Game Uncharted 4: reviews, system requirements, review, release date

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Game Uncharted 4: reviews, system requirements, review, release date
Game Uncharted 4: reviews, system requirements, review, release date

Game consoles remain a special kind of entertainment that not everyone can afford. Agree, if you can still collect money for the console itself, then buying games for it is already quite a costly business. Perhaps that is why many people prefer to choose personal computers, which, although they bypass exclusives, still offer a large number of cool toys.

But let's be honest, some games on the console really turned out to be of high quality. Take Red Dead Redemption 2, which was released in 2018 on PS4 and Xbox One. Many PC owners are still waiting for the release of this project on their devices.

Uncharted 4 turned out to be a good game in its time. It received good reviews, but all of them were left by the owners of Sony Playstation 4. PC owners were not lucky enough to see this game. More about her later.

About the game

Uncharted 4 is an exclusive game console from Sony. It was announced in 2013, but only laterReleased almost 3 years ago. This is the fourth part of the adventure action game, which turned out to be the final one in the series. The player is back on the road with Nathan Drake.

The game was developed by Naughty Dog and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment. Despite the fact that the game was announced back in 2013, she had to go through a lot to get on the right path. During the development process, we had to change the authors, and thanks to this we managed to improve the graphics and animation of the characters.

PC game Uncharted 4
PC game Uncharted 4


Only one system requirement for Uncharted 4 is that you have a Sony Playstation 4 console. It does not support any other platforms. Of course, you can try to find PC versions on the net or reworked files for weaker consoles, but if we talk about a working stable version, then it is only for PS4. Uncharted 4 does not exist on PC.

The story of the last part

Despite the fact that the release date of Uncharted 4 took place only 3 years after the announcement, fans of the series were looking forward to the final series of the game. Many wanted to know the continuation and logical conclusion of the story about the treasure hunter Nathan Drake.

In a new story, he goes on a journey with his best friend and mentor Victor, wife Elena and older brother Samuel. Rafe Adler became the antagonist of the game.

The feature of the new part is that the actions take the player long before the start of the main story - 15 years. Further events lead the heroto various finds, which should eventually lead him to the treasure. But in this operation, his older brother dies. The game then takes us to the present time. Nathan lives a quiet family life until his older brother returns to his life, who turned out to be alive.

How many chapters are in Uncharted 4
How many chapters are in Uncharted 4

How many chapters are there in Uncharted 4? The player will have 25 interesting parts, the last one will be the epilogue of the story.

The beginning of the story

The story begins very sluggishly, so you should not expect any action right away. The first few chapters can even seem very boring. In general, the gameplay can take you only a couple of evenings, which, we have to admit, can turn into a sleepless night.

It's also worth talking about corridor movement, which does not leave the player throughout the game, but still allows you to feel free in your desires and actions. Sometimes you even rejoice when you find the right path, despite the fact that there is no other way.

Since this is the fourth and final part, it was not worth waiting for any cardinal changes in the mechanics. The player will plunge into the most common third-person shooter, be able to take cover, roll and even regenerate their he alth. But there will be just an unmeasured number of enemies. You immediately remember the no less famous game Serious Sam.

Gameplay Uncharted 4
Gameplay Uncharted 4


Already familiar and familiar gameplay was supplemented with a ste alth mode. Now you can quietly destroy enemies, and not run ahead. For ste alth mode, obviouslyprepared tall grass and a mark on rivals.

In the game Uncharted 4, reviews regarding this mode are controversial. Many say that at first it is really interesting to destroy enemies in this way, but in fact this is not the main feature, so it is impossible to complete it completely in this way.

Game difficulty

A rather strange story is observed with increasing complexity. If at the beginning the gameplay throws up weak enemies to us, and then increases their power gradually, then at some point a fighter of incredible strength grows in front of us, behind whom there are a dozen strong soldiers.

Due to such difficulties, you constantly have to actively move around the map in search of cover, which are immediately destroyed by enemy grenades. Fortunately, we have a companion in a pair, which at least for a while distracts the attention of enemies.


In the review of Uncharted 4, you can talk for a long time about the plot or gameplay, but I want to pay a little attention to the features of the environment. Locations have become noticeably larger, perhaps that is why the feeling of corridor gameplay is lost.

Story in Uncharted 4
Story in Uncharted 4

The player can explore the vast plain in a jeep, driving it up and down. Artifacts can be hidden even in open areas, so it is important to always be ready to search and carefully examine the corners of the virtual map.

I especially want to highlight the photo mode, for which, obviously, they tried to create incredible landscapes. Thanks to it, you can customize and save screenshots from the game withstunning views of the prairies and mountains.

You can admire the landscapes in the game at every turn. Here is the snow under the feet of the protagonist, and suddenly the expanses of the sea, which do not awaken even a drop of doubt in their unrealism.


Uncharted 4 is a really good game. Yes, some avid fans had questions about the plot, because in the middle of the development of the project, its author changed, and this, in any case, affected the vector of events.

Nevertheless, the story itself was not so bad. Moreover, she talks about growing up, problems and new obstacles, and this fits well into the adventurous adventures of the protagonist.

Gameplay in Uncharted 4
Gameplay in Uncharted 4

The main emphasis in the new part was placed on the fact that it is the last one. Moreover, it was made both by the developers themselves, and by reviewers and ordinary players. And it's worth saying that the ending really did not let us down and will remain in memories for many years to come.

Perhaps that's why almost all fans of the game thought about how at the beginning or middle, and maybe even at the end of the story, the main character will die. Of course, this thought frightened everyone, because for ten years the fans lived and experienced together with the protagonist.

And finally came the very final, because of which many reviewers threw another point into the piggy bank of the game. And even though there were discontent at the time of the passage, the touching story of Drake came to an end.

Negative feedback from players

Of course, when you first meet a game, the first thing you go to look at the reviews,read reviews and ask friends and acquaintances about it. But don't forget about reviews. Uncharted 4 turned out to be, indeed, a very brave and worthy game, and also touchingly ended the entire series. But it is unlikely that everything turned out so perfectly…

Uncharted 4 got the most negative feedback because of its silly crate-moving puzzles. At this moment, everyone was indignant: from young to old. Everyone saw this story in Last of Us, and now it's back, completely uninteresting and useless.

Of course, it would be stupid to be upset over such a trifle, but when you wait for a game for 3 years, and you come across this kind of puzzle in it, you want to overthrow everyone who developed them.

Uncharted 4 release date
Uncharted 4 release date

By the way, there were some problems in the plot. It just so happens that many still compare each part to the second, which turned out to be the best game in the history of at least the PlayStation, so even the smallest flaws can have a negative impact on the perception of fans. But in fairness it should be said that such flaws are very common in games, films and TV shows.

Positive Feedback

The rest of the reviews about Uncharted 4 turned out to be positive. Indeed, the game is something to praise. This is also an amazing technical performance, for which three years had to be sacrificed. Also, one cannot mention the storyline, which in this case attracted the most attention, because for the sake of what then gamers even launched the game.

No less interesting and impressiveturned out to be the gameplay, with its improved gunplay and improved artificial intelligence. At some points, things began to happen on the screen that gamers forgot to breathe and were afraid to move so as not to frighten away what was happening.

Uncharted 4 system requirements
Uncharted 4 system requirements

As already mentioned, the environment also left a good impression, and the new photo mode allowed us to show off cool screenshots from the game. The players also noted the possibility of choice, despite the linearity and a clear prescribed scenario.

And, of course, the finale was the most positive. Much is worth enduring and experiencing in order to see what will happen in the last 20 minutes of the passage.

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