What does "donate" mean? Invest in the game. In-game purchases with real money

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What does "donate" mean? Invest in the game. In-game purchases with real money
What does "donate" mean? Invest in the game. In-game purchases with real money

What does it mean to donate? This is a gamer's term that means investing money in the game to purchase equipment, weapons, a premium account, or redistribution of characteristics.

An ordinary phenomenon is perceived negatively by people who are far from games. However, there are exceptions. This will be discussed in the article.

Play for real money
Play for real money

Causes of the phenomenon

A gamer who has left his comfort zone in the form of single-player projects, who has moved into the field of online games, is facing a strong opponent.

Leveling and obtaining items is not achieved without the use of money. For real money, access to unattainable bonuses opens up.

One of the first financial transfers was made by students during the hype around the Neverlands or GanjaWars text browsers. The already small scholarships were spent on the purchase of nominal artifacts and rare animated armor. A lot has changed since then.

The gap between “donations” and “non-donations” is not always insurmountable:

  1. BIn multiplayer MMO strategies (Vikings: War of Clans or Last Shelter: Survival), the difference is noticeable: the player builds a city, is active in the clan, and rapidly multiplies the number of troops. Donat comes, having invested a lot of money, and spreads the village in a matter of minutes. No matter how much you invest, there will be someone who donates more. The desire to play disappears.
  2. In third-person shooters (for example, Warface), a skilled gamer easily competes with donat: advanced weapons provide an advantage, but knowledge of tactics and pumped "skill" lead to victory. You can't straighten crooked hands with sums, but for about 30,000 rubles you can buy almost everything!

A game project is a business, not a way to spend time. On the other side of the barricade, designers, sound engineers, screenwriters and PR people work on the product, who come to work and take care of the development of the product.

Premium accounts in WOT
Premium accounts in WOT

How to invest

There are many ways to invest:

  • through the payment terminal by selecting the section with games;
  • by sending SMS from a mobile phone;
  • by entering bank card details on the project website;
  • send from e-wallet.

Some systems charge a percentage. Payment by card on the site usually does not charge.

Lucky Boxes in Warface
Lucky Boxes in Warface

Pros and cons

What does it mean to "donate"? Support the developers in the development of the project and get an advantage: a premium account, in-game currency or an elite weapon.

Pros are obvious: moremoney is a stronger character. On the other hand, a potential donator gets hooked on this destructive habit and feels a number of difficulties in real life: there is no money for food, clothes and dates. Therefore, it is better to think about whether it is worth investing in a picture on the screen.

Don't assume that a one-time top-up will permanently secure a character in the list of the strongest: there will be a bigger one, and developers love to make changes to the game.

Unsuccessfully invested (or unable to afford it) players tend to speak negatively about donations and developers. The average length of stay in the project is six months. A disappointed player may not return, so the developers periodically arrange events to give them a chance to level up.

After fundamental changes in the mechanics, the developers announce a "wipe" - achievements are reset, development starts anew, and veterans receive achievements. Not welcomed by those who have invested large amounts of donations, therefore it is rarely carried out - it is unpleasant to lose investors.

If a player took out a loan for 100,000 rubles in order to reach the top 1 and purchase elite equipment, and a wipe is announced in a week, you can grab your head and cry about wasted money - the funds are unlikely to return.

Free projects

Those who are tired of the confrontation with "millionaires" go in two ways: they are looking for cheats or projects without donations. The first category is associated with the risk of account loss and identity theft, therefore it is not numerous.

Second - fans of Dota or League of Legends projects, where excellence is achieved by knowledgefeatures of character development and game cards.

different donut in the game Last Shelter: Survival
different donut in the game Last Shelter: Survival

How much does the game cost?

There are a lot of projects, prices are different everywhere. The price list is set taking into account the economic characteristics of the state.

For example, in Warface the ratio of the ruble to the "credit" is 1:2. 200 credits are purchased for 100r.

International products are shocking in prices. The MMO strategy Last Shelter: Survival is played by representatives of different countries, mostly Asians or Americans. It is possible to purchase monthly VIP accounts:

  1. Army Supply (1990r) - allows you to build Solar Batteries, Construction Bureau, the player gets a one-time advanced teleporter and 5000 diamonds, as well as resources and boosters every day.
  2. Hero Development Plan (1990r) - bonuses and coupons for acquiring mercenaries are awarded throughout the month.

What does it mean to "donate" in such a project? The same as in any other. It's about the size of the wallet.

Promotions are held, within the framework of which, when replenishing an account, a player receives a temporary or permanent bonus or game currency. The latter can be used to improve your character.

You should know that "donating" means getting a temporary advantage. As part of the event - take the prize before others. At the end of the event, there will be no talk of benefits, as the reward will go to many.

A premium account will allow you to download a character faster, after the end you will need to renew: the developers come up with new promotions so that the process does notstopped.

In Last Shelter: Survival, discounts are valid every day, and the player sees the amount of money saved. It is tempting and deceptive, because rarely anyone checks the accuracy of the information provided.

They invest in Warface for the sake of being able to knock guns out of the box of luck: there is no guarantee of obtaining, the probability is prescribed. A lot of money is spent on such initiatives and it is not a fact that weapons will fall into perpetual use.

how much does it cost to play wot
how much does it cost to play wot


How much money to invest in the game is a personal matter for everyone. It is not necessary to assume that donators are everyone's favorites. Strong characters are valuable, but as soon as you enter the battlefield in a unique camouflage in World of Tanks, clouds of shells immediately fly (sometimes from teammates).

What does "donate" mean? This is an attempt to diversify leisure time: if the game has become boring, development has stopped and you want thrills, the player invests money or uses cheats.

In both cases, interest disappears due to the lack of a competitive moment: there was no strong enemy, and it is not interesting to beat the weak ones. For this reason, in the top 1, there is usually a "mishandled cossack" from the developers or the rich, who will soon get bored with the game.

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