Antivirus for Ubuntu: rating, which one to choose

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Antivirus for Ubuntu: rating, which one to choose
Antivirus for Ubuntu: rating, which one to choose

The issue of computer security is more relevant today than ever. Now, after installing the operating system, each user immediately rushes to download an anti-virus program in order to prevent malware from entering the computer in the future. But this happens most often with Windows, but what about users who use Linux Ubuntu as their main system? Most don't even know that Ubuntu has antiviruses, but they do. But the question is different - do you need an antivirus for Ubuntu? After all, many argue that Linux distributions simply do not contain viruses. This is the question we will consider in the article, after which we will talk about several antiviruses for Ubuntu.

Needed or not?

In Ubuntu, as, indeed, in other Linux distributions, the situation with viruses is as follows - they exist, but they are much more difficult to catch than in Windows. This is explained by the fact that, unlike the same Windows, applications are downloaded to computers from repositories, and not from open access. The analogy with "Play Store" onAndroid. To download a program in Ubuntu, you go to the "Program Manager", where you select the one you need and click the "Install" button. Of course, this is exaggerated, the installation can be performed both from the "Terminal" and from Synaptik. But the bottom line is that before the program gets into the repository, it is checked. So it turns out that the end user receives software that has already been checked for viruses.

Antivirus for Windows

But an antivirus for Ubuntu may still be needed. It will at least help protect Windows if it is installed by a second operating system. The fact is that all Linux distributions can work fine with Windows partitions. This means you can scan them for malware while in Ubuntu.

Varieties of antiviruses

But working in these programs is much more difficult than in Windows. The fact is that you can easily find an antivirus for Ubuntu Server, but there are much fewer programs with a graphical shell, but this is a topic for another article, now we will go directly to the consideration of programs.

Note: before starting, I would like to say that in the article each software will be given a score, expressed as a percentage from 0 to 100. This score will display the ratio of viruses detected by the program to the number of all viruses in the system. By the way, it will be exposed both in relation to the operating system Windiws and Ubuntu.

ESET NOD32 Antivirus

antivirus for ubuntu
antivirus for ubuntu

In 2015AV-Test laboratory conducted a study where ESET antivirus showed the following results: the percentage of detection in the Windows operating system is 99.8%, and in Linux distributions - 99.7%. In short, this is a pretty good result. Using ESET antivirus, you will definitely protect your computer from malware penetration into it. If we compare the versions for Windows and Linux, then there are practically no differences between them, except for the way the scan is performed, but for the average user this information is still not important.

The most important feature of this antivirus for Linux is that it has a graphical interface, so you don't have to learn a lot of commands to work with it: all you need to do is run the program, select the scan mode and press the button to start it.

If we talk about the shortcomings, then we can single out only one - the program is paid. But before placing an order, you can install a trial version that will work for 30 days, after which it will turn off and require a purchase.

Kaspersky Anti-Virus for Linux Server

os ubuntu
os ubuntu

The well-known Kaspersky antivirus also has a version for the Ubuntu operating system. If we talk about the results of detecting threats, then in both operating systems the value is 99.8%, which is better than the previous program, albeit slightly.

As the name suggests, this antivirus for Linux only works on server operating systems. Of course, you can install it in the GUI shell.desktop, but you can only work with it through the "Terminal" by executing special commands. It is this factor that scares many users, because for the correct use of anti-virus software at hand, you will always need to keep a note with the basic commands for scanning.

If you list more disadvantages, it can be noted that the application is distributed under a paid license - that is, you need to buy it first. Well, now let's go through the distinctive features of the program, and they are as follows:

  • The program automatically scans the files that you run in the operating system.
  • It has a more advanced technical engine, which minimizes the number of failures during operation.
  • You can set a huge number of parameters for scanning, which is a definite plus.

By the way, the program is not placed in the Ubuntu repositories, but there is a deb package that you can download from the official website of the company. However, the installation is not carried out in a completely standard way, but you can read about this in a special installation manual, which is also located on the company's website.

AVG Server Edition

antivirus for linux
antivirus for linux

We continue to consider antiviruses for Ubuntu. Next in line is AVG Server Edition. This is a very simple antivirus that does not have a graphical environment, so you will have to work with it, just like with Kaspersky, through the "Terminal", executing special programs. Most often itused specifically for analyzing databases, but it also copes well with running applications, and in which case it will inform you of a threat.

If you're worried about Linux security, then you should pay attention to this contender, because in the test he showed an excellent result - 99.3% of detected malware on a Linux computer, in Windows the result is lower - 99%. Of course, the figure is less than the previous two programs, but this can compensate for the presence of a free version. But even here it was not without nuances. The fact is that this version has slightly reduced functionality.

The program is distributed through a deb-package, you need to download it first, then unpack it using the appropriate utility. Fortunately, the installation process does not require additional manipulations, unlike Kaspersky, so you can easily complete the installation.


eset antivirus
eset antivirus

If you are looking for an antivirus for Ubuntu 16.04 and above, then you should pay attention to the popular Avast!. It is better known in Windows user circles, but the developers have released a version for Ubuntu as well. Of course, the threat detection rate will be higher in Windows, since the application was originally designed for the NTFS file system, but in Linux the program shows a good result - 98.3%, which is quite enough to ensure safe use of the computer. By the way, in Windows, the indicator is 99.7%.

Avast! is a free antivirus for Ubuntu. And this cannot but rejoice, because inunlike the two previous programs, Avast! has a nice, minimalistic graphical interface that is easy to work with. You can note the features of this software. They are as follows:

  • The application can scan removable media and databases.
  • Does an automatic update of file systems, which no other program on this list can do.
  • Checks files before opening them.

The installation of the program is not done in the standard way - through the "Terminal", and for proper operation, additional libraries will be required - these are lib32ncurses5 and lib32z1, but once you install everything you need, in the future you will not bother with the "Terminal".

Symantec Endpoint

free antivirus for ubuntu
free antivirus for ubuntu

If you're looking for an Ubuntu antivirus that provides complete protection for your Windows operating system, look no further than Symantec Endpoint. In the test, the program showed the maximum result - 100%. Unfortunately, for Linux, the figure is much lower - 97.2%, but as it was found out at the beginning of the article, Ubuntu practically does not need protection, and this value is quite optimal.

However, that's where the good news ends, as most users simply won't be able to install this software. The fact is that for installation you will need to rebuild the system kernel by adding the AutoProtect module to it. Of course, most ordinary users simply will not be able to complete this task, especially since the kernel is betterdo not interfere, because you can completely break the system.

Now let's list the features of Symantec Endpoint:

  • The program has a graphical interface based on the Java language.
  • Monitoring databases.
  • Can scan individual files specified by the user.
  • Updates the system using program tools.
  • Supports control from the console.

The rest is up to you - try to install the application on your computer or pick up something else to use.

Sophos Antivirus for Linux

do i need an antivirus for ubuntu
do i need an antivirus for ubuntu

This representative of anti-virus software for Ubuntu can only boast of having a WEB-interface along with a console one. This means that you can manage it both through the browser and through the "Terminal". For some, this may be a plus, but there are no strengths here. But regardless of this, the program has a fairly high rate of detection of threats in the Windows operating system - 99.8%. However, it protects Linux much worse - only 95%.

Let's move on to listing the features of this program:

  • Allows you to set the time to automatically scan the file system for viruses.
  • Can be controlled from "Terminal".
  • Easy to install.
  • Well optimized for Ubuntu distribution.

You can download this program on the developer's website, but firstyou will need to submit your contact details in order for the developer to allow you to do so.

F-Secure Linux Security

antivirus for ubuntu 16 04
antivirus for ubuntu 16 04

If you are worried about the security of the Ubuntu operating system, then this antivirus is better not to be considered as the main one, since the test showed that the percentage of threat detection is only 85%, which is catastrophically low compared to previous programs. But on the other hand, F-Secure Linux Security protects Windows perfectly, as its indicator is almost perfect and is equal to - 99.9%.

The program does not have a graphical interface, so it is rational to use it on server versions of Ubuntu.


We reviewed seven antivirus programs for Ubuntu. Based on the above, you can now make your choice. But in the end, I still want to repeat once again that it is rational to install an antivirus in Linux only if you want to provide additional protection to other operating systems installed on your computer.

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