"Heroes of Might and Magic 7": reviews, walkthrough, minimum system requirements

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"Heroes of Might and Magic 7": reviews, walkthrough, minimum system requirements
"Heroes of Might and Magic 7": reviews, walkthrough, minimum system requirements

Heroes of Might and Magic, in Russian versions "Heroes of Might and Magic", is a fantasy series of computer games.

Its genre is a turn-based strategy that includes RPG elements. At the moment, this series consists of seven main parts. The latest game, Heroes of Might and Magic 7, was released on 2015-29-09

knight on horseback
knight on horseback

System Requirements

The game "Heroes of Might and Magic 7" is installed on a PC if available on it:

  • Windows 7 operating system;
  • Intel Core i5 660 3.3 GHz;
  • RAM 4 GB;
  • nVidia GeForce GTX460 video cards;
  • free hard disk space - 19 GB.

These are the minimum requirements to complete the Heroes of Might and Magic 7 campaign. For a turn-based strategy, they seem too high. But, nevertheless, their observance is necessary.

Negative moments

Judging by the reviews, "Hero of the Swordand Magic 7" is a game in which you sometimes have to deal with critical errors. Sometimes it crashes, which requires autosave after almost every move. The network mode is also somewhat unstable.

bridge over the green river
bridge over the green river

Today you can download "Heroes of Might and Magic 7" from the Mechanics for free.

Main review

Heroes of Might and Magic is an epic-epochal series of strategy games that has gained immense popularity among Russian fans of turn-based strategies. They eagerly awaited the release of its seventh part. What will she be? Will it cause the series to fall into oblivion, or, on the contrary, will it revive its greatness, bypassing all competitors?

fight with a knight in armor
fight with a knight in armor

After the release of the Russian version of Heroes of Might and Magic 7, it became clear that the expectations of fans of the game, which was developed by the German company Limbic Entertainment, were justified. The seventh part turned out to be interesting and eventful.


Judging by the reviews, "Hero of Might and Magic 7" attracts many players with its fascinating story. Users find themselves in the thick of events taking place in a fictional world in which a bloody war was unleashed, as a result of which a change in the ruling dynasty occurred in the Holy Empire.

road map
road map

The death of the Empress caused battles for the throne. Moreover, the flame of this discord engulfed literally the entire country. In order to stop the war, Duke Ivan Griffin decided to convene a council. He invited himleaders of all factions that are represented in the game. These are orcs and magicians, light and dark elves, as well as people and the undead. With their help, the duke must decide what to do in such a difficult time - to stop the struggle for the throne or still continue it.

Each of the representatives of these factions will tell Ivan Griffin a story about the life of their people. Such a story becomes a separate campaign of "Heroes of Might and Magic 7". The Duke can only listen to two of them. After that, he gets the opportunity to start his own campaign.

Judging by the reviews of "Heroes of Might and Magic 7", the user will have an unforgettable journey in the fantasy world. He becomes a participant in a story with an amazing storyline, which includes a turn-based role-playing system.

Alliance of Light

Judging by the reviews of "Heroes of Might and Magic 7", this campaign does not cause any difficulties for the players. Consider her main missions.

  1. "Unbridled insolence". This mission is pretty simple. When passing it, it is important not to rush to capture the enemy people. First you need to free the territory that is located around the city and only after that start the attack. Our hero in this campaign is Thomas Wolf. It is best if he is endowed with traits such as virtue and leadership. There is also a sense in increasing the speed of Thomas' movements. The fact is that, being on the third map, you will have to hurry up pretty much. All other decisions the player can make based on their preferences.
  2. "Blind Instruments of Fate". This mission, judging by the reviewsusers, is the easiest in the game. The enemy is not here. However, the player should be aware of some nuances. After capturing the two forts, Imoril will be taken from him (this is a new heroine who must go through the remaining two missions). That is why from the very beginning it is worth giving all the troops to her and fighting all battles with her.
  3. "Praising Freedom". In this mission, a new hero appears - Belashi. He will also move to the last scenario. It is advisable for Thomas to have time to pump this hero, having reached the orc parking lot, which is located east of Hammerfall, as early as possible.
  4. "The Feast of the Gods". In this campaign, this mission is the last one. In it, the hero will have to face huge crowds of the enemy. Thinking about something and planning something in this case will not work. In this mission, another hero appears - a magician.

Twilight Odyssey

Consider the passage of the elven campaign. Her main missions will also not cause much difficulty for the player.

  1. The main character in this campaign is Wislot the elf. His ship crashes near a mysterious island. The elf must inspect all the surroundings. This will allow him to understand where he is. The main task of the user is to prevent Wislot from dying. We go north and find a unicorn there, which will become a horse for the elf. We continue to move north, focusing on the magic stones. Here we meet the elf Danan, who will give a new task - to build a ship. In the city located in the north we find gold. For it at a nearby shipyard you can buynew ship. Wislot joins the sylvans to help them escape this island. But for this you will have to overcome the whirlpool and win the battle against the Cyclopes who live on the cliff. After that, you can safely set sail.
  2. The main task of the second mission is to prevent Wislot and Danan from dying. These heroes need to swim to the island, which is called the Dragon Mist. And for this you have to break through the blockade of the orcs. A visit to the Shantiri obelisks that are scattered throughout the island will help in this.
  3. In this mission, Dana and the new hero, Siprael, are in danger. The Silvans were suddenly overcome by a strong apathy. Wislot will have to save his friends from her. To do this, you should examine the island and understand what caused such an ailment. In this case, you will have to capture the elven city, adding shaldan pirates to your army. But here comes a new challenge. Pirates stole a relic - the Heart of the Dragon, which is a precious artifact. By returning it to its owner - the lord of the Duchy of the Wolf, you can add sword masters to your battles. To do this, we find the pirate camp and take the artifact from them. As you move around the island, thorny bushes come across on the way of the hero. It is their berries that are the main cause of apathy in sylvans. To heal friends, you will need to burn all the bushes.
  4. In this mission you have to complete the following task. It consists in freeing the minds of beastmen and orcs from the magician's spell. To remove the spell, our hero will have to defeat the guards and release the prisoners. After that, it willfight with the leader of the magicians, who decided to destroy the entire archipelago. This mission is linear. The hero will have to beat enemies and hire troops. The position of his targets is indicated on the mini-map. After completing the mission, you will be able to choose your destiny. But in general, this will not have any effect on the game.


Let's consider the walkthrough for the Necromancer campaign in Heroes of Might and Magic 7.2.2:

  1. Heroes of the first mission - Anastasia and Vayne. The main task of the user is not to let them die. Wayne has to capture the watchtower to save Anastasia. With this, the passage for the Necropolis begins. The player already has Wayne, which is at level 30, as well as a rebuilt city. To the north on the map you can find a defensive tower. You need to approach this building and click on it. This will punch a hole in the wall. Anastasia will be able to escape through it. Next up is a new challenge. Anastasia has to get to the secret harbor, which will become a safe place for her. Vayne must allow her to do this by fighting the enemy in a brutal battle.
  2. In the second mission you have to defend the city of Nar Eresh. In this case, you will need to prevent the death of the heroine Zenda. Our character will need to go down into the cave, in which there are spiders holding a vessel with poison. Obelisks will allow you to catch them, with which you need to fill up the passages. After returning to the castle, a new heroine, Lyudmila, joins the hero. In the future, her death should not be allowed. The hero will have to make the city of Nar Eresh the capital for necromancers. This will requireseize the mines and set up the extraction of resources.
  3. In this mission, Zenda expresses a wish that she wants to have a staff of the dead forest. It is located in the relic of angels, which can be reached by passing through the gates of the spirits. This is what our hero has to do.
  4. This mission is called "Skull of Sorrow". The hero will have a path to the silver cities. Here in the great Library, the mages keep their trophy, Vayne's skull. The desired city can be found on the map in its upper left corner. To complete the task, the hero will have to fight with enemies.
  5. The main task in this mission is to visit the place of power. Zenda has to do it. She has to open the wells of souls. Such an action will allow you to give the staff of the dead forest unlimited power. After completing this task, a new one will appear. The hero will receive a lot of artifacts and an ultimate weapon.

Shadow League

In this campaign, you will meet with the dark elves living underground. At one time, they left the forests and made a pact with some mysterious faceless.

monster shoots a bow
monster shoots a bow

Representatives of this league are dangerous and insidious. They are able to hear everything that the world is whispering about. These people worship the Dark Dragon Melasse and do not obey the will of King Arniel, who decided to seize power over the elven kingdoms. Our hero will have to fight against these dangerous opponents.

Rebellious Tribes

Let's consider the walkthrough of the missions of this campaign.

  1. The main task of the hero is to save the life of the heroine Imani. This mission containsa free labor force that was created by magicians. These are rakshasas, harpies, centaurs, gnoppas and beastmen. In the event that Imani persuades the latter to go against their masters, the oroks will have a powerful ally. She has only one month to do this.
  2. The second mission is called "The Last Straw". In it, we learn that Imani refuses to follow Jango's orders. She decides to deprive him of power. In this mission, you must defeat Jango, while Imani and Rome must remain alive.
  3. The next task is to find food and water for the desert tribes. Otherwise, they will simply die. The hero has to save the tribe from hunger and find a new home for it.
  4. In this mission, you need to get into Yasser's residence, trying to avoid unnecessary skirmishes. Another task will be to plunder the enemy mines belonging to the magicians. This will weaken the opponent.


There are three missions to complete in this campaign. The tasks offered in them will not present any difficulty for the user.

heroine riding a bear
heroine riding a bear

The hero will need to put down an uprising of orcs who walk the roads and kill people. He also has to get a blue gem, which is able to resurrect from the dead. In the third mission, you will need to build an improved irrigation system for the city by turning the riverbed and creating an oasis.

New part

"Trial by Fire" in "Heroes of Might and Magic 7" is an addition to the well-known and beloved by users of the strategy. In this partto enter a new war. It is led by the Mountain Clan and the Griffin Clan. There are no rights in these battles. In this biggest war in the history of the game, each clan defends its interests.

In "Trial by Fire" ("Heroes of Might and Magic 7"), dragons become the main enemy. It is with them that the most massive and cruel battles are coming. Fans of this strategy have never seen such an enemy.


In order to activate the cheat codes, you will need to open the folder in which the game is located. It contains the file "DefaultGame.ini". More specifically, it is the “MMH7Game/Config” folder.

the hero goes between the mountains
the hero goes between the mountains

This file should be opened with Notepad and find the line "mDebugCheats=False". It should be replaced with "mDebugCheats=True". The file should be saved, and then run the game. After that, an asterisk will become visible on the command bar. This is what the Heroes of Might and Magic 7 cheat menu has.


The game described above is a kind of PC-exclusive. For each user, it represents another increase in his bar. When developing the game, its creators carefully considered all its main aspects. This is a magnificent dynamic plot, and incredible detail, and an amazing study of the fantasy world. Each player enters a new universe for him, explores and conquers it. At the same time, the passage of campaigns is bright battles, battles with epic monsters and much more.

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