The best realistic shooters on PC: review

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The best realistic shooters on PC: review
The best realistic shooters on PC: review

Judging by the numerous reviews of gamers, shooters are very popular among all genres of computer games. For some users, realistic shooters on PC provide an opportunity to experience thrills that a person does not have in real life. There is also a category of people for whom such games are necessary. Destroying his enemies in the virtual world, a person simply lets off steam. A feature of a realistic shooter is in the gameplay, which lacks any elements of science fiction. Everything that happens in such games is very similar to real combat, which is very popular with many fans. There are quite a few similar games on the market today. Find out which realistic shooters are the best in this article.

Medal of Honor: Warfighter

It is a very spectacular and realistic shooter. The game is dedicated to the counter-terrorist unit Tier 1. Despite the fact that the shooter was created based on the memories of the fighters, the storyline in the game is fictional. Some gamers claim that the realities of combat are not conveyedquite objectively. Most likely, the developer distorted them a little to make the game more spectacular and dynamic. If you're a fan of military shooters, Medal of Honor: Warfighter is just right for you.

best realistic shooters
best realistic shooters

Sniper: Ghost Warrior

In this realistic shooter, you play as a retired sniper who previously served in the Marine Corps. Having retired, the protagonist does not give up his craft. Now he will have to operate in civil war-torn Georgia. The target is a dangerous war criminal and separatist, because of which, according to the plot, an armed confrontation began. Feedback from players about a realistic shooter is extremely positive. A game with an open world, which is characterized by dynamically changing weather, a change of day and night. At your disposal is a huge arsenal of sniper weapons and various devices with which you will have to perform both primary and secondary tasks.

realistic shooters for pc
realistic shooters for pc

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Wildlands

You have to act in wild Latin America, namely, together with four friends, to resist the largest local drug cartel. An action game with an open and elegantly drawn world, wide tactical possibilities and an impressive arsenal of weapons with the possibility of their modification. The developer has provided everything to make the sabotage war you started look as spectacular as possible.


Is an incredibly popular tactical shooter developed by Irrationalgames. Judging by the reviews, gamers like it for the intense gameplay. It is based on real tactics, which are guided by the world-famous police special forces of Los Angeles SWAT. No wonder the developers of the action consulted with the current fighters. As a result, the game turned out to be so believable and exciting that some other developers of shooters about modern police special forces borrowed a lot of tricks. You can play SWAT 4 even on a weak PC.

military shooters
military shooters

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Surely every gamer is familiar with the legendary tactical simulator Counter-Strike. Global Offensive is another series of the cult CS. If you are just discovering CS:GO, bypassing the previous parts, then you will have a hard time. An enemy familiar with the map of the area will kill you a myriad of times.

Arma 3

This military shooter is characterized by RPG elements and a huge, open world. Actions take place in the future, namely in 2030, on several fictional islands, which are based on real ones. At this time, an economic crisis set in Western Europe, while the confrontation in the Pacific Ocean between the United States and China is growing. You need to resist the fictional military-political bloc CSAT, which is represented by Asian, Middle Eastern and African countries. Many people love the game for its stunning photorealistic graphics. A variety of gameplay with helicopter flights, racing, combat operations on land and under water is capable of capturing the imagination of even the mostdemanding gamer.

Rainbow Six Siege

This tactical shooter is a pretty spectacular special forces simulator. Your task is to destroy the terrorists and free the hostages. The difficulty lies in the fact that you have to act covertly. If you are noticed, then the hostages will be killed, and the mission will fail. Judging by the numerous reviews, you will not get bored with this game.

rainbow six siege
rainbow six siege

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered

Surely the Call of Duty series is familiar to every fan of the FPS genre. In the first three parts of the action unfolded around the Second World War. However, players soon got bored with this topic, as a result of which the popularity of shooters has noticeably decreased. So that the players do not completely lose interest in Call of Duty, in the new part, the developer happened to move the action to our time. You will play as US or UK special forces.

Location: Russia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan and the Middle East. Under the leadership of the ultranationalist Imran Zakhaev, who seeks to renew the USSR with the further annexation of new lands, a civil war is unfolding in Russia. To divert attention, Zakhaev is simultaneously financing a coup in the Middle East. The terrorist's plan has been uncovered by the American and British intelligence services, and they are sending their force units to both regions. You can play both alone and in multiplayer mode. At the disposal of the gamer is a large assortment of different weapons, namely pistols, grenade launchers, mines and explosives.

call of duty modernwarfare remastered
call of duty modernwarfare remastered

Operation Flashpoint

Despite the fact that in this military shooter you will have to take part in fictional conflicts, the developer has done everything possible to make the game as realistic as possible. Armament, ballistics, military equipment, equipment, tasking and behavior of fighters - everything looks, judging by the reviews, for real. A fighter can be given an order, determine his individual goal and route. Many gamers fell in love with the shooter for the presence of huge spaces that give freedom of tactical decisions and maneuvers. The Operation Flashpoint series consists of three games. The most hardcore and interesting is the first part - Cold War Crisis. The next two are Dragon Risisng and Red River with more modern graphics but less popular. The disadvantage of the game is that the developer provides for a low degree of destructibility for the environment.

Spec Ops: The Line

In this military shooter, developed by the German company Yager Development, you will face a large number of armed opponents, namely the insurgents from the infantry of the United States. To destroy them, in addition to a variety of weapons, you will also have to take advantage of the terrain features: the game is filled with various scattered shelters, structures and accumulations of sand. The latter, if necessary, can be blamed on the enemy. Action in the shooter takes place in the buildings and streets of Dubai.

Computer game
Computer game

Now you can play as Captain Walker of the Delta Special Forces. The peculiarity of the game is that the performance of combat missions has a negative effecton the mental he alth of the protagonist. This is a team game in online multiplayer mode. Judging by the reviews, the developer managed to recreate the terrible face of war with its cruelties, which are not covered with heroic pathos.

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