Windows. Kasperskygives a warning about the detection of a legitimate activation program, but reports that it may contain malicious code. Disk utilities are about the same level, although again it is tacitly believed that Kaspersky's Rescue Disk detects and neutralizes threats of any type better than Doctor Web's LiveDisk.

Which antivirus do you prefer?

So what is better - Kaspersky or Doctor Web? Alas, it is impossible to give a definite answer to this question. All software products from both developers deserve every praise, and the choice in favor of one thing often depends on user preferences or even a pre-formed stereotype. That is why you are given the right to make your own choice and install exactly the software product that you consider necessary and as effective as possible.

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