Windows 7 password bypass: possible methods and recommendations from experts

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Windows 7 password bypass: possible methods and recommendations from experts
Windows 7 password bypass: possible methods and recommendations from experts

The fact that users (most often computer administrators) protect Windows operating systems from unauthorized use, for example, in their absence at the computer, does not surprise anyone. However, often the administrator may not give the registered user enough rights to perform any actions or set personal settings, and therefore it may be necessary to log in with an administrator registration. Next, let's see how to bypass the password on a Windows 7 computer using a few simple methods. But first, let's look at exactly the cases in which such actions may be extremely necessary.

The most common situations

So, what can happen if the user is in dire need of knowing, bypassing or resetting the Windows password? In the simplest case, this situation may be due to the fact thatthe user simply forgot and simply lost his own combination, which is used to enter the system. This is understandable, because any person tends to forget some things. Ordinary users, obviously not understanding what's going on, begin to take the most drastic measures, trying to simply reinstall the system. You should not do this, because even a forgotten Microsoft registration password, which was created during the first installation of the system, can be restored quite simply by contacting the corporation's support service. To do this, you can log in to the official resource from another computer and specify the necessary data, after which the recovery code will be sent to your mobile number.

The problem looks much worse when the system administrator sets restrictions on the computer terminal for registered users, for example, so that users do not install some unnecessary software on their own or do not make settings that can harm the system. But even in this case, you can bypass the Windows 7 administrator password, and sometimes you don’t need to know the desired combination at all. Finally, sometimes you may want to open another computer user's files that aren't shared. For example, an office worker falls ill, you need to get access to his documents, but for his own personal reasons, he does not want to give his Windows password to other people.

By and large, in all of the above situations, you can use some, according to most experts, standard methods thatthey will help you either find out the password you are looking for, or bypass it, or even get rid of the registration record of the computer administrator himself.

What if the password is set in the BIOS?

The actions taken for most cases, we will start with a consideration of the simplest options and first of all we will consider bypassing the Windows 7 administrator password, which is not set in the OS itself, in the settings of the primary BIOS input / output system so that the user cannot not only enter the operating system environment, but also change the priorities of the primary settings set by the admin.

Reset BIOS password
Reset BIOS password

On stationary PCs, you can reset the password in an elementary way, by removing the CMOS battery responsible for powering the BIOS chip for 10-15 minutes, and then inserting it back. On laptops, this operation looks a little more complicated, since the devices will have to be disassembled. However, if desired, it can be done if you are careful not to damage important components on the motherboard itself when removing the cover.

Disabling Super Admin on a Running System

Now, digressing a little from the main topic, let's briefly look at how to disable the built-in account of the so-called super administrator, which by default has the highest priority in all Windows operating systems, starting from the seventh version. To do this, you need to run the command line, but this time it is necessary on behalf of the administrator through the RMB menu, and then execute the command “net user Administrator / active: no” (naturally, without quotes). After that, all programs andfiles can be opened without getting permission from the super administrator. The exception in some cases is the command console. UAC will also remain active, but it can be lowered.

How to Bypass Windows 7 Login Password: Safe Mode Settings

Now let's proceed directly to the consideration of methods that are applicable for cases where it is impossible to log into the system under a certain "account", including the administrator account. How to bypass the password on Windows 7 in this situation? Simple too.

Entering Windows Safe Mode
Entering Windows Safe Mode

To do this, you need to start in safe mode, which is selected from the boot menu, activated immediately before the start of the operating system by pressing the F8 key. In the login window, simply select the desired registration entry. In this case, the password will not be requested. If necessary, you can then grant yourself additional rights or use the management of the "account" under which you are logged in, and then set the current password to be deleted.

Bypass the Windows administrator password when starting from the command console

The start boot menu is also convenient because instead of starting in Safe Mode, you can use the start with command line support, which is necessary if secure login is impossible or violated for some reason.

Setting a new password via the command line
Setting a new password via the command line

When the start stops, you will need to enter the combination net user NAME PASSWORD, where NAME isthe username for which you want to change the login combination, PASSWORD is the new password. As it is already clear, you do not need to know the old combination, and when you reboot in normal mode, it will be the installed new combination that will be required to enter.

Adding and removing accounts on the command line

Now a few more words on how to bypass the Windows 7 password on a laptop or desktop PC, which also involves using the command console. Only in this case, the method of adding a user is used with the granting of administrative rights to him by including him in the appropriate group. Again, the console itself is called from the start menu, and then the following commands are sequentially entered and executed with the name and password parameters shown in the previous example (of course, without any punctuation marks at the end):

  • net user NAME PASSWORD /add;
  • net localgroup Administrators NAME /add;
  • net localgroup user NAME /delete.
Deleting a user on the command line
Deleting a user on the command line

Password bypass in Windows 7, if you look at the commands themselves, is performed by adding a new user (if necessary), adding the selected user to the "Administrators" group (in Russian-speaking systems, if the command does not work, you need to specify the name of the group specifically in Russian) and deleting the existing user along with all his personal data, including passwords. With the third command, when you start the computer, you can even remove the administrator, and there are no restrictions on thisabout the system will not issue.

Disable login password requirement

In principle, the methods described above are cardinal, and they should not always be used. By and large, if we talk about using the command line, to bypass the password in Windows 7, you can use simpler, if I may say so, painless methods (it is clear that when the administrator is deleted, if this is done on an office computer terminal, an employee of the company may quite serious problems arise, and you can’t write off the matter on chance or ignorance). In such a situation, it is easier to use the deactivation of the requirement to enter a password when logging in, which is set for absolutely all users, including the administrator. On any system, including Windows 7, you can bypass the user password from the same command line as follows:

  • type the command control userpasswords2 and press the enter key;
  • disable the password requirement for the selected user;
  • leave the fields for entering a new combination empty.
Disable password requirement at login
Disable password requirement at login

On a subsequent reboot, you will be able to log into such an account without the need for confirmation.

Simple steps in the registry

Another password bypass technique involves some actions in the system registry, however, for an ordinary user, this option may seem somewhat more complicated than the methods described above. However, you can use such actions, but for thisyou will need any bootable media at hand, from which you should boot before starting the main system. After confirming the installation of language options, you must go to system restore and use the command line item (or call the console right away with the Shift + F10 combination).

Loading a hive in the registry
Loading a hive in the registry

Now you should call the registry editor (regedit), and then in the file menu use the boot hive while in the HKLM partition. For the hive, you need to specify the location C:\windows\System32\config\SYSTEM and give an arbitrary name (for example, three units). Then you need to go to the created section (in our case it will be HKLM111SYSTEM) and change the values of the CmdLine key to cmd.exe, and set the SetupType parameter to a value of two instead of zero. Next, a reboot is performed, but when entering any account, bypassing the password in Windows 7 (as well as in any other operating system of this family) can be performed in the automatically launched command console. This technique does not allow cracking the password or bypassing it directly, but it somewhat simplifies the steps for using the command line. If for some reason you no longer need autorun, simply delete the created partition and reboot the system.

You can also bypass the password on Windows 7 or other systems by loading the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\HIVE_NAME\SAM\Domains\Account\Users\000001F4 hive, where HIVE_NAME is the name of the hive.

Reset any password in the registry
Reset any password in the registry

Onlyfirst, in the SAM section itself, you need to find the key F, and then change its value (11), set by default in line 0038, to ten. Upon completion of all actions, being in the hive, through the file menu, you need to confirm its unloading and reboot the system.

Specialized utilities

Now a few words about password bypass programs in Windows 7. There are a huge number of such utilities on the same Internet, but then we will focus on the simplest and most interesting applications. The tools of the system itself should not be neglected either, so for starters, let's focus on using the Windows software applet, which in the system is represented by the executable file sethc.exe. When booting from removable media, you will again need to call the command console and first determine the letter of the partition in which the operating system is installed, since in most cases drive C will be listed as reserved space. Apparently, the system partition will be marked with the letter D, and to make sure of this, enter the command "dir d:\". Now you need to write the following commands (without punctuation marks at the end of each of them):

  • copy d:\windows\system32\sethc.exe d:;
  • copy d:\windows\system32\cmd.exe d:\windows\system32\sethc.exe.

In this way, the toolkit changes to the command console. After restarting the system in normal mode, when the boot starts, quickly and several times press the Shift key, after which on the command line you again set the user to change the password (NET USER NAMEPASSWORD).

Sometimes computer security experts recommend using a small but rather interesting application called Asterisk Key.

Asterisk Key Program
Asterisk Key Program

The program first analyzes the Windows 7 password or a combination of access to Internet services (mostly only those that are displayed in the system as asterisks, not letters, numbers and symbols), after which, by pressing the Recover button, it makes them a readable form. Opposite each password there is a copy link, so to simplify access to something, the combination can simply be copied in the program and then pasted into the required field to fill in.

You can bypass the Windows 7 password from a USB flash drive using the Kon-Boot utility. First you need to run its installer, and then, using the "Install to USB stick (with EFI support)" item, burn it to removable media. Next, in the primary system (BIOS / UEFI), you should set the USB flash drive as the first boot device, enter the boot menu of the Boot Menu system (not to be confused with the start menu called by the F8 key) and use the “Kon-Boot (CURRENT VERSION)” item, and after the appearance the program window in a kind of DOS mode, the system will start loading. At the login stage, the password field can be left blank or random characters can be entered (Windows will still accept this combination as correct). If a message like “Dummy BIOS detected” appears, you will need to disable Secure Boot on the primary system.

How to view website passwords in browsers?

Finally, password bypass inWindows 7 saved in the browser you are using can also be done. Any such program has a special section responsible for storing the desired combinations.

View passwords in the Opera browser
View passwords in the Opera browser

For example, in the Opera browser, you can use the button to show all passwords in the security section, and then in a new window, when you hover over the site address, click the "Show" button (initially, all passwords will be presented as asterisks). Thus, the combination can be copied or written down, and later used to access Internet pages and services.

Summary of results

Summing up, it remains only to choose the most acceptable method of bypassing passwords. As most experts believe, extreme measures, such as using the registry or other non-standard actions, can be applied only in cases where the simplest solutions do not help. But the most acceptable option is to start the system with support for the command console and then disable the mandatory password requirement at login, as was shown in the corresponding section above.

The use of specialized programs looks somewhat unreasonable only for the reason that they all belong either to the class of viewers or to recovery utilities that help with password loss. However, when booting from removable media, to quickly bypass all sorts of restrictions, it is best to use the Kon-Boot application, despite the fact that creating a USB flash drive using its built-in installer mayseem a bit complicated. However, as mentioned above, there are quite a lot of such programs on the Internet for free download, and some utilities of this type can even be classified as professional or semi-professional tools. How appropriate is it to use them? It all depends on the complexity of the initial task and the preferences of the users themselves.

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