Reset "Kaspersky": instructions for operation and configuration, tips and tricks

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Reset "Kaspersky": instructions for operation and configuration, tips and tricks
Reset "Kaspersky": instructions for operation and configuration, tips and tricks

It's no secret that most of Kaspersky Lab's anti-virus software products (with the exception of the latest versions of standard anti-virus) are shareware and can be installed on computers in the form of special trial versions with a trial period, after which they will be inoperable. To return such software to full or partial functionality, you can reset the activation of Kaspersky. What is it for, how to perform such a procedure with the simplest methods available to any user, will be discussed further. It is worth immediately warning all users that the proposed solutions are not official, since the developer of anti-virus software himself has never released such utilities under any pretext, and only enthusiasts of their business are engaged in this. So keep that in mind!

Why do I need to reset Kaspersky?

First, let'sLet's see what all this is for. The most basic problem, as it is believed, is that at the end of the trial license, the anti-virus databases are not updated, and the software products of all categories themselves become inoperable. No, of course, this does not mean that they will not respond to threats, but most of the important functions and modules will be blocked. Thus, you don't even have to think about providing comprehensive protection for your computer or network. You can return the functionality by most usually reinstalling the software. But this operation is quite complicated, since it is not so easy to get rid of any antivirus (sometimes you need to use uninstallation in safe mode, clean the registry yourself and remove residual files). So isn't it easier to reset the Kaspersky license and then reactivate the trial period if you don't have the funds to buy a key for a fully functional modification? Such actions can be performed even for a running program without first deleting it. And this is what attracts the average user, who is not particularly familiar with the complete removal and reinstallation of antiviruses (in the case of the standard programs described, this procedure is rather complicated and tedious, and not every user will be able to cope with it).

How to get rid of the constantly pop-up message about the imminent license expiration?

Somewhat digressing from the topic, many users who do not like the constant appearance of warnings that the deadlinethe validity of a trial license or a key for some installed security software product is expiring soon, you can offer a solution that allows you to get rid of it.

Notification of imminent license expiration
Notification of imminent license expiration

Please note that we are not talking about resetting the Kaspersky key, but only about deleting an annoying message. Usually its appearance is associated with one of the keys in the registry.

Using the registry file to reset Kaspersky
Using the registry file to reset Kaspersky

In order not to search and change it yourself, just download from the Internet a special script called NagBox Removerv11.0.1.400, which is a registry file, taking into account the bitness of your operating system, run it to merge, having administrator rights, and forget about the message. However, before performing such actions, you will need to slightly change the settings of the antivirus itself, which will be discussed below.

Software products for which the proposed solutions can be used

As for regular security software products, for which the possibility of free use for thirty days is initially provided, the solutions proposed below are successfully applied to such of them:

  • Kaspersky Internet Security.
  • Kaspersky Total Security.
  • Kaspersky Free Antivirus.
  • Kaspersky PURE.
  • Kaspersky Endpoint Security.

All further decisions will be described for the first software product in the list ("Internet Security"). But, as is already clear,they can also be used for any other installed software developed specifically by Kaspersky Lab.

Preliminary steps before resetting the Kaspersky trial

So, first you need to deactivate the so-called antivirus self-defense - a tool that blocks access to changing the security level of an installed program.

Self-defense item in antivirus settings
Self-defense item in antivirus settings

In the main window of the application, after calling it from the system tray, you need to click on the button with the image of a gear at the bottom left, and then go to the advanced settings section. On the right, the self-defense item is selected, and in the settings window that appears, the checkbox is unchecked from the item to activate it.

Disabling self-defense of Kaspersky Anti-Virus
Disabling self-defense of Kaspersky Anti-Virus

The following will be a message about the unsafeness of the actions performed, but you don't have to worry about this. Upon completion of the preliminary steps, it is necessary to unload the antivirus using the RMB on the icon in the system tray with the choice of the exit point, however, the system must not be rebooted in any case, since the antivirus will return to its previous active state upon restart. Then you can proceed to reset "Kaspersky Internet Security". Next, we will consider actions corresponding to software products distributed by year of release.

2017-2018 Versions

So, for the latest versions of security software, however, as for any other modifications, resetting Kaspersky in manual mode is quite difficult. This may require changes tosystem registry, and in the files of the program itself. Therefore, it is easiest and safest to use ready-made utilities. So for the newest products, the best option is to use a small Kaspersky trial reset activator called Kaspersky Reset Trial version or its earlier modification, which is presented as a single executable file.

Kasperky Trial Reset Utility
Kasperky Trial Reset Utility

Run the file as administrator with the antivirus unloaded, press the reset button, and after confirming the action, a full reset is performed. Further, you can not enter the activation code for the antivirus, but use the point for obtaining a trial version for thirty days. After a couple of seconds (after connecting with the Kaspersky Lab server), it will be activated again.


Resetting the Kaspersky password for modifications of this release year is just as easy. However, in this case it is recommended to use the Kaspersky World utility version Previously, in addition to self-defense, you need to disable the antivirus itself. If this is not done, it will "swear" about the presence of a threat in the downloaded file or archive with the utility.

Kaspersky World utility
Kaspersky World utility

Run the executable program file, select the "Trial life" item in the main window, then use the universal reset button of the trial, at the end of the steps, reboot the system and reactivate the trial license, as described above.


To resetKaspersky for software products released this year will need a separate Process Monitor utility and, in fact, the TR13-M4-A4 executable BAT file. Here the steps are somewhat more complex. Immediately note that self-defense must be activated, the main protection is disabled, and the antivirus is not unloaded! This is very important!

Filter in Process Monitor
Filter in Process Monitor

After starting the monitoring utility, wait until the Process Monitor Filter window appears, press the "OK" button, find the label of the Process Monitor v1.3 application, through RMB and the "Jump to …" item, select and completely delete the registry branch, in which the program will transfer you. After that, to complete the Kaspersky reset procedure, run the BAT file as an administrator and simply follow the instructions on the screen. Upon completion of all actions, the computer or laptop will restart, and after the restart, you will only have to activate the trial period again.

2012 issue year

For software products of this year of release, the Trial Reset utility of modification 3.5.2 is used (self-defense must be turned off, and the antivirus is completely unloaded). Run the program, click the "OK" button, when finished, reboot the system and activate the trial license again.


To modify the antiviruses of this year of development, you can use the merge of the KIS 2011 v11.0.1.400En registry file, as described above. Just double-click to run the file and agree to make changes to the registry (again, self-defense must be disabled, andthe antivirus is completely unloaded).

Note: Please note that most of the files and utilities described above, which will be downloaded from the Internet, usually come in archives with passwords, which are indicated directly on the sites from which the download is made. In addition, when downloading such content, it is recommended to deactivate protection for a while, since when analyzing the content, the antiviruses themselves can identify the data embedded in the archives as a potential threat. And it goes without saying that downloading such tools is necessary only after preliminary verification of the source resource for reliability.

Summary of results

For the most part, that's all there is to bypassing the use of trial versions. It goes without saying that you should not delve into the registry yourself, since even an accidental deletion or change of some important key (both the antivirus and the operating system itself) can lead to unforeseen consequences. In addition, one should take into account the fact that the above material cannot be regarded as a direct guide to action, since in a sense the operations performed can be called illegal. Finally, keep in mind that you can use the proposed operations, as they say, only at your own peril and risk. Even the creators of such software products disclaim any responsibility for the consequences of your actions and provide such solutions for informational purposes only.

It remains to be said that in order to avoid problems with the use of the described software, sometimes it is better to first completelyremove the antivirus using special uninstaller programs like iObit Uninstaller (but only in safe mode), and then install the desired software product to protect your computer or network again. At the very least, it will save you a lot of risk and legal problems.

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