Object 252: description and characteristics of a heavy tank

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Object 252: description and characteristics of a heavy tank
Object 252: description and characteristics of a heavy tank

Recently, fans of the computer game World of Tanks have the opportunity to purchase a new model of armored vehicles. This Tier 8 vehicle is a premium class Soviet heavy tank Object 252. Before getting this armored vehicle into your hangar, it is advisable to familiarize yourself with its combat capabilities and performance characteristics. You will learn more about Object 252 World of Tanks in this article.

object 252 at defender
object 252 at defender


It is noteworthy that the Object 252 was released in two versions. According to gamers, there is no difference between them. Tank Object 252U and "Defender" have the same characteristics. However, the "Defender" - with a unique and rather beautifully stylized camouflage. According to experts, it could have been limited to one tank.

A bit of history

Tank Object 252U is a prototype of the heavy IS-6, which is also featured in WOT. Soviet tank IS-6, which is listed in the game as Object 253,initially used a turbocharged V-12U diesel engine and a transmission electrical installation paired with it. Since it significantly increased the mass of armored vehicles and took up a lot of space, they decided to abandon it.

The new prototype, namely the Object 252, uses the mechanical transmission that the IS-3 is equipped with and enlarged rollers, as in the T-34. In an effort to increase the speed of technology and reduce the mass, supporting rollers in Ob. 252 decided not to apply. Design work began in 1943 at ChKZ (Chelyabinsk Kirov Plant). Since in 1944 the creation of the IS-4 (Ob. 701) was started at this enterprise, the employees of Uralmashzavod took up Object 252. According to experts, the IS-6 is not superior to the IS-2 and IS-3, and in terms of armor protection it is inferior to the IS-4. Perhaps that is why the mass production of tanks Ob.252 did not take place and he did not get into service.


The crew of the tank consists of four people, namely the commander (radio operator), driver, gunner and loader. Ob.252 is equipped with a standard kit: a small repair kit, a first aid kit and a manual fire extinguisher. Some gamers replace the last component with an automatic fire extinguisher or additional soldering. The equipment is represented by two mandatory modules: a rammer and a stabilizer for aiming in a vertical plane Mk2. In the third slot, improved ventilation of the 3rd class is set. Instead, you can use reinforced drives for guidance.

Judging by the reviews, some gamers are not satisfied with the Ob. 252. According to the players, he is rather poor. Main partcombat kit is represented by armor-piercing shells. Experts recommend taking premium sabots, through which it will be possible to destroy an enemy armored tank. If you are planning to counter tanks with light armor, then it is better for you to load up with high-explosive fragmentation shells. They are also quite effective in cases where it is necessary to knock down a hold or finish off an enemy who has a low margin of safety. About. 252 is equipped with a 750-kilogram V-12N power unit with a capacity of 700 horsepower. The undercarriage provides tank turns by 30 degrees / sec. To maintain communication at a distance of up to 730 m, this heavy tank has a 10RKM radio station.

tank object 252 y
tank object 252 y

About armor protection

Judging by the feedback from the players, a new premium class heavy with rather impressive armor. In Ob.252, the "pike nose" layout, which is typical for many Soviet tanks, was used, which is characterized by the presence of thick armor plates. In the frontal part, their thickness is from 13 to 25 cm, along the sides - 10-15 cm, at the stern - 9-10 cm. Due to the fact that the armor plates are located at a rational angle from the sides, the enemy will get into Ob.252, judging by the feedback from the players, is rather difficult. Mostly enemy projectiles will ricochet when hitting your Ob.252. In general, the safety margin is 1500 points.

world of tanks object 252
world of tanks object 252


According to the players, the 122 mm BL-13 cannon can inflict one-time damage up to 440 damage to the enemy. For the 8th level, this indicatorarmor penetration is considered quite high. Most Soviet heavy tanks take time to aim the guns. This shortcoming is also characteristic of Ob. 252. For example, information will take 3.2 seconds. It will take you 15 seconds to recharge. Accuracy leaves much to be desired, since at 100 m it is 0.44 m. However, these figures are improving. If the tank is pumped to the maximum, the accuracy from 0.44 m can be increased to 0.39 m. Aiming from 3.2 sec. – up to 2.8 sec.

Upgraded Vol. 252 reloads in 12.46 seconds. The main shells are represented by APs, the penetration of which is 225 mm, premium ammunition (AP) - 265 mm, alpha high-explosives - 68 mm. The latter are recommended to be completed precisely because of their significant caliber and good damage. Experienced players do not advise beginners to shoot if the mixing is not complete.

tank object 252 at the defender
tank object 252 at the defender

About the advantages and disadvantages

To the strengths of the tank Ob. 252 include the following:

  • Armored vehicles with excellent frontal armor and a powerful alpha strike.
  • In a minute, the tank is capable of inflicting quite significant damage to the enemy.
  • Appliances with beautiful appearance.

Still Vol. 252 is not without some drawbacks. For example, there are many complaints from gamers regarding poor visibility, poor accuracy, and uncomfortable angles when aiming the gun vertically. Due to the fact that Ob. 252 is a heavy tank and difficult to maneuver.

Soviet armored vehicles
Soviet armored vehicles

In closing

Judging by the numerous reviews, the tank Object 252 "Defender" is pretty good for its level. It is also good as a premium heavyweight. Mostly about. 252 is available in the hangars of fans of Soviet armored vehicles, as well as inexperienced players for whom armor protection is a priority. According to experts, the "Defender" is liked precisely for its spectacular appearance with patriotic paraphernalia.

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